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Top 12 Event Production and AV Tools 

Planning and executing successful live events requires creativity, technical expertise, and the right tools. Event production and AV tools are crucial in bringing events to life, creating immersive experiences, and captivating audiences. 

From audio and visual equipment to event management software and special effects tools, these tools empower event professionals to design, coordinate, and deliver seamless productions.

In this article, we will explore the top 12 event production and AV tools instrumental in creating unforgettable events.

What are Event Production and AV Tools?

Event production and AV tools refer to a range of equipment, software, and technology used in the planning, management, and execution of live events. These tools are essential for creating engaging and memorable experiences for attendees. 

Here are some common types of event production and AV tools:

Audio Equipment: This includes microphones, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, and audio processing devices for capturing, amplifying, and reproducing sound during events. It ensures clear and high-quality audio for speeches, performances, and music.

Visual Equipment: Visual equipment encompasses projectors, screens, LED walls, and displays to showcase presentations, videos, graphics, and visual effects. These tools enhance the visual experience and contribute to creating immersive environments.

Lighting Equipment: Lighting tools comprise stage lighting fixtures, controllers, dimmers, and special effects equipment. They allow event planners to create dynamic and atmospheric lighting designs to enhance performances, set the mood, and highlight key elements of the event.

Video Equipment: Video equipment includes cameras, video switchers, video recorders, and video processors used to capture, switch, and display video content during events. It facilitates live video streaming, video playback, and multi-camera setups.

Show Control Systems: Show control systems provide centralized control and automation of various technical elements during an event, including audio, video, lighting, and special effects. They allow for synchronized cues and seamless transitions between different production components.

Rigging and Staging Equipment: Rigging tools involve structures, trusses, and rigging systems used to suspend lighting, audio, and visual equipment above the stage or event area. Staging equipment includes platforms, risers, and modular stage systems used to create performance areas or elevated platforms.

Communication Systems: Communication tools like intercom systems and two-way radios enable efficient communication between event staff members, including production crews, technicians, and stage managers. Clear communication is crucial for smooth event coordination and troubleshooting.

Top 12 Event Production and AV Tools 

Event professionals can leverage various event production and AV tools to create seamless, engaging, and technically proficient live events that leave a lasting impact on attendees.

Here are the top 12 event production and AV tools:

1. Shoflo

Shoflo is a collaborative event production software that enables teams to create and manage rundowns, production schedules, and show flows. It facilitates real-time collaboration, making communicating and coordinating with the entire production team easily.

collaborative event production software


  • Enables efficient creation and management of event rundowns and schedules.
  • Promotes real-time collaboration and communication.
  • Streamlines coordination among team members.
  • Facilitates seamless sharing of information and updates.
  • Enhances overall efficiency and productivity in event production.


  • May require a learning curve for users unfamiliar with collaborative event production software.
  • Reliance on internet connectivity for real-time collaboration.

2. Watchout

Watchout is a multi-display production and playback software used for creating dynamic visual experiences. It allows for seamless integration of multiple media sources and enables synchronized playback across various screens and projectors.


  • Enables the creation of dynamic and visually stunning experiences.
  • Supports seamless integration of diverse media sources.
  • Facilitates synchronized playback across multiple screens and projectors.
  • Provides precise control over visual elements.
  • Enhances the impact of visual presentations in events.


  • Requires technical expertise for optimal utilization.
  • Higher learning curve for users unfamiliar with multi-display production software.

3. QLab

QLab is a powerful show control software for live events. It provides audio, video, and lighting playback and synchronization tools, making it a popular choice for theater productions, concerts, and multimedia events.


  • Powerful and versatile software for show control.
  • Provides precise synchronization of audio, video, and lighting cues.
  • Supports complex and dynamic event productions.
  • Enables seamless integration of multimedia elements.
  • Widely trusted and used in the entertainment industry.


  • May require advanced technical knowledge for optimal utilization.
  • Potential complexity when managing multiple cues and timelines.

4. Resolume

Resolume is a versatile VJ (video jockey) software used for live video mixing and performance. It allows users to manipulate and trigger visuals in real-time, creating captivating visuals and immersive experiences for concerts, festivals, and club events.


