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7 Sure ways to improve your event website content for massive growth 

Excellent content management features to make our life more eventful.

Marketing has evolved over the years. This growth is represented by the reach and engagement of the consumer. The essential element that accelerated this growth over the decades is content marketing. Time and again it’s proven how quality content delivers ROI driven results.

All the major industries and SEMs have invested in content marketing and content management in some or the other way. It’s the best way to engage your consumers. Thus when we think of a more people-centric event industry it’s imperative we cultivate quality content and work on managing it productively. It happens that content creation is listed important whereas content management is often missed when we are working on dynamic event websites and event listings. Content management has made businesses more humanized, without a compromise on ROI. In fact, ROI has improved because of content. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing how event apps are twinning with excellent content management features to make our life more eventful.

Content Management for your event website or event Apps

The most common way through which attendees interact with the event is your event website. Even in the event app, their first encounter happens with content. Content management is a creative cycle of building content that’s simple, interactive and intuitive, all at the same time. 

In the event app, there are various mediums which, when accompanied by a good content strategy can do wonders. These mediums include- 

  • Agenda and Schedule
  • Speakers

  • Exhibitors

  • Sponsors

  • Floor Plans 

  • Photos and Videos 

  • Other information 

1. Agenda and Schedule

Agenda & schedule

Agenda gives a fair idea to the potential attendees about the event. Schedules empower attendees as they can plan their visit as per their ease and the particular session they’re interested in. The importance of schedule and agenda can be understood from the fact that around 61% of people decide to go to an event after seeing schedule and agenda. The interactive content management feature of event apps has taken it to another level where attendees can make changes in agenda and schedule even till the last moment. Also, attendees can be notified about it through push notifications from event apps. 

2. Speakers


Around 28% of attendees make their decision to attend the event under the influence of their favourite speakers. Speakers are the stars of an event. The more they shine, the better will event marketing be. Content management has enough scope when it comes to speakers. Good content can promise meaningful sessions on behalf of speakers and their expertise. It can be done by giving a curious hint of what a particular session is all about. Leveraging personal branding of your keynote speakers is another great practice, that’s why event apps are also coming up with an option where you can give direct links to the social media profiles of your speakers. 

3. Exhibitors


This section is beneficial for both exhibitors and the organizer. While exhibitors can get their personal branding and the detailed list of stalls and booths they can surf through, organizers can have a track of exhibitors they have approved. Not only this, the API integration feature allows an event organizer to directly transfer exhibitors’ list, product, services, and logos on his personal CRM. This section is also useful for visitors. Researches say that around 43% of trade show visitors enquire about exhibitor directories. 

4. Sponsors

10times_event marketing solutions

Sponsors seek significant promotion in return for their investment and that’s exactly what content management provides. With easy drag & drop feature, High-quality logos of event sponsor companies can be placed in this section without much pain. Many event apps also provide sponsorship titles, making it look more appealing from a sponsor’s point of view. 

5. Floor Plans


Good content is not always about engaging with words. An interactive floor plan is also an important ingredient of content management when it comes to event apps.

It ensures that attendees(with event apps) will never get lost. 

6. Photos and Videos

Photos & videos_10times_event_marketing_solution

With smart use of this section, an event app can be converted into an event gallery. And who doesn’t get excited with appealing visuals?

Whether it’s attractive photos from your past editions or the videos from keynote sessions, this section is a boon for overall content management. 

7. Other information

10times_event_marketing solutions

Possibilities are endless for an event with good content. As we discussed earlier, one important role content creation and management play is to educate the attendees. This can be done by putting trending industry topics, discussions and posts. Other details such as the price of the ticket, mode of payment, list of partner hotels can easily enhance the overall credibility of the event, meanwhile, it also increases the chance of pre-registration.

Event apps have solved many issues event organizers used to face. Content management has transformed event apps like never before, making it a Do-it-yourself platform that gives an organizer the much-needed authority. It can also give smart suggestions on how to make the content more engaging and appealing. Moreover, this process is quantified where a profile strength indicator rates the effectiveness of content based on the extent of information that’s missing. And most importantly, all such modifications can be done in a real-time situation. Content is indeed a king ruling the kingdom of event apps

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