Enhance attendees event experience
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Things you can do to enhance the attendees’ event experience

Enhance the attendees’ event experience 

Globalization tried its best to make the world flat. It has successfully brought that change is almost every industry and our industry is no exception. Events are getting a lot more globalized. They cater to the overseas crowd along with the locals.

In this article, we have listed the services that you should offer to enhance the attendees’ event experience. This becomes more significant if your event is open to overseas attendees.

Requests for the visa invitation letter

Many countries have tight regulations regarding Visa. If your event has overseas visitors and you’re organizing an event in a country like the US, this becomes a major concern. You must provide them with requests for visa invitation letters during the registration process.  

Hotel recommendation

It’s always a good practice to partner with a few hotels. Hotels are usually eager to partner with events. You can recommend these hotels in the travel section on your event website. This can ease attendees’ event experience as hotels in your network are likely to offer them discounts.  

Travel guide manual

Many of your visitors may not be much aware of the local conditions. This can lead to a negative event experience. You must attach a detailed travel guide manual to help them navigate the city. A tourist scam can easily spoil their overall experience even if the quality of the event is awesome. 

Parking facilities

This is important for all the visitors, whether local or overseas, whether with the personal or hired conveyance. If you have some parking instructions to share, share them in advance. This rescues your event from the last moment ruckus. 

FAQ section

FAQ section

Be it your event app or event website, this is a must-have section for your event. This acts as an initial interface for your leads. All the points that we’ve discussed above should be included in this section. All such queries regarding travel, stay, parking or visa should be explained in detail.


Event’s success depends primarily on the attendees’ event experience which is denoted by their comfort. The negligence of the above points can negatively impact the overall event engagement. It also affects ratings, feedbacks, retention, etc. Though event-tech tools have made the events more experiential, organisers still need to include such strategic elements to make the experience smoother.


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