event organizers should offer professional networking at events
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Top 5 reasons event organizers should offer professional networking at events

Why event organizers should offer professional networking at events?

In this era when people have shifted to the virtual world, the event industry is still thriving. Ever wondered why? The answer to this is obvious yet usually ignored. It’s because of “Networking” that events still matter, thanks to the classical face-to-face networking which hasn’t lost its sheen. 

The perks of networking are often ignored by the organizers. If you are an event organizer, these are the top 5 reasons why you should offer professional networking at events- 

B2B collaborations

Whenever your company hosts any event of your specific industry, it allows a confluence of various brands at one place. Many of these brands are likely to cater to the same audience that your company does. Effective professional networking allows your company to look for newer collaborations. For example- If your company deals in travel & tourism, you can always watch out for hospitality brands in order to collaborate. 

Enhance your event’s recall value 

Your event can become a breeding ground for many such connections that later turn out into successful business deals.  In case that happens, it gives your event an unmatchable recall value. Your attendee retention rate depends on such B2B matchmakings. Even normal event visitors are more likely to attend your event in upcoming editions once they become a part of your business network. 

Create an ecosystem


Modern businesses are about creating an ecosystem. Whether you think of giants like Google or the event that you’re organising, creating an ecosystem is what makes you stand apart. Such an ecosystem doesn’t appear overnight, it takes strategic networking to bring it into reality. Networking must aim to add some value to those who are a part of it. Once achieved, it has its own returns.   

Become an influencer


When the footfall of your event has a bigger count, attendees count on you and so do brands. This sets you apart from the crowd of organisers and you become an influencer.

Any brand would love to put this influence in its favour, allowing you to monetise your influence.   

Generate new revenue streams

As already mentioned, there are always opportunities to monetise your event. All you need is to identify such opportunities. In case you can turn your event into a networking event, it becomes a promotional platform. And it goes without saying, “If you can show it, you can sell it!”

Organisers need to realise that professional networking is vital for events simply because if used significantly, it can breed branding, create connections and boost revenues. 

“An event is as good as the networking it offers.

Event attendees are intent-driven and hence, more inclined towards the events that fulfil their networking needs. Moreover, this networking is useful not just for those who attend the event, it is also translated into the event’s success in the long run. Thus it becomes necessary for the event organisers to rethink about their event-networking capacity to make it more effective!


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