Is your event ready for 5G technology disruption?   
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Is your event ready for 5G technology disruption?   

5G technology disruption and the event industry 

South Korea became the first country to adopt 5G technology at large scale. Following the same trend, China is set to make 5G technology commercially available. The pace at which countries are working on establishing a groundwork for 5 technology, we can expect that 5G is going to become commonplace in the upcoming years. There are many speculations regarding 5G and its implications in various fields. Since events, these days, are largely influenced by technology, 5 G is going to make some really drastic changes in how we strategize events. In this article, we will forecast the road ahead with 5 G Technology- 

What is 5G technology?

What is 5G technology

 5G, in the most layman term, is the 5th generation of mobile networks. We have seen it during the transition from 2G to 3G and finally to 4G, every new generation was faster, more efficient and more comprehensive than its predecessors. 5G is expected to follow a similar trend. 

Implications of 5G Technology disruptions on the event industry-

From pre-event marketing to onsite event management, 5G Technology is going to disrupt the event industry, here’s how- 

Internet speed boost and its impact- 

  • The transition from 4G to 5G will lead to a boost in internet speed. 5G is expected to be 10X-100X faster than 4G, which would mean the real-world speed of 4Gbps or more! 
  • The enhanced speed means that the network will be able to handle a massive number of interconnected devices, which will facilitate the Internet of Things. 


Extra Power to New Technologies

Current scenario 

Event Technology trends of 2020 show that the dependence of events on technology will go even further. Event technology will need proper internet infrastructure to reach its full potential. For instance, Live streaming of events is gaining popularity at a fast pace. But there are some issues which hinder smooth live streaming, Inconsistency of internet connectivity being the prime one. It affects both the quality and duration of the streaming. 

How will 5G affect it? 

5G network is going to change this forever. Thus, in future, we will find a greater propensity for live streaming, allowing remote audiences to attend the events right from their places. So far, we have seen social media as a major facilitator of live streaming, which is confined to audio-visuals. 5G will take this process one notch ahead by allowing Virtual reality and augmented reality, making the event far more experiential! 


Event Venue management 

Current Scenario- 

  • Event organisers still rely on outdated internet infrastructure of venues to cater to the needs of delegates, vendors, suppliers etc. As a result, the lagging internet speed causes a hindrance in overall event planning. 
  • Another major challenge for the event organisers is to manage on-site security of the event venue. Efficient security needs proper coordination among security personnel. 

How will it change with 5G technology? 

5G Technology can play an instrumental role in this regard by strengthening the connectivity among security personnel. It will help not only in the optimisation of security devices but also in the quick call for assistance in case of emergency. The faster and more responsive wireless connection of 5G will easily locate the potentially dangerous individuals through geo-location services, which will stimulate security system in time. 



Current Scenario 

The cost of WiFi has its own significant share in overall cost incurred by event organisers. Some events (like those of IT and Technology) survive solely on WiFi connectivity.

How will it change with 5G technology? 

After the introduction of 5G, WiFi infrastructure won’t be part of the organiser’s checklist, saving both time and money.                                                        

What do event planners need to do? 

There are many speculations regarding 5G technology and it will take some time to become mainstream. The pace at which 5G will penetrate into the events will also vary from region to region. Event planners need to have a visionary outlook towards the advent of 5G technology and here’s what they can do- 

  • The impact of 5G technology will initiate from the hotel chains and venues. Event planners need to take all such stakeholders in confidence for change management when 5G blow arrives. 
  • The fourth industrial revolution is influencing the events at a rapid pace. If your event is still lagging behind in utilising such technologies, you need to pace up. It will help you make the full use of 5G when it arrives. 
  • The instances of remote event planning will become more frequent. Event planners will need to make up their mind for structural changes. 


It’s impossible to imagine modern-day events without the internet. From pre-event marketing to onsite event management, there’s hardly any aspect of events untouched by the internet. So the new generation of the internet will bring new advancements in events as well. 

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