The tools event planners should use for event planning

11 Smart Event Planning Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Smart Event Planning tools for event planners

It has been a common perception that event planners are busy professionals piled up with a lot of paperwork. They are busy professionals, Yes! But a lot of paperwork, heavy documents, and haphazard business cards have gradually vanished in recent years. Thanks to the tech-friendly event planning that has established its strong roots in the industry. This is possible because of a wide range of smart event planning tools. 

Like the event, the event planning tool is also a comprehensive term. From a simple scheduling tool to a secured online ticketing platform, event planning tool can have so much to offer. Event planners have different needs depending on the scale and the type of the event. These needs can be- 

  1. Record keeping and scheduling /Schedules and Budget planning
  2. Finding Venue/Deciding and booking venue /Searching for a venue and finalising it
  3. Hiring Event planning team  
  4. Establishing collaboration among team members. 
  5. Keeping a track of progress
  6. Online event registration 
  7. Online badge generation
  8. Online ticketing for the event
  9. Event analytics 

Event planning tools available in the market can be used for some or all of the above-mentioned needs. From simple to sophisticated, we have listed these event planning tools which can make your event smarter faster and more efficient!

Google drive

If you’re an event planner who prefers simplicity to anything else, Google drive is for you. You can use your drive not only to store documents but also to share them. This sharing of the document is also accompanied by real-time editing which can easily ensure smooth coordination of the workflow. Many people don’t really take it as an event planning tool ( and it’s not the one as well) but it can increase your productivity without forcing you to learn a new workflow software.


“You’ll always find time for the things you feel important”- We usually say this while discussing priorities. Prioritising a work that’s important is an art event planners need to learn. Unless we focus on the things that matter, we can’t be productive. DropBox is one reliable tool that keeps you focused on the things that matter. With it, you can keep yourself organised and collaborate better. DropBox gives new rise to your event planning. 


Trello is a free tool extremely popular among event planners. Its aesthetic appearance makes it more user-friendly. It is basically a project planning tool to keep track of the progress of the work. It is also a very good way to establish coordination among team members. To collaborate in a better way, you can easily dive into details by adding comments, attachments and deadlines directly to trello cards.


GoToWebinar is a go-to tool for the event planners who wish to leverage webinar as a live marketing tool for their event. As events find a significant space in the online world, GoToWebinar is a great tool to record and reuse events to bring in more viewers. Its features like Attendee reports and Event analytics make it easy to measure the overall impact of event marketing. 


Like Trello, it is also a visual collaborative space where you can plan, organise and track the progress of work. It is basically a project management tool but you can customise it to cater to your specific event needs. 

Venue Finder

According to the latest research from the research institute, a whopping 71% of people consider the destination when they make a decision to attend the event. For a significant 25% of visitors, this is a deciding factor. This makes it clear that your event venue can be a make or break factor for your event. A tool that’s creating a lot of buzz among event planners when it comes to deciding the event destination is Venue finder. With its free database of 15000 UK and international venues, event profs can easily find a go-to venue for their event.  


In order to enhance your overall event experience, you need more than just a venue. Especially in a conference where the success of the show depends a lot on how effectively you’ve established the communication, a tool like HighFive can do wonders. It redefines the meeting room experience by improving the ease and quality of the conference. 


The event industry is a labour-intensive industry. At times, human resource management is a subset of an event planner’s profile. He needs to train the interns in order to get them adapted to their challenging job. This process is often very challenging and becomes repetitive in nature. A tool like Guru can ease this process. It can be used to release context-based guides that can make training and onboarding a cakewalk for event planners. 

Rescue time

Event planning always finds its place among the list of the most stressful jobs on the globe. This is because an event planner has a  long to-do list and time is always a constraint. The only way to deal with deadlines is to be productive and productivity demands an optimised workday. It’s easier said than done. This is why event planners are fastly adopting Rescue time, a tool that helps you set time-bound goals and optimise workday through its innovative data-tracking system. 


Event success is not measured solely on the basis of footfall. Even after a significant footfall, a bad event experience is enough to give bad fame to the event. Attendee engagement is the most important factor that contributes to the overall event experience. In case the event experience is not up to the mark, a good feedback mechanism leaves a scope of improvisation.  But these days, event planners are so engrossed in pre-event preparations that they don’t give much attention to these two important attributes- Attendee engagement and feedback. Slido can be a saviour for event planners in this regard. It not only enhances attendee engagement through Q&A and live polls but also captures extremely valuable data.  

oDASH- Event Management Software


Technology is not just an appetiser anymore, it’s also the main course. The tools that we have discussed so far can hone your event planning skills but that’s not enough. Event these days are so much tech-driven that registration, promotion and even the feedback, everything has gone digital. This makes the need for an end-to-end software solution inevitable. O-DASH is one such software solution. It’s an easy-to-learn organiser’s dashboard, a backend window from where an organiser can monitor registrations, promotions and engagement. It has also revolutionized the process of getting a personalised event app. No heavy codes and no sophisticated programming, just a few clicks and the organiser can easily get a white-labelled app that gives full branding to the event. It also lists your event on the world’s largest event discovery platform which drastically improves the visibility of your event.

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