Best Giveaway Ideas For Tradeshows And Conferences In 2020 

Trending Giveaway Ideas For Tradeshows and Conferences

Tradeshows and conferences are different in nature. A tradeshow is a platform for product showcase for various brands, wherein attendees get a chance to explore new product offerings. On the other hand, a conference is about the exchange of information. But Giveaways ideas for tradeshows and conferences are related in the way that giveaways are a form of promotional tool in both the cases. 

The role of Giveaways is also different in both 

  • In Trade Shows, Giveaways are promotional products given by companies from their respective trade show booths in order to enhance brand awareness. 
  • In the case of conferences, giveaways are a useful tool for the organisers to enhance the recall value of the conference. 

Enrich Event Experience with best giveaways 

From intent-driven experiential marketing to best event management software, we keep looking for various hacks to identify the full potential of the event. In the end, our main aim is to enrich event experience whether we choose event technology or event management strategy or a mix of both. We have discussed how social media can be used to enrich event experience. We have also covered event management software in detail. In this article, we will throw some light on the best giveaways for the tradeshows and conferences. As experiential marketing agencies are more focused on event technology, event planning around giveaways is being neglected. Giveaways appear to be very basic elements of events and the reality is, they are basic. But their smart use can help you enrich event experience, here’s how- 

Onsite Event Engagement 

Whether we talk of trade shows, conferences or exhibitions, most of the business events are networking events, where attendees expect healthy engagement and great networking. Giveaways make this event engagement smoother. 

Giveaways Are Freebies For long-term Profits 

Giveaways are freebies that you offer to thrill your attendees. Everybody loves free stuff and there’s nothing unique about it. The real question is- What kinds of freebies are actually worth investing in before heading to a trade show or conference?

Exhibitors make the best use of giveaways at tradeshows and exhibitions to attract the attendees at their booth. Event organisers can also use a similar technique in corporate events or conferences. It all sums down to one thing- Giveaways are freebies for profits. It’s an investment that you make to enhance the engagement rate of your event. At the same time, as your event becomes more memorable, there is an improvement in the rate of retention for future editions. 

Amidst the chaos of busy conferences, a branded freebie is a soft way of making genuine connections with the attendees. 

Giveaways for Event Marketing

Event technology is the first thing event marketers and event planners refer to when it comes to event marketing. But as far as traditional marketing is concerned, Event Giveaways are still the most impactful means to market your business. Moreover, they help you stand out as a leader. 

How to use Giveaways for Event Marketing

Branded Merchandise

Giveaways are an opportunity to strengthen your brand identity. You can easily make everyone aware of your brand via giveaways just if you use your brand pillars in them. From logos to the tagline, from your brand colour to your brand value, there’s so much that you can deliver along with giveaways. Moreover, if these gifts are daily-use objects for the attendees, there’s a high chance that the recall value of your event brand will get enhanced. 

Giveaways are promotional products

Instead of being a liability for event organisers, giveaways are like promotional products. Just like we invest in other marketing channels, this process also needs initial investment. Experiential marketing starts with the basic idea of how to evoke the emotions of the consumer and how to channelise those emotions into brand loyalty. 

Ideas For Unique  Giveaways 

As giveaways are common among event activities, it is important to identify those differentiators that make you stand apart with giveaways. Selection of promotional giveaways and corporate gifts needs a unique approach to make an impact. Here are a few quick pointers to get your perfect event giveaway- 

Eco-Friendly giveaways

In recent times, the focus is largely shifting to green events and eco-friendly approach of sustainability. This is particularly because events had a bad reputation of being tough on the environment. In such a case, eco-friendly giveaways will give a feel that your event is socially and ecologically responsible and that your company cares about the environment. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for environmentally friendly marketing. Eco-friendly giveaways can be made of bamboo or recycled/recyclable/biodegradable/non-toxic materials. The aim is to remain eco-friendly. You can also attach some green messages (to add extra spice). Here are some quick suggestions for your next eco-friendly giveaway- 

  • Eco-Friendly bags 

  • Eco meeting notebooks with 100% recyclable paper

  • Organic Cotton Tote 

  • Bamboo Cups

Branding through customised Giveaways

You can customise the giveaways as per the nature of your event and your target audience. The giveaway should be- 

  • In line with the event’s theme

  • Reusable and long-lasting 

Both of the above factors will lead you towards a more experiential event marketing. It helps you keep your giveaways in sync with the agenda of the event, making your event planning more brand-driven. Also when your giveaways are reusable, they create a long-lasting impact on the minds of the attendees. Thus Giveaways, if used judiciously, strengthen the branding of your event by making it more experiential for attendees. 

Key Takeaways for Giveaways

  • Use them as an opportunity to enhance brand awareness

  • It should be a daily-use product to make a long-lasting impact

  • It is an add-on if you keep it eco-friendly 

  • And last but not least, plan it according to your budget and timeline and consider it as an investment for future profits. 

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