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How to host a virtual event on FLOOR 10times

Quick Steps to host a successful virtual event on FLOOR 10times

It’s not a hidden fact that virtual events are now mainstream. Many things have changed in the last few months and we’re now in a new normal. As an event planner, your job is to embrace these changes and come up with the best solution possible. We’re here to help you with it. In this article, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know to host a successful virtual event on FLOOR 10times-

Before we begin, let’s have a look at what FLOOR 10times is all about-

  • FLOOR is a virtual event platform powered by 10times
  • Using FLOOR, you can manage, market & monetize your virtual event from a single place. It is an all-in-one virtual event suite that gives you complete control of your event planning. You can manage everything from the backend partner dashboard.
  • FLOOR allows you to set-up any kind of online event, either standalone or in hybrid with physical events, be it summits, Meetups, Keynote conferences, Awards, Expos, Meetings, live roadshows, training events.

Enough of introduction, let’s get started with FLOOR 10times-

Step 1- Add an event

  • You need to start it all from your partner dashboard. This is your go-to place for real-time event management. Once you’ve logged into dashboard, you can easily add an event. To add an event,  just click on “Add event” button on upper right-hand corner of the screen –

add event


Step 2- Specify the type of event.

Is it public or private? Is it an exhibition, conference, or workshop? Finally, choose the event type as ‘online’ and proceed-

format of the event

Note- Around 100+ modules are available on FLOOR, you can get your personalized FLOOR customized as per your event needs.

Step 3- Fill up event details-

  • Once you select the type of event, you’re redirected to a window where you can fill in all the basic details of your event. Fill up all the details required and click on the “submit” button.

event details for


Step 4- Create sessions for your event

content agenda and schedule

  • On the left-hand side of your partner dashboard, you have a menu that gives you full control of your event.


  • Be it Content management, contact management, or communication management, you’ll be coming on this window time & again.


  • Under the content option, choose “agenda & schedule” to create a new session.


Fill up the session details and create the session-

session details

Step 5- Send invites to attendees, hosts, speakers etc –

  • As soon as you create a session, a joining URL gets created. You can copy the joining URL & send it to the attendees.

joining URL for the event/webinar

  • You can provide different levels of access permissions such as host, moderator etc. Once you’ve finalized roles, you can directly send mail invites from your dashboard-

invite for the speakers

invite for the speakers

Step 6- Add exhibitor booths and send invites.

  • Under the Content tab, click on the “exhibitor” button, you can now add exhibitors to the event.

add exhibitor

  • Every time you add an exhibitor, their invite links will be created automatically, you can send the invites directly from the dashboard.

onlineinvite for the exhibitors

Step 7- Add sponsors for the event.

  • Under the Content tab, click on the “sponsor” button. Like exhibitors, you can also add sponsor details and submit them.

add sponsors for the event

After following the above steps, your event is now ready to get hosted on the FLOOR. We’ll cover the functionalities of an ongoing event on FLOOR in a separate article.

 If you wish to have a personalized walkthrough on the FLOOR, you can do so by scheduling a personalized one-to-one demo with our event expert-



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