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Best 10 Event Invitation Email Templates

Event invitation emails play an essential role while promoting an event; they can make or break it. A significant challenge for event planners, especially those new to the field, is understanding how people react to your invitation.

The most common reason events fail is the inability to engage an audience from the beginning. This can be caused by poorly written email invitations and event emails.

You need a strategic email marketing plan to attract the right people and bring them to your event. Event invitation emails must persuade people that your event is worth attending.

What is an event invitation email?

If you are hosting an industry conference or a professional networking event, you will send an event invitation email to potential attendees. Whether your contacts are professionals you have never met before or ones you already know within your field, you can send cold emails to connect.

What makes a good event invitation email?

Your event email invitation can be customized in terms of visuals and messages, but it follows a basic framework. This includes the following elements:

Subject line

No matter how often you’ve heard this, a catchy subject line is still one of the essential things in email marketing. Besides making the subject line “concise and clear”, another rule to follow is adding some punch. You need to be original to capture their attention, which is definitely an attention-grabber.

Focal point

The “wow” element should be the core of your email invitation. Whatever the focal point, ensure it resonates with your email branding and value proposition. For instance, if you’re designing a holiday festival invitation, you should use a colourful visual.

Event details

Suppose you receive an event invitation. A catchy focal point has caught your attention, and you decide to explore it further. What next? Your goal is to discover what, when, and where the event will occur. It would be best if you designed your email invitation so that it is easy for people to identify basic details like the theme, Date, and Location at a glance.

Call to action (CTA)

CTAs are essential to an event invitation email. The key to encouraging registrations is to create an enticing, vivid call to action. Many people make the mistake of making the “Register here” CTA just one among many. 

The link between an event invitation and additional resources might appear to create value, but in reality, it might diminish the value. Multiple call-to-actions can distract recipients from the main action they need to take: signing up.

Brand/company identification

A prospective attendee must know who stands behind the event. To clarify, showcase the company’s logo and Name. As social proof, you may also want to include the names or logos of well-known sponsors.

Event Announcement Subject Lines

The subject line is where you introduce your event to your potential guests. It’s your first chance to grab their attention and ensure they open your email. Include details such as the Date and Location of your event in your subject line to pique your reader’s interest.

A few examples of email subject lines for event announcements are listed below:

  • The [Event Name] is happening on [Event Date] at [Event Location]!
  • Join us!! An exciting event at [Event Location]
  • Mark your calendar for [Event Name]!
  • Here’s your chance to learn about [Event Name] first!
  • Don’t miss [Event Name]! Reserve your place today!

Top 10 Event Invitation Email Templates

Adherence to the skeleton is vital when it comes to event invitation structures. The next step is to add targeted content and enticing design to these critical structural elements. The following are the top 10 event invitation email templates that will help you write emails that will engage your recipients.

Conference Invitation Email Template

Conferences are frequent in the business world. You must clearly state when and what topics will be covered during the conference.

Include the names of high-profile speakers in your invitation emails to help people purchase tickets for your event if you have them presenting or on your panels.

The companies in attendance should be featured as sponsors and any relevant educational sessions they will offer. Since attendees typically come from a specific industry, you can be a little more niche here. 

Here’s a template to get you started:


The annual [Insert conference name and type] of [Company name] is just around the corner. The event this year is bigger and better than ever, with [Number] guests confirmed, [Number] speakers, and [Number] networking events. 

Featuring presentations from:

[Speaker #1]

[Speaker #2]

And [Speaker #3]

Additionally, there will be activities and events hosted after-hours by:

[Sponsor #1]

[Sponsor #2]

And [Sponsor #3]

We can’t wait to see you at [Name of conference]! 

[Price] begins at [Price] and will go up at [Date].

[Insert CTA]

Trade Show Invitation Email Template

When describing trade shows, it is essential to provide in-depth information about the event. It’s a vast undertaking to send your team to a trade show. To make your Time and money count, you need to generate buzz that will drive people to your booth before you arrive.

The template below clearly describes the show’s purpose and the benefits attendees will receive.

Hi [NAME],

It’s Time for the [EVENT], and [COMPANY] will be there again! We’ll be at booth [NUMBER/LOCATION] this year.

This year we’re featuring:

[EXAMPLE] We will showcase a new product throughout the show, with live demonstrations. You won’t want to miss this one if you’re looking for [KEY BENEFIT].

[EXAMPLE] The booth team is ready to answer any questions you may have.

[EXAMPLE] Get a chance to win in our game, raffle, and giveaway!

We’d love to see you again, so please stop by and let us know what [THEIR COMPANY] has been up to!


Business Event Invitation Email

A business event invitation email serves as a first-glance description of the event, including the Date, Location, theme, and RSVP information.

There is more to a business invitation email than providing details about the event. An attractive design and structure are needed to make it a catchy email. 

Please look at the template below, and consider using it for your business invitations.

Dear [Name of your participant],

You are invited to participate in the [event’s Name] seminar that will be held on [Date of the event] and begin at [Time of the event]. The seminar will take place at [insert venue].

We will discuss several topics during this event,

[Insert topic]

[Insert topic]

[Insert topic]

I would greatly appreciate your participation in this event.


{{Company Name}}

Team Building Invitation Email Template

The team building email must clearly describe the event. What type of event is it? Is it professional, fun, or skill-sharpening? The employees must know what they will do in the afternoon or evening.

Utilize your brand’s colours, fonts, images, visuals, messages, and values in your team-building invitation emails. Additionally, it prepares employees for team-building activities related to culture.

