How To Enrich Your Event Listing?

Enrich Your Event Listing For Better Reach And Visibility

Event listing platforms are the most reliable places where event-goers find relevant events of their choice. Event organisers understand this trend and hence, they prefer to list their events on global event listing platforms (Haven’t listed your event yet?). This helps them in enhancing the visibility and the reach of the event. The real purpose of listing the event is achieved only when the event listing page is well informative. Thus, it is a must to enrich your event listing for better reach and visibility. 

In this article, we will discuss various ways in which you can enrich your event profile to enhance its overall strength. 

Event listing is managed from a backend dashboard. Event profile consists of various segments such as exhibitors, venue, agenda etc. With the help of the dashboard, the event planner can easily manage all such components in real-time.  

Various Elements Of Content

There are numerous parameters of the content section which collectively contribute to the overall event strength. One needs to focus on all these sub-sections for significant profile strength.

Content management

Event Overview

This section provides all the basic information regarding the event. Starting from the event type to event punchline, description, date, venue and industry, it contains all such details one needs as a basic introduction of the event. 

add event, event overview

Here are some pointers you should keep in mind while filling up the details- 

  • While writing the short form of the event, use the abbreviated form of the event along with the venue city (If it’s fixed). Eg IITF Delhi 
  • Your event punchline should describe not the event but what it offers. E.g., Promoting Indian Brands Globally 
  • Avoid adding your contact number and website link in the event description. 
  • Add up to 5 major offerings of your event as event highlights. 
  • Add up to 10 products/ services your event offers 
  • Add sub venue in the Venue section to make it easy for the visitor to trace the right location. 

Agenda and Schedule

This segment helps you denote various sessions of the event. These days, it’s not possible for many attendees to attend the events for the whole duration. Thus, they prefer to prioritise specific session based on their goal and attend it accordingly. One should keep the attendee persona in mind while drafting this section. 

agenda and schedule


Tickets and Prices

It’s needless to say that any potential visitor looks for this piece of information while making the decision regarding event attendance. Not only visitors but even exhibitors look for price quotations of the booth. Many exhibitors prefer to request booth online via event listing platforms. Thus it’s a good practice to dedicate a segment for quoting booth details (area and related price) 

tickets and prices


Events evolve over the editions. Most of the veteran events of the industry make smart use of this section to make their event listing more impactful. Attendees often look for this information and the edition of the event affects its credibility. 



One should keep in mind that editions

  • Should not be expressed in words (second, third, fourth)
  • Should not be expressed as a cardinal number (2,3,4 etc) 

It’s always a good practice to express the edition in the ordinal form ( eg, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

Photos and Documents

This section allows you to share the glimpse from the previous editions in order to utilise them as a marketing resource. Photos and videos are more eye-catching. Potential Attendees frame their expectations of the event based on these photos and videos.

photos and documents


Platform Presence

These days, events are listed across multiple platforms. The dashboard is one point from where the organiser can manage event app, website and the event listing, all in one go! It becomes important to place banner, logo, icon, background image in sizes which are compatible across different platforms. Organisers can take the help of size recommendation for the same. 

Platform Pressure







Floor Plan

Onsite Event navigation is an important element of the visitors’ overall event experience. The floor plan helps you in smoothly guiding the attendees through the event. Floor Plan also acts as a reference for exhibitors who wish to request for a booth. To make this section more experiential, event technology solutions provide dynamic floor plans along with the static ones.

Floor Plan



Exhibitors play a decisive role in the event’s success and feedback. 43 % of trade show visitors enquire about exhibitor directories/lists. Thus Organisers can use this section of content management to make their event listing more intent-driven and informative for the potential audience. 




28% of visitors prefer to attend the event if their favourite speakers are also coming. Speakers can play a significant role in the branding of the event. Organisers can use the speaker section of CMS to enrich the listing in order to captivate the potential attendees. 


Social Feeds

Social Feeds, when displayed on the event listing, help in creating the buzz for the event. Management of Review, Ratings, Feedbacks and Testimonials also enhances overall event promotion.


Your event sponsors seek promotions and event listing platform is one good place to fulfil their needs. In the sponsor section of CMS, you can easily list your sponsors. It not only helps your audience but also gives a perception to them that your event is credible.







Listing the events on event discovery platforms is pretty common these days. Most of the event organisers do so. However, the listing of an event is just the basic step towards a successful event promotion campaign. Organisers need to enrich their event listing so that it becomes marketable. These days, the leading event planners are ready to walk an extra mile for event success. Smart Event Marketing Solutions are helping them in their endeavour. 

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