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2020 Resolutions for event planners

New Year Resolutions For Event Planners

New year resolutions aren’t meant to be taken seriously. This may be true for most who give up on resolutions by the second week if not early. But things work differently for event profs. Not only do they make resolutions, but also take them seriously. As we stand at the door of 2020, it’s high time to look forward to the new year resolutions for event planners-

Make event registration smoother

Over the years, the event industry has tried hard to make the registration process smoother. Event profs have tried many new things to achieve this endeavour. Thankfully, most of the experiments have fallen into the right places. The digitisation of events has enabled online registration for the events and safe online payments. All of this is followed by badge generation. As a result, registration counters are not about long queues, frustrated staff and anxious attendees anymore.

With the advent of newer technologies like “Facial recognition”, we can expect smoother registrations in 2020. Event profs should resolve to make the event registration process smoother by adopting positive changes in their planning. 

Embrace new technology

Although most of the event profs are now comfortable with the latest event technologies, there are still some who refrain away from these practices. Now that we’re moving towards the end of the decade, it shouldn’t be tough to accept that old practices are obsolete. Face-to-face meetings need event technology to redefine themselves. 

For the event profs who aren’t updated with the latest industry practices, 2020 is about introspection and positive change. The right use of event technology makes the event planning both cost- and time-effective. It also takes event engagement and event planning to a different level of easiness and effectiveness. 


More sellable events

Event profs need to look forward to 2020 as a year of making their event more sellable. As the marketing potential of face-to-face meetings has increased, getting sponsorship for the events is easier than ever. At the same time, it becomes difficult to attract sponsors if there’s a dearth of strategic planning. There’s a lot that event organisers can do to make their event more sellable before the potential sponsors. One good way to do this is to use channels like event apps as a community builder platform which can woo event sponsors. Organisers can also utilise digital kiosks, charging stations and networking spaces to make their onsite event atmosphere appealing to event sponsors. 

Expand network

These days, the most successful event professionals are those who are good networkers. They usually strive to expand beyond their organic network and are ready to utilise the huge digital potential of event listing platforms. In 2020, Event profs can look forward to global event community platforms which can help them in scaling up their network at a large scale. It also helps in nurturing the niche industry networking as the event organiser easily gets a chance to create a like-minded community of professionals from relevant industries. 

Better collaborations

The best thing about expanded networking is that you always have an alternative for better collaborations. So if your venue partner was troubling you throughout the year, 2020 is about collaborating with the right partner. Same goes for speakers, vendors and other stakeholders of your event. Apart from these event-related collaborations, 2019 has seen many inter-industry collaborations. As attendees are preferring long-distance travel to attend face-to-face events, we see event organisers twinning with travel agencies and hospitality brands. In 2020, such collaborations will be more frequent. Thus event profs should resolve to have great collaborations which leads them to better results. 

More informed decision-making 

The emergence of event analytics has made decision-making more rational. With further improvisation in artificial intelligence and with more refined data coming in, event analytics is expected to change for better. In the coming year, event organisers should resolve to make better decisions which are backed up by reliable data. 

Over the last few years, Technology has evolved to become a support system for face-to-face meetings. It helps the organisers in managing the event in a better way, thereby creating an awesome event experience for event attendees. With new changes and challenges, the event industry is ready to chase new resolutions in the coming year. 


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