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How DIGITAL KIOSKS Enhance The Event Experience

DIGITAL KIOSKS: Making Events More Eventful

Event technology has been on a constant rise over the years. From management to marketing, there’s hardly any aspect of the event untouched by technology. This influence of technology is more obvious in pre-event marketing, where event apps and event management tools significantly ease the life of event professionals. As far as the onsite event experience is concerned, one tool that’s gaining popularity in recent years is Digital kiosk. Much like event apps, digital kiosks enhance the event experience. There are many other applications of Kiosks that are yet to become common. 

This article aims to highlight all those ways in which Kiosks can contribute towards a better event experience for attendees, which directly translates into more revenue for the organiser-   


Trade shows have already got rid of long queues. Thanks to event technology that has made pre-registration possible, making the entry to an event a seamless experience. Kiosks have taken this process to another level by allowing visitors to manage their entry on their own. Moreover, technology like blockchain is making Kiosks more effective by preventing the issues related to forged tickets. 

Introduction of Kiosks at the entry gates helps in a significant reduction of manpower, thereby, cutting the cost of the event. 

Engagement and Entertainment

Event Engagement and entertainment through digital kiosks

Kiosks are one of the best ways to attract attention. They can be used as content streaming tools by displaying the live happenings of the trade shows. They can also be used to showcase the important highlights of the event. Events are usually organised over a large space. Because of this, while some locations may be highly crowded, others may attract less traction which makes some booths feel cheated. In order to ensure a proportionate distribution of crowd, Kiosks can be used as a crowd-management gadget as well. 

Kiosks these days are also equipped with charging stations so they can also be placed in the resting area where professionals may charge their phones, laptops etc in between the sessions. Such resting spaces also provide attendees with ample networking opportunities.    

Brand Awareness

We have already discussed the application of Kiosks in enhancing engagement. This engagement may be used to uplift brand awareness. It’s not easy to create brand awareness with the help of an aggressive onsite sales team. In fact, this may backfire at times. The better way to create awareness is by engaging the attendee through the product journey. One powerful tool to achieve this is gamification and Kiosks play a major role in providing a significant gaming experience. These games may be based on the brand’s storyline, or it can also be a quiz to make the attendee interact with the brand in a better way. Kiosks eliminate the need for human persuasion. Instead, they promote inbound access of the visitors to the booth which increases their chance of getting converted into final leads. Apart from gamification, kiosks can also be used to showcase interesting videos regarding the brand. 

Onsite Navigation

Events are usually organised in a large venue and onsite navigation of visitors may be a make or break factor for attendee engagement. It also affects exhibitor’s ability to get noticed. Kiosks have smoothened onsite navigation for visitors, empowering them to find their way to the desired booth.  As technologies like AI are on their way to personalise event experience, Kiosks are likely to contribute to this endeavour by making suggestions according to the individual’s taste. It won’t be a big surprise if you find a kiosk addressing an attendee’s name and directing him to the relevant booth. 

Revenue Stream

Kiosks might appear to be sophisticated and thereby expensive accessory to many. But in reality, Kiosks can provide all the above-mentioned benefits without impacting much on the budget. Not only this, if used wisely, they can be used to generate extra revenue streams for the event organiser. Digital kiosks these days are equipped with gaming features and charging stations, thereby, acting as a point of attraction for many attendees. This has brought Kiosks among favourite options when it comes to onsite promotion. 

Kiosks are also a good way to generate leads as attendees don’t mind sharing their personal information as they sign up to play games on the kiosks. This mode of lead generation is more intent-based, with a better conversion rate. 

From the above discussion, it’s evident that with the help of kiosks, organisers can create an event experience funnel for the attendees by helping them in navigation and networking. This engagement can also be translated into generation if used wisely. For the onsite event marketing, Kiosks are on their way to becoming an inbound tool for organisers.

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  1. Today, event planners crave more flexibility allowing them to create an irreplaceable digital environment. Setting up a digital signage kiosk provides the opportunity to increase their brand awareness and affiliation.

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