How to use Retargeting campaigns while promoting your events

Retargeting campaigns for event promotions

Retargeting is a new age marketing strategy. It increases the chances of higher conversions via your marketing campaigns, improves brand positioning, creates brand awareness and helps to create a customer recall by driving users’ intent-based actions.

Retargeting your events to your event attendees can be a captivating idea but many event profs do suggest it can be confusing to decide when and how to use it. 

Another question asked the most for Retargeting your events is which is the best channel for the same? In this article, you will get to know when retargeting your events work best for you and how to use it while planning your event marketing campaigns.

As per Google’s stats, only 4%  of your event page visitors will convert rest 96% will drop off from the page at some point, an event website visitor can ditch the cart or the final registration process at the last moment for various reasons. Some users might just check the information on your website and not be convinced enough to complete the registration process. As per the current stats, it takes 9.5 visits per user on a website for a final CTA conversion. Retargeting allows you to show Ads directly to these visitors after they have left your event landing page, enabling you to boost conversion. Retargeting is of all the available ways to spend a marketing budget on paid media, retargeting simply can’t be ignored.

What Is Retargeting? And How Does It Work?

The basic definition says showing ads of your products to the users who have shown interest to bring them back on your website is what we call retargeting.  You know those ads you see all around the web soon after you have visited their website? That’s retargeting in play. Event Marketing can benefit from retargeting because it takes more than 3 visits for a user to evolve from the interested stage to register and visit the event. These ads help you interact with your visitors in real-time bases and work as a reminder too. 

How does it work is simple too marketers place a small piece of code on the event landing pages which adds a cookie in attendees browser history and ads them as your visitors, now all these visitors are targeted with ads that remind them or give information of the products that they have shown interest in. 

When to use Retargeting for event marketing and why?

It is estimated that retargeted users are up to 60% more likely to complete an action than other forms of traffic. This makes it a relatively easy way for online advertisers to increase sales and reduce wasted ad spend. – Sources

That’s some good engagement right?

The real-time bidding technology (RTB) or google retargeting allows event profs or marketers to bid on and purchase ad impression share based on the reference of the persona of the audience mentioned earlier which consists of the type of people you want to target.

Since retargeting campaigns are specifically targeted it gets higher than average engagement too. Event profs should allocate a chunk of their event promotion budget to retargeting your events to the attendees who might be interested in your events thus making lead generation an efficient and cost-effective process.

When should you use Retargeting: 

1. Multiple chances to engage:

Multiple chances to engageWhen you are marketing your events there are chances that users are one-time visitors. Retargeting means customized content targeting to the users who are already aware of your events and are very likely to register since they have shown the intent but might go away due to various reasons Retargeting gives you multiple chances to bring them back in your conversion funnel.

2. Utilizing your content assets for interaction:

Boost your SEM and SEO efforts with retargeting, creating social buzz and sharing updates about the event is the go-to strategy for getting a better footfall at your event. These social impressions share can be increased with the retargeting of your content. You will create a lot of social posts and content assets for SEM and SEO of optimization of your event pages boost your efforts with Retargeting. 

3. Better Brand connect :

Retargeting is a great way of creating brand awareness and recall. Since your ads, event invites, dates are consistently show to the people who are your target audience it results in better brand connect with your event attendees. You get not one, two or three rather multiple chances of bringing your prospects back on your registration page consistently improving your conversion funnel. 

4. Cost-effective campaigns :

Cost effective campaign

The questing of what and why is often neglected due to not knowing how to create Retargeting campaigns and which channels are best for your campaigns. Ideally, it is suggested to start the Retargeting campaign as early as six months from the final date of your events due date.  You can use Google AdWords used for remarketing, Facebook or tools like Adroll that work on RTB technology for your retargeting campaigns. 

5. Cream of the corp tactic: 

Retargeting campaigns works on getting back the attention of the users who have already interacted with your event page and are likely to attend your event when you target these users with retargeting ads its called a cream of the corp tactic because the users are on much higher intent level than the average organic traffic users interacting with your event landing page. 

6. Upselling with retargeting:

Another great benefit of retargeting your event pages to your earlier audience is the upselling you might get, it’s a good way to send a reminder call to all your previous event attendees to visit the next edition of your upcoming events. Higher conversions and increased ROI can be expected from consistent and quality retargeting campaigns. You can expect CTRs with retargeting, anywhere from 0.30-0.95% – which is 3-10x higher than the industry average. In some cases, they are even higher. In the display advertising world where you’re paying by the impression, having a high CTR like this makes all the difference.

Event Marketing can be boosted with the help of retargeting campaigns giving you multiple chances to interact and engage with your event attendees. A compelling marketing strategy that should be used while marketing your events and making the most out of it.

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