guidelines on how to setup virtual event
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Guidelines on how to setup virtual event

What is virtual event & how to setup virtual event

An online or virtual event is an interactive event that occurs entirely online or on the web rather that in a physical location. Virtual events have gained popularity in the recent years, thanks to the massive digital presence of the event-goers. The trend of hosting virtual events has seen a steep growth in the present scenario as the world is going through COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it’s high time for event planners to go for virtual event & in that process, they must know how to setup virtual event.

How to set up a virtual event on FLOOR-

When we talk about setting up a virtual event, it includes all the 3 Ms of virtual event planning i.e.,

  • Management of virtual event
  • Marketing of virtual event
  • Monetization of virtual event

We have covered the marketing and monetization of virtual in greater detail in other articles. Right now, we are going to focus on the management of virtual event and how you can setup your virtual event on FLOOR.

Note- FLOOR is a virtual event platform powered by 10times. You can easily manage your virtual event on FLOOR via oDASH which is an event management software.

Step 1- Add on event on oDASH –

This is how a typical oDASH window looks like. To add an event, you need to click on “Add event” button on upper right-hand corner of the screen –

Virtual Event Dashboard oDASH

Once you click on “Add event button”, you will be redirected towards the next window-

Add Event on oDASH

You must have a clear understanding of how your event is. Is it a public event or a private event? Here’s the difference between the two-

Public event-

Anyone can see this event and search for it. You would also get a page on

Private event-

Invited guests will see this event. You can still manage and create apps for your event.

Note- If you have a well-defined attendee list and the event is meant for them only, choose the private event option. In any other case, it is advisable that you create a public event as a listing on the website drastically increases your event’s visibility. Millions of event-goers rely on 10times in their search for the right event. Also, the website it curated in such a way that that it leads to right matchmaking.

Henceforth, we’ll assume that your event is a public event so that we can share some tips on how to make your event more marketable as you set up your event –


Step 2- Choose the format of your event-

With FLOOR, you can organize every kind of event you’ve come across in the physical sphere. As you click on “Get started” , you land up on this window where you can choose the type of your event-

oDASH Add Event(1)

An Exhibition with an organized presentation & display of product & services

A Conference, a formal gathering of individuals in an arranged setup

A workshop of training courses and learning classes

A Networking meet-up and gathering in an informal setup


Note- Around 100+ modules are available on FLOOR, you can get your personalized FLOOR customized as per your event needs.

oDASH Add Event

After you choose the format of your event, you enter into a new window where you can fill in all the basic details related to your event.


This includes the name of the event, organization, description, time, etc.


Finally, click on the “submit” button.

Virtual event 2

Note- You need to choose here that your event in virtual/online in nature. As you choose to make it virtual, the venue option will automatically go inactive. You can now manage your timezone for your online event.


Step 3- Creating sessions & Getting joining URLs – 

agenda & schedule


Right after you add your virtual event, it’s now time to add sessions of the virtual event & get joining URL for your attendees, moderators, admins etc.


Go to “Agenda & Schedule” under “content” tab on the left-hand side of the oDASH dashboard.


Click on the add session tab to create a new session in your event-

Agenda Schedule

You’ll get a separate link for every session and the attendees can directly join the session of their choice using a particular link.

 Agenda Schedule


Enter basic details related to the session such as

  • Title
  • type of session
  • speaker profiles
  • Date & Time
  • Description

Step 4- Content management for the event-

So far, you’re ready with the basic layout of your event. There’s still a lot to be done-

Event Overview

If your event is a public event, then it’s a must for you to enrich your page on the event listing platform. From oDASH, you can enrich your event page listed on the website.

  • Add event highlights to make your event more promising
  • Add the category/industry of your event so that your event gets listed under the right category.
  • Also, add links to your website and your social media presence to ensure multi-channel reach.

Tickets & prices

-In case your event has got paid entry, you can mention the price of tickets in this section


-As is clear from the name, add the edition your event is in. It’s a normal human tendency that we bet on experience. So, it’s advisable that you take leverage of this section especially if your event has seen a number of editions.

No typical event is complete without exhibitors, speakers & sponsors. You can go on these tabs under the content section & fill in the details. 


Add exhibitors in the exhibitor section-

 Exhibitors on FLOOR


Exhibitors on Introductory session
Once you add your exhibitors here and fill in their information. You get a personalized invite link for every exhibitor.

You can send the invite links to onboard them directly on the FLOOR booth.


Here’s how the Exhibitor booth looks on the FLOOR. You can also change the background on the booth-

Similarly, you can add speakers under the speaker section.



Under the sponsor section, add the sponsors for your event.

Screenshot_2020-07-10 Sponsors

 Introductory session on FLOOR



Here’s how the name of sponsors get reflected on the FLOOR during the ongoing event


You can learn more about monetization via sponsorship in our series of monetization article.




There are so many other things that you can do on FLOOR as you plan your virtual event. However, An article wouldn’t be enough to get the full feel of such an amazing platform. We recommend you to have a walk on the FLOOR on your own. You can do so by scheduling a personalized one-to-one demo with our event expert-

request a demo



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