how should you promote your virtual event?
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How should you promote your virtual event?

Ways to promote your virtual event to make it successful

As we predicted at the very start of the pandemic, in-person meetings have come to standstill and virtual events have taken the center stage. The industry is now focussed on discovering the new potential for virtual events and as an event planner, you should too. We have already discussed the monetization of virtual events in detail. But, before monetization, it’s the marketing of the event that matters.

Here are some of the great ways to promote your virtual event to make it successful

Target the right audience

  • Any successful marketing campaign starts at this point. You need to identify the right set of audience which would be genuinely interested in your event.
  • Event Listing platforms have already done a lot in providing digital presence to physical events. In the present time when online events are on the rise, Event discovery/listing platforms are now open for online events as well.
  • As an event planner, you must list your virtual event on the listing platform to enhance its visibility. The best thing about these platforms is that they are regularly visited by the event-goers. Moreover, events are curated in such a way that an event goer looking for an event of the specific kind will most likely find it.

Get Started- define your audience

Multi-channel Marketing

  • The last decade has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of internet users. As a result, more and more digital channels are coming into the picture.
  • As an event planner promoting his virtual event, you must spot the channels which are relevant for you. Once you’ve identified your strong channels, you can launch a multi-channel marketing campaign via them.

Multi-channel Marketing

Involve your keynote speakers

  • Your speakers are under the spotlight during the event. Why not bring them under the spotlight way before your event?
  • You can leverage the fanbase of your speakers for the promotion of your event. This deal is mutually beneficial. On one hand, you get influencers to promote your event. At the same time, your speakers enhance their credibility as thought leaders of their respective niche. It’s advisable that you confirm all these things in advance.

Online event marketing Tools

  • Event marketing solutions help you in implementing your digital marketing strategy in the right way.
  • Unlike physical events, your virtual events are completely dependent on digital marketing. The aim here is to utilize the digital presence of your attendees for the promotion of your event.
  • Event marketing solutions can centralize your overall marketing. You can keep a track of your social media feed, the competitor benchmarking, the lead generation process- everything from a single point.

full event marketing campaign

Power of Video and Graphics

  • Modern marketing is about catering to an audience with limited attention spans. Video has emerged as one of the most powerful mediums to communicate with the target audience.
  • You can record sessions from your virtual event to utilize it as marketing content. By educating your audience with the informative content from previous editions, you can attract them for further editions.
  • Not just videos, there are many other ways to repurpose content from a virtual event. For instance, virtual events are full of Polls and QnA, you can create infographics and similar marketing copies out of those organic insights.

Event Branding is the key to promote a virtual event

  • Don’t compromise with your event brand at any point.
  • From custom landing pages to brand exposure in the virtual event solution, from a white label app to email marketing, give enough space to your event branding. In the long run, this is helpful in creating a great recall value for your event.

reach users on their preferred channels

While we have discussed various aspects of the promotion of virtual events, all these points are incomplete without data-driven insights. The key is to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. It’s only after this data-driven event marketing that you get the best results! Don’t know where to start from?

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