Guidelines on how to host a virtual event

Guidelines on how to host a virtual event

What is virtual event & why should you host one?

An online or virtual event is an interactive event that occurs entirely online or on the web rather that in a physical location. Virtual events have gained popularity in the recent years, thanks to the massive digital presence of the event-goers. The trend of hosting virtual events has seen a steep growth in the present scenario where the world is going through COVID-19 pandemic.

Social distancing, by far, is the best measure to deal with the crisis. Thus, it’s high time for physical events to get virtual. These are the advantages of hosting a virtual event in the present scenario-

  • It will not be a compromise on the health and safety issues and it will also ensure the much-needed social distancing.
  • It is an opportunity for event planners to discover the hidden potential of event planning. While virtual events are not meant to replace the in-person events, they will, in fact, empower in-person events by enhancing the reach. Many event planners have already started organizing virtual events parallelly with in-person events.
  • Cancellation of events brings a loss to the sponsors and the exhibitors. By hosting a virtual event, you are providing the marketing and networking opportunities to these stakeholders.
  • Virtual events also allow you to reach out to a new set of event-goers which is practically not feasible in case of face-to-face events.
  • The connections that you are making during virtual events will be your asset in the long term. With the right strategy, you can retain these attendees later when you are back to face-to-face events.
  • Even if virtual events won’t bring much profit, you can at least cover up the loss incurred due to the cancellation of the event. The best part is that you don’t need much investment to host a virtual event.

With the right planning and execution, you can make virtual events as engaging as in-person meetings, see how-

How to host a virtual event? 

If you’re still wondering that hosting a virtual event is a tedious task, it’s not! You can easily host your own virtual event with the help of oDASH. We’ll also guide you through various techniques that you can use to make it more effective-

Setup the event ‘online’

The process is quite similar to adding the event on oDASH. To set up your virtual event, just enable the virtual/online event tab. This will automatically disable the venue button. You will be able to add a weblink. Your attendees can use that link to connect to your event online (as soon as it’s live on 10times)Virtual event 2

Keep the message very clear

You need to keep the description very clear to avoid any kind of confusion for the attendees. You can do this by adding keywords like webinar/online/virtual/remote etc. The goal is to let your attendees know that the event is virtual in nature. Adding keywords is also helpful for SEO.

‘Time’ is precious

It’s very important to add the time zone where you’re in. A wrong time zone for the virtual event is like giving a wrong venue address for the in-person meeting. It may create unnecessary confusion among your attendees as they will update their calendar according to the time zone.

time zone for virtual event


Choose the right virtual conference tool

It’s important to choose the right virtual conference tool. There are many virtual solutions available in the market. But it is advisable that you should go for an event-specific tool which is customized as per industry needs. 10times provides you with a virtual event suite which is a one-stop solution to manage, market, and monetize virtual events.


Follow these quick steps to add a virtual event on 10times or to host an all-new virtual event-

  • Click on Agenda and Schedule tab from the Content section of oDASH.
  • If you already have a webcast URL, click on ‘+ Add sessions’ and then fill all the necessary details along with the webcast URL.
  • In case you don’t have a webcast URL, you can create a new virtual event by clicking on “Or create”. This virtual event can be hosted using 10times virtual event solution.
  • After filling all the necessary details, you can save and publish your virtual event. It will get online after getting reviewed by the 10times team.


virtual event


Social distancing has given you a chance to identify the hidden potential of your event planning strategy. It’s high time that you do new experiments to reinvent your event planning strategy. To get further assistance on a smooth transition to virtual events, you can contact our event experts by scheduling a demo on how to add a virtual event.

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