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Quick post-event hacks for monetization of virtual events

Monetization of virtual events: Post-event Hacks

We have already discussed various ways of monetization of virtual events prior to and during the virtual event. However, the opportunity doesn’t stop as the event gets over. There’s still enough potential for your sponsors in the post-event processes.

In this article, we’ll cover all such post-event elements where you can create space for your sponsors to derive returns for yourself-

Ways to Monetize your virtual event?

Logo in the Feedback email

  • Successful event planners understand the importance of feedback mail and how important they’re in retaining attendees in the long run.
  • Since attendees have already attended your event, they’re familiar with your communications on mails. Thus, you can utilize this familiarity by providing a space to sponsor logo. For the sponsor, it enhances the recall value of their brand. For you, it’s another way to monetize your event.

Organize and monetize virtual event

Logo in the event report

  • The event report is like a press release of your event covering all the important highlights. It is not just a record-keeping process but a quality content material to be used for marketing purposes.
  • As you go on to prepare event reports, do mention your sponsors amid event highlights. You can also insert the sponsor logo in the same.

Video Ad/Logo in Event Recordings

A virtual space to manage your community

  • You’ve already seen the effectiveness of giveaways during in-person events. They act not just as a memento for goodwill but to establish brand loyalty. Sponsored giveaways have been in trend for long now and they help you & the sponsors get some real value.
  • You can translate the same strategy into virtual events as well. You can send a post-event thank you kit to all attendees with brochure/samples/coupons/offers from the sponsors & exhibitors. While other techniques that we discussed help sponsors find a place in attendees’ memory, this method allows them to reach out to attendees’ practical needs.

Now that we’ve covered all the monetization techniques in detail, one thing is clear- you need the right virtual ecosystem to make it all work. You need the right solution that lets you track all the touchpoints so that you create a data-driven tendency to attract sponsorship. As industry experts are showing more and more confidence in virtual events, we will find more potential to get explored. As an event planner, you must be ready to embrace these changes. The earlier you start, the farther you’ll go!  You can connect with our event experts for latest virtual event practices.

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