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5 lessons you must learn as virtual events get mainstream

How to proceed as virtual events get mainstream?

Virtual events have taken center stage amid the pandemic. The event planning industry has adapted to this mode of interaction with new hopes. As we see more and more successful online events with every passing day, we can easily find our industry evolving into a new shape. As a byproduct, there are many new learnings for event planners with respect to virtual events. In this article, we have covered those 5 lessons you must learn as virtual events get mainstream-

Monetize before you organize

  • Event planners are now exploring various possibilities to monetize virtual events. Even sponsors have now started showing confidence in virtual events. These trends hint to the hybrid future where virtual events are likely to stand parallel with their physical counterparts.
  • Your monetization strategy mustn’t be confined to the virtual event only. There’s a whole array of options to choose from- starting way before the event and lasting beyond it. You should plan your monetization strategy well in advance. You can also refer to our quick hacks that will help you open new doors for generating revenues.


Monetize your virtual


Security should be the priority

  • In modern times where security & privacy is highly valued, your virtual event platform must be compliant with all the security regulations.
  • Many virtual event platforms have been found ineffective in terms of security parameters. Unauthorized session recordings, Phishing scams, data leaks, vulnerability to foreign surveillance- the list is endless when it comes to security threats of the virtual solutions.
  • As an event planner, you must ensure that your virtual event platform stays secured with best-in-class systems. Moreover, multi-level permissions eliminate the chance of unauthorized access.

Ease for attendees 

  • Like in-person events, virtual events also need to be attendee centric.
  • Right from the registration, the onboarding process for the attendees should be easy and effortless. Experts say that a browser-friendly event solution is really helpful in this regard. It saves attendees from additional downloads and plugins making them enter into the event within a few clicks.
  • Your virtual event interface should be so interactive that any usual event-goer gets easily comfortable with it. A virtual reception can take it one step ahead to help attendees explore the event.

Not ‘just’ an alternative 

  • It is now becoming clear that virtual events are here to stay for long. You shouldn’t just consider them just as a short term alternative. They are in fact a long term pivot for your events with significant potential.
  • Virtual events need the same kind of rigor when it comes to the 3 Ms Manage, market and monetize. Also, If you’re still considering virtual events as typical webinars, you’re missing a lot. Virtual events can bring all the physical elements in the virtual ecosystem. It’s not just about passive listening attendees in front of speakers. There can be everything like a booth, reception, auditorium, networking lounge to make virtual matchmaking meaningful.

Get ready with your event solutions

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  • A period of a few months is a significant duration to bring drastic changes in an industry like ours. COVID-19 has made validated this point even more. Virtual events have gone mainstream in a matter of a few months. By this time, you must have a clear strategy for your future event planning.
  • Hopefully, you have tried and tested enough of virtual event platforms so far. If not, do it right now. Experts suggest that it’ll take at least a year (with added optimism) for the physical events to get back to normal. So, you need an effective virtual event suite to keep the ball rolling.
  • A virtual event suite will take care of your entire event planning journey. From targeting the right audience to smooth event execution, from healthy event engagement to revenue generation, your virtual events have got so much to cover.

If you are clueless about how to reach to the right virtual event solution, our event experts will help you through the process. Get a free demo session on the FLOOR and explore the new set of opportunities waiting for you.

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