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Trade Show Marketing: Here Are Seven Tips You Can Use

If you are organizing a trade show, it is vital to prepare a trade show marketing plan and have a trade show marketing plan template beforehand. Trade shows can greatly impact the attendees and businesses participating. A well-promoted trade show will bring several benefits to the exhibitors and attendees alike. 

What is a trade show?

Trade shows are one of the most popular events held annually. They last several days and are also referred to as trade fairs or expositions. They see a vast number of attendees and exhibitors from a particular industry. Knowing more about trade show marketing will benefit you if you plan to organize a trade show. 

What is trade show marketing?

An industry-specific exhibition where you can showcase your new products, services, and offerings is referred to as trade show marketing. It is not uncommon for trade shows to attract nearly a thousand people every year. Trade shows are usually open only to registered people, company representatives, and media persons.

Effective Trade Show Marketing Tips

Here are seven tips you can use for effective trade show promotion. 

1. Utilize social media 

Pre-trade show amplification on social media can help you increase the reach of your event early on. Integrating social media is one of the best pre-trade show marketing ideas. This helps boost the number of leads and increase your ROI. 

Here are some ways how you can do so.  

  • Use a specific event hashtag

Use an event hashtag, and post event-related content across several social media platforms using the same hashtag. This way, it is easier for people to follow your content.

Also, anyone who posts about the event can use it. The more people use your event hashtag, the more your reach increases. To create a buzz for your trade show, start promoting the trade show with a specific hashtag 2-4 weeks before the event.

Encourage the participants, attendees, and sponsors to share their content with the event hashtag. 

  • Increase the excitement by creating a countdown

It is a good idea to utilize the reach of social media to countdown the days to your trade show. Countdowns are a good way to get people excited about your upcoming event. 

  • Give shoutouts

An exciting way to engage your loyal customers and followers is by giving them shoutouts. This way, they know your business is genuine and cares about them. It boosts their interest and promotes your event through social media and word of mouth. 

2. Launch teasers to create a buzz

Many businesses will look to launch a new feature, product, or service at the trade show. You can post a teaser about product launches of top brands to generate excitement for your trade show.

You can also post photos, videos, and content related to top brands attending your trade show to grab the attention of people who are loyal followers of those brands. 

3. Create a website or customized landing page

It is crucial to create a website for your trade show where people can find the information they need. A simple one-page website or a customized landing page (if you already have a website) can do the trick. Businesses prefer finding and reading information online, so they don’t need to call or meet for the smallest details. 

Also, creating a customized landing page or website helps you share the link on social media instead of typing all the information on social media each time. Using your website, you can also encourage visitors to sign up to your email list for updates or register for the event directly. 

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4. Host contests and giveaways

You can host contests and giveaways as a part of the pre-tradeshow marketing plan and do the same while the trade show is on. 

Here are some simple pre-trade show marketing (contest) ideas you can host on social media pre-trade show

  • Caption the Image

Caption the image is a very popular type of contest on social media – you can upload an image related to your trade show (it could be from the previous year’s event, too) and ask your followers to caption it. Those who come up with the quirkiest, funniest, or smartest captions can get a free pass for your event.

  • Mega Giveaway

You can create a buzz about your tradeshow by hosting a mega-giveaway for all those who follow you on social media. This contest is sure to boost the number of followers you have and increase your reach as well as engagement. Encourage the participants to tag their friends in the comments to become eligible for the giveaway. The winners can get free passes to the show or prizes from your sponsors.  

Here are some simple contest and giveaway ideas you can host during the tradeshow. 

  • Photo Booth Contest

You can have a photo booth at your trade show and ask visitors or businesses to pose at the photo booth with a particular hashtag. You can choose random winners and call them out to receive their gifts during the trade show. 

  • Luck Draw

You can ask your visitors to write their names on a piece of paper and put it in a bowl while entering the trade show. You can pick random winners from the bowl and announce the winners during the trade show and on social media. 

5. Stream the event LIVE online

Due to the pandemic and other constraints like distance, rain, and other commitments, many of your prospective clients might not be able to attend the trade show in person. But you can still keep them engaged and included! You can have LIVE streaming of your event on different social media platforms so that the people who missed out can be a part of the fun. 

6. Focus on collecting leads

Collecting plenty of leads and getting registrations is crucial before the trade show. Sign-up forms are important for collecting leads online. Provide your website or landing page URL on social media for easy registration. 

Encourage your marketing team to do cold calling, call prospective clients and arrange meetings. Allow self-registration for the event online.

On the event day, keep a tablet or two for your attendees to put in their information, and encourage the exhibitors to do the same. Enable your visitors to share their visiting cards with you. You can connect with them on LinkedIn or another social media post the event. 

7. Collect Feedback from attendees

Collecting Feedback is essential to ensure a great event each time. Not only does it make the attendees feel important, but it can also help you create an even better marketing plan for the next event.

It enables the organizer to ensure no mistakes are repeated. You can send a feedback form to your attendees and offer them perks if they fill it up for you. It could be a coupon, discount, or giveaway. Collecting Feedback and understanding the loopholes will help you organize an even better event the next time. 

If some of your attendees give you excellent Feedback, you can request them for testimonials or public Feedback that can be used on your social media or website, which builds trust in your prospective clients.  

Ending Note

No matter how big or small your event is, effective trade show promotion is critical to all the stakeholders, like the attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors of your trade show.

When you have a b2b trade show marketing plan ready beforehand, you can reap its benefits at every stage of the marketing process.

With the tips we mentioned in the blog, we hope you can add to your list of trade show marketing ideas and organize a great event! 

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