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How to Use Event Analytics for Event Promotions

Advantages of Event Analytics for Event Promotions.

Event analytics has revolutionised the way organisers make decisions. Event organisers are now more informed and hence the decision-making process has become more rational.  

In this article, we will discuss event analytics in detail and find how organisers can make the best use of event analytics. 

To begin with, let’s understand the various segments in which event analytics can be subdivided. Based on the recommendations by the industry experts, here are these aspects that must be included in event analytics- 

  • Web analytics

  • Audience Overview

  • Content Overview

  • Competitive advantage

Web Analytics

This section is a primary analytics dashboard which gives a basic idea of how your event is performing. The KPIs mentioned on this dashboard provide a  quantitative measure of your event’s performance. These are the insights you can get with smart use of dashboard- 

  • Reach

    The success of the face-to-face meetings (events, tradeshows, conferences) depends largely on their digital presence. Web analytics helps in defining measurement metrics of this presence. The features such as impressions and page views can be used to gauge the online reach of the event.

10times_event analytics

  • Engagement

Reach is just one aspect of user interaction. The number of impressions generated doesn’t convey the complete picture. Therefore, it’s always a good practice to track further actions taken by those visiting the event listing. Metrics such as connection requests denote community strength. Pre-event action such as “interested” and “going” is a good indication for footfall prediction.  For post-event responses, feedbacks and ratings can be monitored and managed to enhance the event’s retention capacity. 

event engagement_10times

Audience Overview

This section gives a deeper insight into the behavioural study of the potential audience. Further segmentation of this overview provides more crucial insights. For example, it allows you to understand the devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) people are using to interact with your event listing. These days, organisers use various channels to reach out to the audience. Thus, analytics can be helpful in identifying strong channels. Be it an event app or event website, audience overview section gives a detailed report. Moreover, you can also identify the geography-wise distribution of your potential audience.

Event Audience_10times

Event insights_10timesAll these insights vary from time to time. Such changes which take place over days, weeks and months are also available in this system and can be easily spotted with the help of interactive graphs. 

Content Overview

Content of an event listing is divided into various sub-sections ranging from about section to exhibitor section. The analytics dashboard provides details of page views from all such sections. This helps you in identifying the USP of your event. It also gives you a hint of the section which needs further improvisation. 

Content overview_10times

All in all, this section shows how the page visitors are responding to your content. 

Event Pageviews_10times event marketing

Quite like the audience overview section, here also, you can figure out the chronological change in the response of the page visitors. 

Competitive advantage

You need additional industry insights to figure out where your event stands in the industry. This section shows how is your event ranking against similar or alternative events. The event industry is extremely competitive wherein many events of a particular type compete for the attention of a similar set of audience. Thus, this section of event analytics enables you to position your event in a way which is more appealing. 

Event analytics has surely empowered the event’s digital presence by making it more result-oriented. As already mentioned, the event industry works differently. Thus, whether it’s about choosing CMS or analytics tool, event organisers need to ponder over one basic question- “Does it satisfy industry standards?”. Event analytics makes sense when it’s preceded by a rich database and followed by in-depth insights.

Event Overview_10times event marketing

To ensure the relevance of event analytics, oDASH (event management solution by 10times) follows this strategy- 

  • It provides you with a CMS as per the industry standards
  • This CMS allows you to place impactful content on three platforms in one go. These are- 10times.com website, personalised event app and event website. 
  • The reach of event listing increases significantly as 10times is the world’s largest event discovery platform with a rich database. 
  • Analytics dashboard of 10times provides you with additional insights, using which you can improvise your event listing. 

The ultimate purpose of this process is to help you find the hidden potential of your event. It guides you towards the right audience and generates not just impressions but real ROI for your event. 

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