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Top Education & Training Events You Must Attend In 2023

Education is a crucial sector in any country, constantly evolving to keep up with the pace of technological and scientific progress. As such, educators and policymakers must adopt new and improved teaching and learning mechanisms to remain competitive.

In recognition of the high priority placed on education worldwide, numerous upcoming education and training events have been scheduled for 2023. These events offer an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest teaching methods and tools.

Attending such events can immensely benefit individuals in the education sector, including teachers, administrators, and policymakers. They provide a platform to learn from industry experts, network with peers, and gain insights into the latest trends and developments.

Top Education & Training Events You Must Attend In 2023

We have curated a comprehensive list of the significant Education and Training events for 2023. The selection process for these events was based on many factors, including but not limited to audience engagement, potential opportunities, event scale, feedback rating, event format, and global relevance.

Check out what’s coming up: 

1. Washington International Strategic Leadership Conference

Date: 11 – 13 Jun 2023

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC/Greenbelt, Greenbelt, USA

Official Website:

The United States-based GoldenCRI Center for Research and Innovation is a premier hub for fostering sustainable competitive strategies and leadership training. Through a carefully curated selection of strategic topics and management presentations, they provide an unparalleled platform for participants and presenters alike to grow their businesses or academic careers.

2. China Stationery Fair

Date: 30 May – 01 Jun 2023

Venue:  Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC), ShanghaiChina

Official Website:

China Stationery Fair is an annual event that showcases the latest trends and innovations in the stationery industry. The fair features a wide range of stationery products, including writing instruments, office supplies, paper, and art supplies. It provides an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to network, learn about the latest trends, and explore new business opportunities.

3. Begin Edu Fair – New Delhi

Date: 04 Nov 2023

Venue: New DelhiIndia

Official Website:

The Begin Edu Fair in New Delhi is a premier education fair that provides a platform for students to explore study abroad opportunities. The fair brings together representatives from leading universities and educational institutions worldwide to showcase their programs and offerings. Attendees can meet with admissions officers, learn about admission requirements, and obtain information about scholarships and financial aid.

4. The UN General Assembly

Date: 05 – 19 Sep 2023

Venue: New YorkUSA

Official Website:

The UN General Assembly is slated to address the theme “Making the United Nations Relevant to All People: Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Peaceful, Equitable, and Sustainable Societies,” emphasizing the need for international cooperation to achieve a sustainable future. In addition, the conference will feature a high-level meeting that focuses on combating tuberculosis.

5. Canada International Conference on Education

Date: 26 – 28 Jun 2023

Venue: MississaugaCanada

Official Website:

The Canada International Conference on Education (CICE) is a globally recognized conference that promotes the advancement of educational theory and practices through an international collaboration between academicians and professionals. The conference serves as a platform for educators and professionals from diverse educational fields to come together and bridge the knowledge gap, share ideas, and promote research excellence.

6. The Global Leadership Summit

Date: 13 – 14 Nov 2023

Venue: Church of our Saviour, Singapore

Official Website:

The Global Leadership Summit is a premier event that provides participants with fresh perspectives from world-class leaders to hone and improve their leadership skills. The summit is an excellent opportunity for aspiring leaders and seasoned professionals to expand their knowledge, network with like-minded individuals, and gain the inspiration needed to lead confidently.

7. International Conference on Education & Management

Date: 29 – 30 Jun 2023

Venue: TorontoCanada

Official Website:

The International Conference on Education & Management (ICEM) is a globally recognized forum for disseminating cutting-edge research and best practices in education and management. The conference provides a platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners from diverse educational fields to share their research findings and innovative teaching, learning, and management approaches.

8. Job Fair & Training Expo

Date: 21 Jun 2023

Venue: Living Arts Centre, MississaugaCanada

Official Website:

The Job Fair & Training Expo is a multi-sector recruitment event that offers organizations a platform to promote their brand and connect with potential employees. The expo bridges job seekers, recruiters, career counselors, and admissions staff, providing a one-stop shop for career opportunities and advice.

9. Manila International Book Fair

Date: 15 – 18 Sep 2022

Venue: SMX Convention Center, PasayPhilippines

Official Website:

The Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) is the largest and longest-running book fair in the Philippines, offering a unique and comprehensive reading experience. The fair boasts a wide range of materials, including books, magazines, comics, educational aids, and allied materials, making it a hub for book lovers, educators, and publishers.

10. Job Fair For International

Date: 01 Oct 2023

Venue: Beurs van Berlage, AmsterdamNetherlands

Official Website:

The Job Fair for International is a specialized recruitment event that connects international job seekers with employers seeking to hire diverse talent. The event features various employers, from startups to multinational corporations, seeking to hire talent from different backgrounds and experiences.

Industry summits and events allow attendees to network and learn about new trends. In addition to networking with innovative companies and investors seeking exceptional opportunities, these events offer you the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and learn from investors looking for exceptional opportunities.

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