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Finding the Perfect Keynote Speakers With Seth Dechtman

In the world of conferences, seminars, and events, the role of a keynote speaker is pivotal. A well-chosen keynote speaker has the potential to transform an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience. They possess the power to captivate audiences, stimulate thoughtful discussions, and leave a lasting impact.

The process of selecting the ideal keynote speaker involves a blend of art and strategy, focusing on alignment with the event’s theme, expertise, charisma, and the ability to drive meaningful engagement.

In this event industry experts podcast hosted by 10times, we invited Seth Dechtman, to share some tips with event organizers looking to find and secure the perfect keynote speaker for their events.

Seth Dechtman is a master curator of Keynote Speakers for Conferences and an Event Strategist. With a passion for delivering impactful and unforgettable events, Seth has mastered the art of finding the perfect keynote speakers to captivate audiences and drive meaningful engagement.

As a trusted advisor in the industry, Seth’s innovative and unconventional speaker choices have consistently delivered exceptional value, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

What You’ll Learn

[01:20] Seth discusses his professional journey and The Keynote Curators.

[04:08] Discusses some common mistakes event organizers make when selecting a keynote speaker and how can they be avoided.

[06:51] Discusses how event organizers balance the need for a well-known speaker with the desire for fresh perspectives and unique insights at an event.

[09:29] Seth shares some key factors to consider when selecting a speaker to ensure they align with the event’s objectives.

[11:30] Advice for event organizers to select speakers for virtual or hybrid events.

[14:01] Seth shares some tips or advice for event organizers looking to find and secure the perfect keynote speaker for their events.

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