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How To Enrich Your Event Listing For Better Reach And Visibility?

Event listing websites offer a valuable platform to promote your event effectively. By leveraging their established website traffic, you can increase the visibility of your event and enhance its credibility.

However, amidst the multitude of events showcased on these platforms, it is crucial to make your event listing stand out and captivate the attention of casual browsers.

Crafting an exceptional listing necessitates promptly conveying vital information to visitors while compellingly selling the merits of your event. A well-crafted event listing ensures potential attendees can easily find and access information about your event. 

By showcasing the unique and compelling aspects of your event, you pique the interest of potential attendees, enticing them to explore further. From event dates, timings, and location to featured speakers or performers, including comprehensive information instills confidence in potential attendees and bolsters their interest.

In this blog, we will explore strategies for crafting a remarkable event listing that will significantly enhance attendance for your upcoming event. Whether you’re organizing a small branded event, a vibrant festival or concert, or even an engaging online gathering, these tips are designed to help you attract more attention and achieve your attendance goals.

What Is Event Listing?

Event listing platforms serve as the primary destinations for individuals seeking events that align with their interests. Recognizing this prevailing trend, event organizers have embraced the practice of showcasing their events on prominent global listing platforms. 

By doing so, they effectively augment the event’s visibility and extend its reach to a broader audience. However, it is essential to realize that the true objective of listing an event is only accomplished when the event listing page is informative and compelling.

Consequently, enriching your event listing with comprehensive details is imperative to optimize its reach and visibility.

How To Enrich Your Event Listing?

Enhancing your listing is vital to maximize its effectiveness and attract a wider audience. Here are ten key strategies to create a compelling event listing:

1. Utilize A Captivating Header Image

Make a strong first impression by incorporating an eye-catching image that aligns with the platform’s dimensions. Avoid distortion or omitting crucial information by tailoring images to specific event listing platforms.

2. Include Additional Visuals

Beyond the header image, supplement your listing with additional photos and videos showcasing the event’s benefits and excitement.

3. Craft A Descriptive Title

Grab the audience’s attention with a concise, descriptive title that immediately conveys the essence of your event. If the event lacks instant recognition, opt for clear language that swiftly communicates the nature of the event instead of obscure references or unfamiliar event names.

4. Offer A Detailed Event Description

Utilize the platform’s larger space to provide comprehensive event information. Include essential details such as the date, time, location, inclusions, ticket price, ticket purchasing link, cancellation/refund policy, age restrictions, allowed items, parking instructions, transportation options, and a FAQ section.

5. Share Contact Information

Despite including thorough event details, potential attendees may still have questions. Ensure your contact information is readily available so interested individuals can easily reach out with inquiries or comments.

6. Utilize Call-to-actions

Use persuasive marketing language to treat your listing as a promotional tool. Showcase the benefits of attending and incorporate clear call-to-actions that urge people to purchase tickets or register.

7. Select Appropriate Categories Or Tags

Choose relevant categories or tags from event platforms. This ensures your listing appears in front of interested audiences searching for events within those categories, avoiding unnecessary exposure to uninterested parties.By implementing these strategies, you can enrich your event listing, effectively promote your event, and attract a larger audience.

Enrich Your Event Listing On 10times

10times is the world’s largest event discovery and networking platform. It offers a comprehensive backend dashboard for managing event listings. The listing profile encompasses multiple segments, including exhibitors, venue details, agenda, and more. 

The user-friendly dashboard empowers event planners to handle all these components in real-time, ensuring seamless management and optimal control over their listing.

When it comes to enriching your event listing on 10times, the world’s largest event discovery and networking platform, various elements of content contribute to your profile’s overall strength.

Content management

By focusing on these sub-sections, you can create a compelling and informative event listing:

1. Event Overview

Provide basic information about your event, including the event name, organizer name, date, industry, and frequency. By including these key pieces of information in a concise paragraph, you ensure that potential attendees have a clear understanding of what the event is about, who is organizing it, when it will take place, the industry it pertains to, and how often it occurs.

2. Agenda and Schedule

Designate sessions or segments of your event to help attendees prioritize their attendance based on their goals. Tailor this section to cater to the needs of your target audience.

3. Tickets and Prices

Clearly display ticket information for potential attendees and exhibitors. Consider including booth details (such as area and related prices) to accommodate exhibitor requests through the event listing platform.

4. Edition

Highlight the evolution of your event over previous editions, as attendees often consider the credibility of an event based on its history. Express editions in ordinal form (e.g., 2nd, 3rd, 4th) rather than using words or cardinal numbers.

It is important to remember the following guidelines regarding expressing editions:

  • Avoid using words to express editions (e.g., second, third, fourth).
  • Avoid using cardinal numbers (e.g., 2, 3, 4) to express editions.
  • It is always recommended to express the edition in the ordinal form (e.g., 2nd, 3rd, 4th).

5. Photos and Documents

Share captivating photos and videos from previous editions to showcase the event’s atmosphere and build attendees expectations.

6. Exhibitors 

Create an intent-driven and informative exhibitor directory/listing to satisfy attendees’ curiosity and facilitate their engagement. Emphasize the importance of exhibitors in the success and feedback of your event.

7. Speakers

Leverage the speaker section to enhance the event’s branding and attract potential attendees. Highlight notable speakers and their contributions to captivate the audience.

8. Sponsors

Event sponsors are often in search of effective promotion platforms, and an event listing platform serves as an ideal solution to meet their requirements.

Within the CMS (Content Management System), you can conveniently list your sponsors in the designated sponsor section. This not only benefits your audience but also enhances the credibility of your event in their perception.


Event listing is a fundamental step in promoting your event, but enriching the listing is crucial for effective marketing. Embrace smart event marketing solutions and go the extra mile to ensure the success of your event. With the help of the 10times platform, you can create a marketable event listing and maximize its potential.

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