The one below is an excellent example of an email template inviting employees to open up.

Hi [Name],

The team-building day at [Company name] is just around the corner. We’ve been planning this event for quite some time, and now we need one thing – you! 

During the next [Time], we invite you to take part in some fun activities with your colleagues at [Company name], such as:

[Activity #1]

[Activity #2]

[Activity #3]

For [Activity #1], [Activity #2], and [Activity #3], you may dress casually or wear your [Company name] swag.

Let’s make it a great time!

[Insert CTA]

Training Invitation Email Template

The challenge of organizing a mandatory training session is to spark learners’ interest. An email announcement of training can be helpful. Aside from the necessary information, you can also discuss the importance of the training, what it entails, and how employees will benefit from it. 

With intricate details, the following email template exemplifies excitement.

Dear [employee name],

It’s our pleasure to invite you to [name of course] on [date], from [start time] to [end time]. Don’t forget to mark the date on your calendar. Training will be held at [Location].

This training is designed to [XYZ]. You will be able to [skills/knowledge achieved] after completing the course. 

This training is essential for all of us. By doing so, you can contribute to a safer, more ethical, more compliant, and safer work environment. 

I would be happy to make any necessary adjustments or special requirements for you. 

Your commitment to [XYZ] is greatly appreciated.

It will be a pleasure to see you there.

[name] [email signature]

Webinar Invitation Email Template

Email invitations to webinars must entice people to attend. Start with a captivating image related to the topic and boldly state the event’s Date, Time, and topic. Make your webinar invitation email stand out by highlighting the interest.

You can use this email invitation template to remind your audience about upcoming webinars:

Give attendees an idea of what they will learn and how to apply it. Ensure the speaker’s information and social media handles are included in the description.

Hey [Name],

There is just one week until the webinar on [insert presentation topic].

[Insert date and Time]

In case you are still uncertain whether to attend, think about these [insert number] reasons:

[Key learning #1]

[Key learning #2]

[Key learning #3]

[Key learning #4]

Can we look to seeing you there?

[Insert CTA]

Networking Invitation Email

The Number of networking events is growing, so what makes yours stand out? In your networking event invitation, you should emphasize that.

Consider these factors: What type of people will attend your networking event? Is it a multi-industry event, or does it focus on one industry or area of expertise? What is the Location of your event?

It isn’t enough to offer networking opportunities to entice potential attendees: You need to make them want to RSVP with fun extras.

This template can be used to create a networking or business dinner invitation to bring industry professionals together.

Dear {{Contact Name}},

Interested in expanding your network? ‘[[Industry/Field]] professionals will be gathered at [[Location]] to enjoy cocktails and build relationships.

Join our [[Company Name]] [[Profession]] team [[Time]] on [[Date]] if you are looking for a new job or want to create new partnerships.

[CTA BUTTON]: Register Today


{{Company Name}}

Team Outing Invitation Email

The purpose of team outings is intrinsically to get employees out of the office and out of the office environment. You can use this opportunity to demonstrate the interesting offsite venue you have chosen for the event. 

The graphic design of your email template can convey much of this information, but you should also convey your excitement about the event location and activities in the email body. 

It’s important to set a clear tone with your invitation for a team-building event. Below is an example of an office team building invitation email that shows excellent use of design and copy:

Dear Team Members,

We are delighted to announce that we are hosting a Team Building Meeting for all staff members on {Date} at {Location} from {Time}.

As part of this event, all team members will be asked to share their experiences as team members. Additionally, they can share information or suggestions that will help them deliver the performance they want. Additionally, there will be a few team-building indoor games and a lunch sponsored by the company. 

It would be great to see you at this team-building event, which is being organized to help each of us grow as individuals.


Workshop Invitation Email

A successful workshop invitation relies on convincing your potential attendees that your event is the must-attend professional development event of the year. With compelling imagery and font selections, the reader is enticed to learn more, and phrases like “biggest and most awaited training workshop in the University” and “new talks and seminars” seal the deal.

This is what a workshop invitation email sample might look like:

Dear {name},

Thousands of people have already benefited from Exclusive insights from five seasoned industry leaders during [Event name, with website link]. 

We’re to help you evolve and accelerate your business. During this one-day workshop, top experts such as [highlight name, position] and [highlight name, position] will show you how to develop a strong strategy that will help you reach your business goals. 

Where: [Venue Details]

When: [Date]

Time: [When]

To view the full line-up of speakers and register tickets, visit [event website]

[Buy Tickets]

Product Launch Invitation Email

Introducing a new product to the world can be a thrilling (and terrifying) experience for any company. There is a lot of work involved in launching a product with an audience. 

Whether you’re inviting people in person or via a live webcast, you want to generate hype in your invitation emails. 

If you want attendees to attend webinars and exclusive sales, you need to be upfront with them, but if you want them to attend product launches, you need to be mysterious. A launch is all about making a big, splashy announcement. You can almost never do this when your event invitations leak to the news. 

Hi [Name],

Here’s a product launch announcement email invitation template to get you started:

Has the news reached you yet? [Name of company] is working on something big. 

There will be a launch of [Insert new product or service name] at [Location] on [Date and Time].

Become an expert on [Insert new product or service], and gain exclusive access to [Benefit of attending]. 

Don’t miss out! Join now! 



The first step in attracting and impressing viewers is to create an Email Invitation for your event. 

In the same way that packaging represents what is inside the box, your email invitation contains information that people can use to determine if they wish to attend your event. We hope that you understand better how to compel people to convert from the event invitation templates we selected for this blog post.

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