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5 Reasons to use API integrations with your Event App

Use API integrations to integrate your events data with your event App

 “Event apps can do wonders to your event planning” 

Event apps evolved from a good to have tech solutions to must-have tech support. An event app is essential for the success of an event. Event profs around the world know that Event attendees expect a grand experience when it comes to events, they know the value of a good event app solution that can make their events more approachable for the event attendees.

These days, It’s hard to imagine any event without event apps. Gone are the days when event apps were considered a digital luxury, instead, they’ve become quite common. Now, the focus has shifted to the evolution of event apps. Event software companies are trying hard to redefine their event app technology and they’re coming with something new every time. 

One such new feature that’s creating the buzz in the event app industry is The API integration feature. It has redefined the event planning process. Before we further discuss what it can do for event profs, let’s first understand data integration- 

What is data integration?

“Data is the new oil”

Clive Humby’s famous quote is enough to explain the value of data in modern times. From data storytelling to data mining, data has become omnipotent. So much so that businesses these days are bombarded with data. The purpose of data integration is to club the cluster of data together creating a data ecosystem. 

To make your life easier event apps can now be integrated with your CRM platform helping you get real-time insights from your user data. A simple API integration helps to sync your efforts for creating a great networking event app. 

What is API integration? 


API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is an online programming interface that enables interaction between various applications and devices. It facilitates connectivity between them by transferring data seamlessly. API integration has become the oxygen of the event planning. From event management system to event apps, from registration forms to payment gateways and even personal CRM, integration is about connecting all such platforms.

Let’s understand how it can make your life easier

1. Saves time

Event planners have a bulk of event data. They often spend hundreds of hours in the mere transfer of data from one software platform to the other. This affects the entire cycle of the event.

2. Accuracy of data

Event data is transferred through many stations within the organization. From finance to operations, there are many internal departments involved in the execution of the event. The smooth transfer of data is very crucial in internal functioning. Even if time is not a constraint, it is difficult to ensure accuracy in the manual transfer of data. This is where the API integrated event app comes in handy. It not only ensures fast but also the accurate transfer of event data.

3. Deeper insights to make more informed decisions

The more accurate data we have, the better are the insights.  And better insight can help us make more informed and rational decisions. In the time when data can make a significant difference, event data is being harnessed efficiently. Be it a targeted promotion or inbound lead generation, insights can do wonders.


We have already discussed how various departments coordinate together in any event campaign. Data is one way they interact with each other. If this interaction isn’t quick and efficient, the timeline of the event planning gets affected. 

5. Enhances overall productivity

Investment in event apps increases the cost-effectiveness of the event. API integrated event apps come with an added advantage. They make the data transfer a paperless process. Not to mention the overall manhours that would have got wasted in copying and pasting. 


A major section of event planners is not yet comfortable in dealing with API. This is because of a misconception that API is technologically challenging. In reality, it isn’t. At any given day, it will be better than the transfer of data done manually. Event apps have evolved drastically and API integration is an important milestone of this evolution. It has given a new dimension to event management by saving cost and reducing the time invested.

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