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10times Product Updates: July 2022

We are officially over halfway through the year! July was an exciting (and busy) month for us as we announced a host of new features at 10times.

After helping event organizers in reaching 55 Million+ event attendees globally, we have launched a powerful new capability that allows event organizers to discover and connect with potential exhibitors from their specific industry and region.

We’ve also released a data analytics function that will help you see how your event is trending in different regions.

Check out our curated highlights below: 

1. Reach Out and Connect With Potential Exhibitors

Now you can easily discover and connect with potential exhibitors from your industry and region. Simply define your keywords, preferred industry or country and start discovering potential exhibitors to connect with.

exhibitor discovery 10times

In addition to generating a list of potential exhibitors, 10times gives planners a wealth of information about the exhibitor’s industry, focus, etc.

Also. contact is an additional feature that allows event organizers to contact potential exhibitors directly.

Monitor your event trends in different regions with real-time alerts and analytics. Keep an eye on the trends and latest activities via a single dashboard. 

event trends 10times

3. Connect and Engage with Direct Messages

Say goodbye to dead-end messages. Increase customer engagement and encourage action by tracking messages and queries from your targeted audience and interacting directly.

4. Personalised Social Share For Your Event

Eliminate extra efforts to share your event on different social media platforms. You can now create a buzz about your event on social media with the personalised Social Share option via the dashboard. 

5. Premium Plan Highlights & Tracking

Event marketing has never been easier! Gain access to premium plan highlights and better tracking of your suite of services on 10times.

Talk to us to know more about these features to drive maximum attendance and value for your event. Schedule a call with our Event Experts today and allow us to be a part of your incredible success. – Book Call

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