How Event App Helps In Successful Event Planning
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How to use Event Apps For Successful Event Planning

Event Apps For Successful Event Planning

Our dynamic event industry is more crafty than ever. Trends have changed and the focus has shifted to technology. Event App is one such trending technology! It is being widely used for successful event planning. 

The event app, as the name suggests, guides an attendee through the entire cycle of the event.  Be it the registration or the feedback, an event organiser can use it to personalise attendees’ event experience. 

How can you use an event app for your event?

Engage your attendees

The success of your conference depends largely on your attendees. But the life of your attendees is already eventful, so many distractions are striving hard to fetch their attention. As an organizer, it’s hard for you to engage them solely in the name of the event (unless your event is so alien that it exhibits UFOs !). You need something more engaging and an event app does that task. Quizzes, games, gift vouchers, referrals, it’s your call to choose whatever it takes to create the buzz! 

Breed your brand APPeal

Apps can help you breed your brand name. It’s advisable to look for an app that offers you personalisation, as it leaves a better impression on your attendees. A catchy event name, a relatable tagline and it takes a few editions for your event to gain its own brand identity. We have many such examples, Apple’s WWDC and Facebook’s F8 to name a few.  

Last-minute changes

Last minute changes, though small, can be big enough to spoil attendees’ experience. Your event app is your saviour for such changes. It helps you keep your attendees updated. This gives them the impression that they matter. A humble notification is the best apology at times. In case of some unavoidable emergency situations, you might need it on the event’s eve! 

Easing the experience

It’s great if your event is grand with so much to offer to the attendees. But it’s hardly of any use if you don’t make the event more accessible and easy to experience. From event registration to generation of badges/ QR codes/ Barcodes, the smoother you make it for your visitors, the better it would be. With a user interface that’s simplistic and experiential, you can make the event cycle handy. To achieve all this without much burden on the pocket, you can equip your event with the event app. 

The event app is not just a static noticeboard these days, it’s as interactive as a classroom: handy, helpful and humanly! 

Building connections, creating a community

Event networking is like creating a web. It’s like creating a like-minded community oriented towards a definite goal. 

The mathematics of event networking is simple-

“One lead plus another lead gives two converted leads”

But it’s easier said than done. The major challenge is how to initiate this community. These days when people rely on smartphones for all their needs, event apps are best tools to establish an event community. 

An event community comes up with its own advantages. It’s like a personal social media platform for the event. Active members of this community are more likely to turn up at the event. If an event is a brand, an event community is equivalent to brand loyalty. Stronger it is, better the event will be!  

Your event app should be so good that attendees don’t feel like deleting it even after a bad event experience, it’s no joke !”

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