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Enhancing Event Experiences for Business Growth With Nancy Drapeau

B2B trade show marketing is a strategic approach that promotes products, services, and networking opportunities to businesses within a specific industry. These events are powerful platforms for connecting with potential clients, fostering partnerships, and showcasing expertise. By bringing together key decision-makers and industry professionals, B2B event marketing enables companies to enhance brand visibility, generate leads, and drive business growth in a targeted and dynamic environment.

When planning a B2B event, setting clear goals and objectives is important. What do you hope to achieve by hosting or attending this event? Once you know your goals, you can start to develop a plan to achieve them. This may include creating a marketing plan, developing a speaker lineup, or creating a registration process.

In this event industry experts podcast series – Eva Talk, Nancy Drapeau shared some effective engagement techniques to enhance attendee experiences, foster meaningful connections, and drive business growth.

About Nancy 

Nancy Drapeau is a seasoned market research professional with over 24 years of experience in the industry. With a career spanning 14 years in the business-to-business exhibitions sector, Nancy currently serves as CEIR’s Senior Research Director, where she leads the way in conducting industry-wide studies and reporting on current trends in the exhibition industry.

As a well-respected industry speaker, Nancy has delivered countless presentations on various topics related to the exhibition industry. She is an active member of the Marketing Research Association (MRA). In the past, she has participated in the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) Future Trends Task Force and served as a member of the Convention Industry Council’s (CIC) Research Committee.

What You’ll Learn

[02:08] Nancy discusses her journey in the events Industry

[05:41] Talks Center for Exhibition Industry Research and its mission

[13:04] Nancy shares some of the most effective B2B event marketing tips and strategies businesses can use to drive engagement and generate more leads

[18:21] Affect of the pandemic on B2B event marketing and strategies that companies have used to adapt to the current situation

[24:23] Advice for businesses looking to improve their trade show marketing strategies and drive more customer engagement

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