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How to get the best out of your QnA sessions during virtual events?

How to plan successful QnA sessions during virtual events?

Event engagement is the most important aspect of any event. Whether it’s a conference or a tradeshow, the key lies in enriching attendees’ experience. Event planners focus on keeping the conversation two-way to provide the real value to the attendees. We are aware of QnA sessions and how they have enhanced physical event experience. Such QnA sessions during virtual events are equally effective.

In the present scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, event planners are switching to virtual event options. It’s high time to redefine QnA sessions according to the virtual event ecosystem. Here are some factors you should keep in mind to get the best out of your QnA sessions during virtual events-

Time duration- 

  • The duration of physical events can’t be translated directly into virtual events. Similarly, it’s also important to change the duration of QnA sessions as per virtual events.
  • It will depend on various factors such as the agenda of the event, the attendee persona and the other sessions that are there in the event.
  • You can have intermittent QnA sessions throughout the event or it can be a single session.
  • In case the time is over and many attendees are yet to ask questions, you should provide them with a post-event channel for the same. You can resolve those queries later or simply post a blog article if many attendees have a common question. You may also utilize it as an attendee-retention strategy for further editions.

Channel of communication-

  • Like physical event events, you can have different channels of communication during virtual QnA sessions also.
  • You may ask your attendees to raise the questions on social media channels or on the event app. Make sure that you inform it in advance.
  • It is advisable that you use the virtual event tool itself for the QnA session. This is to avoid any kind of confusion. Also, it will make the process smooth for both your speakers and your attendees.

Mode of interaction-

  • Many attendees are not comfortable in posting their questions publicly.
  • Make sure your virtual event solution provides an option where attendees may put out questions in the private space.

Be ready with your home-work-

  • Most of the questions from the participants are going to be expected ones. Make a list of all such frequently asked questions (FAQs) in advance and share it with your experts. Try to inculcate the branding of the event/sponsors/advertisers in the content of FAQ answers.
  • You may also launch an added channel prior to the event where attendees can put their questions. You can use these questions as insights for your event content.

Back-Stage activity during QnA session-

  • Event customized virtual event solutions provide you with an option of Backstage mode. This is your virtual private space for coordination away from the live show.
  • You can make good use of the backstage mode to provide a space to the speakers where they may discuss any particular question. This is an added advantage with virtual events.
  • In case you have organized a poll, you can use backstage mode for the discussion of the result of the poll. This will help in curating further content of the event based on the poll results.

A good QnA session has the potential to keep the audience engaged and informed. It makes the event more promising for the sponsors and the speakers feel valued in case it’s a conference. A lot depends on your virtual meeting tool and how customized it is for the event industry practices. The bottom line is- If you want to see the magic of in-person events into your virtual ecosystem, bring your A-game with a strategic QnA session!

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