Things To Do For A Business Professional In Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany’s financial center, is a vibrant metropolis that perfectly blends modernity and history. The city emanates business and success with its renowned skyline, notably the famed Commerzbank Tower, dominated by skyscrapers.

The world-famous Frankfurt Stock Exchange exemplifies the city’s role as a global financial center. Aside from its financial success, Frankfurt has a thriving cultural scene, with world-class museums such as the Städel Museum displaying art from many eras.

Frankfurt captivates visitors with its dynamic energy and international ambiance, from its busy commercial districts to boisterous festivals.

Things To Do For A Business Professional In Frankfurt

The following are the best ways to explore the city while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

1. Go To Business Events and Conferences

Frankfurt is a popular destination for corporate meetings and conferences, attracting professionals from all over the world. The city is home to cutting-edge convention centers and exhibition halls, such as the Frankfurt Messe and Kap Europa, which provide first-rate facilities for large-scale events.

business events and conferences in Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s financial and economic powerhouse position makes it an attractive location for banking, finance, and technology conferences. The city’s well-developed infrastructure, including a world-class airport and fast public transit, ensures business travelers’ logistics run smoothly.

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2. Book Business-friendly Lodgings

Frankfurt has various business-friendly lodging options catering to business professionals’ demands. The city has a wide range of high-quality hotels close to important commercial districts and convention centers.

These lodgings have modern conveniences such as high-speed internet, roomy workstations, and business centers to promote productivity. Furthermore, business-friendly hotels in Frankfurt frequently include meeting and conference facilities, making them appropriate for hosting events and meetings.

3. Explore The Römerberg

Römerberg is a historical square located in the heart of Frankfurt, offering a unique experience for visitors. This iconic landmark is not only a symbol of the city’s rich history but also serves as a vibrant hub for business and cultural activities.

The square is surrounded by beautifully preserved half-timbered buildings, including the famous Römer, which houses the city’s administrative offices.

Römerberg also serves as a venue for various events, such as markets, festivals, and concerts, providing opportunities for networking and leisure amidst a historic setting.

4. Wander Around The Palmengarten

Palmengarten is spread over 22 hectares, this green oasis is home to a diverse collection of plants from around the world. Visitors can explore the various themed gardens, including tropical rainforests, Mediterranean landscapes, and exotic orchid displays, providing a peaceful retreat from the bustling city. 

Palmengarten also hosts events and exhibitions, offering opportunities for networking and inspiration. Whether strolling through the lush greenery, attending a botanical workshop, or enjoying a picnic on the lawns, Palmengarten provides a rejuvenating escape and a chance to connect with nature in the heart of Frankfurt.

5. Explore The Museumsufer

Museumsufer is home to several world-class museums, including the Städel Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts, and the German Architecture Museum. Business executives may immerse themselves in art, history, and culture through a varied selection of exhibitions and collections. 

Throughout the year, the Museumsufer offers cultural events and festivals, providing networking and cultural exchange possibilities. Exploring the Museumsufer provides the ideal intellectual stimulation and inspiration for Frankfurt’s business professionals.

6. Visit The Goethe House

Visiting Goethe House in Frankfurt’s core is a must-do activity for business executives interested in learning about the life and legacy of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of Germany’s most famous literary giants.

The House gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse oneself in literature, history, and creativity, providing inspiration and meditation amid Frankfurt’s bustling commercial environment.

7. Outing At the River Main

An outing at the riverbanks provides spectacular views of the city skyline, attractive waterfront promenades, and an unmatchable chance of spending time with business colleagues. Many riverbank cafes and restaurants offer the ideal setting for networking or casual meetings while taking in the scenery. 

Furthermore, river cruises and boat trips provide a relaxing break from business activities by presenting a unique perspective of Frankfurt’s landmarks from the water.

The River Main provides a tranquil and attractive backdrop for professionals visiting Frankfurt, increasing their overall experience.

8. Shop At Zeil Shopping Street

With its wide array of high-end fashion boutiques, department stores, and specialty shops, Zeil provides ample opportunities for professionals to indulge in retail therapy and discover the latest trends. It’s a shopping haven and a hub of cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues, making it an ideal place to unwind after a busy day of meetings. 

Whether for purchasing business attire or exploring the local culture, Zeil offers convenience, variety, and a lively atmosphere for business professionals in Frankfurt.

9. Attend a Frankfurt Opera Performance

The Frankfurt Opera, located in the city’s core, is a world-class cultural institution hosting enthralling performances for tourists. With its spectacular architecture and illustrious reputation, the opera house offers a wide range of acts, including opera, ballet, and classical music concerts.

Professionals may immerse themselves in the arts and experience the greatest creative brilliance by attending a performance at the Frankfurt Opera. 


The trip to Frankfurt is an enthralling experience that combines rich history, modernity, and a thriving commercial environment. Frankfurt has a broad assortment of attractions, from exploring the beautiful streets of Römerberg and basking in the beauty of Palmengarten to immersing oneself in the cultural delights of Museumsufer and Goethe House. 

The picturesque River Main and the bustling Zeil commercial district enhance the city’s appeal. Business workers can also enjoy world-class performances at the Frankfurt Opera, enhancing their visit with a touch of art and culture.

Frankfurt delivers a memorable and well-rounded trip for professionals seeking a balance of work and exploration with its vibrant blend of business, culture, and leisure.

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