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Unlocking the Power of Virtual Event Matchmaking With Matthijs Otto

In today’s digital age, virtual event matchmaking has become an essential tool for event organizers to enhance attendee engagement, facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration, and maximize the overall value of their events.

Virtual event matchmaking is connecting individuals or groups with similar interests or goals in an online environment. The goal of virtual event matchmaking is to provide a platform for attendees to meet and network with other attendees who share similar interests or goals, allowing them to make meaningful connections, explore opportunities, and potentially build long-lasting professional or personal relationships.

Virtual event matchmaking can be achieved through various methods, including automated algorithms that match attendees based on their profile information. These pre-event surveys collect information on attendees’ interests and preferences or live virtual networking sessions where attendees can engage in one-on-one conversations with potential matches.

In this event industry experts podcast series Eva Talk, we asked Matthijs Otto to share his expert insights on the most important factors to consider when designing matchmaking features for virtual and hybrid events. He also discussed a few tips to balance a large pool of potential matches with the need for high-quality matches.

About Matthijs 

Matthijs Otto is an entrepreneur and the founder of, a platform that provides innovative event technology solutions to help organizers and attendees connect and collaborate more effectively.

With over 15 years of experience in the events industry, Matthijs has gained extensive knowledge and insights into the challenges faced by event organizers and participants. He started which was Network in 2014 to address these challenges by creating a user-friendly platform that allows participants to schedule meetings and network seamlessly at events.

What You’ll Learn

[02:57] Matthijs discusses the difference between manual matchmaking, AI matchmaking, and topic-based matchmaking

[06:20] Factors to consider when designing matchmaking features for virtual and hybrid events

[08:07] Matthijs shares some tips to balance the need for a large pool of potential matches with the need for high-quality matches 

[09:23] How matchmaking can help attendees get more value out of virtual and hybrid events

[11:04] Tips for efficient and effective event matchmaking

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