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Defining the New Normal of Events With Ashley Brown

2020 marked the beginning of a revolutionary new event planning and management standard. Events technology has evolved rapidly over the past two years to support our new way of working, communicating, and living. There is no point in referring to virtual events as trends since they are here to stay.

Events are returning to normal, but the definition of normal has changed. Trends have changed but bring an exciting opportunity to mix, match, and curate an event that is both enthralling and relevant to the present day.

Event planners must be aware of the trends defining the events industry and embrace critical changes to leverage them and gradually create meaningful experiences for their audiences.

In addition, event planners must also ensure their technology fits the event’s purpose, integrates seamlessly with other digital tools, and maximizes audiences’ engagement and experiences. To increase engagement and diversify audiences, event planners should also work on creating comfortable, safe, and engaging event spaces.

As part of the event experts series, 10times interviewed Ashley Brown, Founder of The Event Collective, on trends shaping today’s events industry.

We reached out to her and asked her to share her perspective about how event planners can set themselves up for success post-covid with the right strategy and engagement process.

About Ashley

Ashley Brown is the Owner & Creator of The Event Collective by Ashley Brown. Amid a worldwide pandemic, The Event Collective sprang from disruption, loss, and the unknown.

As a child, Ashley observed her parents’ restaurants’ hospitable spirit and work ethic. As an entrepreneur and event planner, she started planning events for family members and friends at a young age. By 19, she booked, organized, and marketed huge concerts and events at multiple high-end venues in Boston.

The excitement of the event industry and the warmth of South Florida brought Ashely to Boca Raton in 2011, where she was immediately hired as the Director of Marketing and Special Events at an oceanfront restaurant. After that, an oceanfront resort was built, followed by The Event Collective.

As well as creating unforgettable events over her career, Ashley holds degrees and certifications in Tourism, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Marketing, Communications, Meetings & Events Management.

* Could you please walk us through your professional journey? How did you decide to start your events & interior business?

Event planning and Design have always been a passion of mine. Both became part of my professional path during my college years. After 15 years in the business, I officially launched The Event Collective in the middle of the covid pandemic and lockdown.

* Are there any tips you can give young professionals for developing their brands?

Stay true to yourself and your core professional values. The second you compromise either of those is the second you compromise your business and reputation. 

* How do you see events and venues changing post-covid?

The answer to this question would’ve been entirely different if you had asked me a year ago. Post covid lockdown, the event world was almost unrecognizable to me, and now it feels like nothing ever happened.

In 2020/2021, clients were opting for more intimate events and airing on the side of precaution, with safety being a huge concern. In 2022/2023, we are back to all the bells and whistles. 

* What exciting plans does The Event Collective by Ashley Brown have for the future?

Our plan has been and always will be to continue to create unforgettable custom events and spaces for our clients. We hope to be given the opportunity to do so for many years to come. We did launch our sister company this summer, ‘Boujee Baby Events, ‘ with our main focus being on creating incredible aesthetically pleasing events for our youngest clients’ celebrations. 

* What is the one piece of advice you would give to event planners?

The event industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it only keeps growing. There is plenty of business for us all, and there is absolutely no reason to feel competitive with each other. Each of us brings something special and unique to the table, so do not spend a second comparing yourself to another and continue to be incredible, authentic YOU!

Our sincere appreciation goes out to Ashley for sharing her unique viewpoints about the new normal of the events industry with us.

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