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Top Trending Booths In Manufacturing Industry Events

Booths: An Important Ingredient Of Event Strategy.

The B2B event industry has become a broader term now. It changes from market to market. For instance, agriculture and fashion are two different markets with different needs. Each of them demands a different strategy for event planning. 

Event profs ideally strategize to align their goals as per the niche market they are targeting. This way, their event planning gets more result-oriented. Booths are also an important ingredient of event strategy. In this article, we will be focusing on booths of manufacturing and machinery industry. Booths of this industry have shown a common trend across its sub-sectors, be it advanced manufacturing, design engineering, embedded systems or automation.  

Here are these top trending booths that are popular among event profs of manufacturing industry- 

Separate Section For Startups

The manufacturing industry believes in bringing disruptions. It is always full of new ideas and innovations which makes it an ideal breeding ground for startups. Startups are constantly in search of getting a breakthrough. They desire significant attention and events can help them with it (Silicon Valley hosts some of the most coveted events on the globe). It is mutually beneficial. Startups are rather curious to redefine technology which is an added advantage for the event. Manufacturing industry events are very quick to identify this opportunity. 

Learning Centres 

It’s a common misconception that event booths are mere profit-making shops. In reality, booths have a bigger role to play. It can act as a learning centre for its visitors. Visitors aren’t always buyers. They also visit to keep themselves updated and to enhance their knowledge. Even if they don’t buy the product, they earn experience. This may not seem to be a lucrative deal in the first place but it is fruitful in the long run.

A dedicated Section For Dealers And Suppliers

In the events of manufacturing industry, visitors are solution seekers. Event profs are getting aware of this fact. This is why events these days have a dedicated section where dealers and suppliers can provide industry solutions using their expertise. It also acts as a networking zone for those looking for suppliers. 

Product Showcasing

Product showcasing ideally makes the core of the booths. But manufacturing industry events are taking it to a newer level by encouraging exhibitors to have interactive demo sessions of groundbreaking technologies. This way, visitors can personally experience the latest developments in packaging, plastics, automation, robotics, design and processing. 

Future Prospects

Whether it’s AI apocalypse or new advances in robotics, manufacturing events are keen to address such questions which are defining the trend. This is also a good way to enhance attendee engagement. 

As a new move, events are also showcasing trends that influence careers in the manufacturing industry. This attracts manufacturing professionals across the verticals. 

The event industry is a service industry. It’s not just a market where we push products to sell them. A great event has a greater purpose. It interacts with its visitors to educate and update them. Manufacturing industry events take this practice one notch ahead where they abridge the skill gap in the industry. This purpose is evident in the ongoing trend of the booths. 

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