Quick pre-event hacks for monetization of virtual events
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Quick pre-event hacks for monetization of virtual events

Monetization of virtual events: Pre-event Hacks

Virtual events have taken a center-stage in the COVID era. Event planners are considering it not only as a short term alternative but also a long-term pivot. To get more out of virtual events, it’s important to explore the full potential when it comes to monetization. While there are numerous ways emerging these days, the most basic way of monetization is through sponsorship. Now the onus comes on event planners. They need to provide the space that the sponsors are seeking. While the idea may be new to virtual event planning, it can be really effective if done properly.

What are the hacks to monetize virtual events successfully

In this article, we have covered different techniques of monetization via sponsorship prior to the virtual event-

virtual event website

  • Event-goers regularly visit event listing platforms in their search for the right event. You can list your sponsors along with your event to provide them exposure across all these platforms.
  • Your event website in another place where event-goers actively come on their own. Along with all other details related to the event, you can easily provide a space to sponsors without hindering the user experience. If you don’t have a personalized event website, you can get one via website-builder under a virtual event suite.

Via emailer campaigns-

  • Emailers are an important part of your overall event marketing strategy. That’s how you reach out to the inbox of your potential attendees. Sponsors show more confidence in such targeted channels.
  • Your sponsors belong to the niche industry (related to your event agenda), so do the event-goers you’re targeting. Emailers provide a platform for sponsors to get showcased in front of these event-goers.

Monetize your virtual event


Transactional Mails-

  • Right from the moment when event-goer registers for the event, a communication cycle initiates via mails. It may be in the form of event tickets or thanking mails. Some platforms go a step further and provide matchmaking recommendations to event-goers using advanced AI.
  • As an event planner, you can make the full use of this transactional mail cycle for monetization. By showcasing the sponsor logo in these emails, you are able to provide sponsors with the much-needed exposure. What matters more is that those receiving the emails are either interested in the event or are going to attend it.

Social media Channels-

  • As an event planner, you must be covering various social media channels to create the buzz for your event. You can give space to sponsor logos in your social media posts, which opens another door of monetization for you.

Market, manage and Monetize your virtual event


Using Event apps-

sponsor on event app

  • Your white-label event app is the best way to reach out to your event attendees. The event community that you’ve nurtured using the event-app is already dedicated to your event. You can utilize this loyalty for monetization.
  • In this era, the world is confined within the reach of palm, thanks to smartphones. You can take your sponsors to the app of event-goers by placing their logos or promotional videos there.
  • In case you don’t yet have a personalized event app to enhance event branding, you can use the app-builder of a virtual event suite.


From what we’ve discussed, it’s obvious that opportunities of monetization start way before the event takes place. By incorporating your sponsors in your pre-event marketing, you’ll have some real returns out of the virtual events.

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