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The recent stir created by Meetup and its impact on the event industry in 2019. Here is what we learned!

Meetup certainly created a major social media roar and finally issued a clarification on the recent pricing change on their platform but will that be enough? While we have all the speculation from around the industry the question remains is how will this impact the users.

When the event industry is discussing the news of Meetup’s pricing changes and so many other event discovery platforms are in the race of providing an “alternative” to Meetup, we as a leading industry brand have a message for all event organizers. 

“ Your community and network is the most important thing for your brand value” 

10times.com respects the spirit of business and we are not here to question the business model of our competitor. We started with the vision of “connecting opportunities” and today we are a community of millions of event-goers who have faith in us. Our sole aim is to provide a platform that takes care of the needs of both organizers and visitors. We have been successfully doing it to date and we will keep doing it. 

So we are here to tell you how our idea of events looks like-

Imagine hundreds of people in one room with one intention and idea experiencing a larger than life event. Connecting and changing the face of how business works that’s what looks like a successful event and it’s made of the people who are there to make it a success. 

10times creates these experiences with our organizers, with a network that spans across 180+ countries, we provide networking opportunities to more than 45 million business professionals. The aim is to help them find the right event free of cost.

Why attendees make the core of any event?

Event organizers understand this better than anyone. From sponsors to ROE (return of the event), the entire success of the event depends on the footfall i.e., the attendees. And attendees rely on event discovery platform in their search for the right event. It is on such a platform where events are listed so that the publicly available event information can be made accessible to those who need it.

What attendees are looking for in a perfect event discovery platform?

Event-Goers seek a platform which is-

  • Free of cost- Event-goers seek a platform that’s free. For them, search for the event is like any other thing. Imagine if Google starts charging for every single information that you get on it?
  • Organized-  Good interface is a pre-requisite for any website. In the case of event discovery platform, It needs to be well categorized based on the region and the industry of the event so that users can easily interact with it. Search filters allow seamless navigation towards the right event.
  • Smart – A platform that is smart to recommend the events matching with the need of an event-goer. The accuracy of this model depends on how smart the platform is. Moreover, On the basis of actions taken by a visitor (interested or going), visitors expect to get notified about the event so that they don’t miss the right networking opportunity.
  • Global- In this era when the world is flat, event-goers seek opportunities beyond boundary lines. 

How do these insights are helpful for an event organizer? 

Simply because it will help them find the right event listing platform for their event community. A platform which can enhance the visibility of their event and these three features play a significant role in the same- 

  • The span of the platform where it’s listed
  • The relevance of the visitor traffic
  • Ease of access to the platform

10times is a well-organized global event discovery platform, attracting huge B2B traffic and is free for those seeking the right event. Because of all these reasons, it’s a place where events can get much-needed visibility. 

Moreover, we are a GDPR compliant platform where users’ data remains in safe and secure hands.

Community and networking being the core essence of any event it’s imperative for discovery platforms to make sure attendees have the option to explore and grow their business, skills, and network easily via attending these events. We at 10times value this need and this article shares how events are eventually about the event-goers who seek networking opportunities.  

In these times when events are scattered across the calendar, globe, and industries, we as a company are trying to ease the search for the right event, keeping it simple yet effective.

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