  • Enables real-time manipulation and triggering of visuals.
  • Offers a wide range of visual effects and transitions.
  • Ideal for creating captivating visual experiences in live events.
  • Supports integration with various external devices and controllers.
  • Enhances the creative potential of VJs and visual performers.


  • Requires familiarity with VJ software and visual performance techniques.
  • Higher learning curve for users new to real-time video mixing.

5. ProPresenter

ProPresenter is a presentation software specifically designed for churches, conferences, and live events. It offers features for multimedia playback, live video switching, and screen control, making it an ideal tool for managing and delivering engaging presentations.


  • Designed specifically for live events and presentations.
  • Provides multimedia playback and seamless switching capabilities.
  • Offers robust screen control features for managing multiple outputs.
  • Supports integration with worship and presentation media.
  • Enhances the overall impact and engagement of presentations.


  • May require training for users transitioning from other presentation software.
  • Some advanced features may necessitate additional hardware or software.

6. d&b audiotechnik

d&b audiotechnik is a leading provider of professional audio systems and solutions. Their high-quality audio equipment, including speakers, amplifiers, and sound reinforcement systems, ensures exceptional sound quality and coverage for events of all sizes.


  • Provides top-notch audio equipment for professional event production.
  • Ensures excellent sound quality and coverage.
  • Offers a comprehensive range of speakers and amplifiers.
  • Supports scalable solutions for various event sizes and environments.
  • Trusted by industry professionals for delivering premium audio experiences.


  • Higher cost compared to entry-level audio equipment.
  • Requires expertise for optimal setup and configuration.

7. Barco

Barco is a renowned manufacturer of visual display solutions, including LED walls, projectors, and video processing systems. Their advanced AV technology delivers stunning visuals and immersive experiences, making them a go-to choice for large-scale events and installations.


  • Offers a wide range of high-quality visual display solutions.
  • Delivers stunning visuals and immersive experiences.
  • Provides advanced video processing capabilities.
  • Trusted by professionals for large-scale events and installations.
  • Offers seamless integration with other AV systems.


  • Higher cost compared to entry-level visual display solutions.
  • Requires technical expertise for optimal setup and configuration.

8. Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design provides a wide range of professional video production equipment, including cameras, switchers, recorders, and video editing software. Their products are widely used in the industry for capturing, processing, and delivering high-quality video content.


  • Provides a comprehensive range of professional video production equipment.
  • Delivers high-quality video capture and processing capabilities.
  • Offers robust switchers and recorders for live event production.
  • Includes powerful video editing software for post-production.
  • Trusted by industry professionals for reliable video solutions.


  • Higher cost compared to consumer-grade video equipment.
  • Some advanced features may require additional training.

9. ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls)

ETC is a leading manufacturer of lighting control systems and equipment for the entertainment industry. Their lighting consoles, fixtures, and accessories enable precise control and creative lighting design for concerts, theaters, and live events.


  • Provides industry-leading lighting control systems and equipment.
  • Offers precise control and flexibility for creative lighting design.
  • Supports integration with various lighting fixtures and accessories.
  • Trusted by lighting professionals for reliable and innovative solutions.
  • Enables dynamic and visually captivating lighting displays.


  • Higher cost compared to entry-level lighting control systems.
  • Requires technical expertise for optimal programming and setup.

10. Yamaha CL Series

Yamaha CL Series is a digital mixing console system designed for live sound reinforcement. It provides advanced audio processing, routing, and control features, allowing engineers to achieve exceptional sound quality and flexibility in various event scenarios.


  • Specifically designed for live sound reinforcement.
  • Provides advanced audio processing and routing capabilities.
  • Offers precise control over sound parameters and effects.
  • Ensures exceptional sound quality and flexibility.
  • Trusted by sound engineers for reliable live sound solutions.


  • Higher cost compared to entry-level mixing consoles.
  • Requires technical expertise for optimal configuration and operation.

11. ArKaos GrandVJ

ArKaos GrandVJ is a real-time video mixing software that enables event producers to manipulate and blend video sources in live performances. It offers a range of effects, transitions, and mapping capabilities, allowing for visually captivating video presentations.


  • Enables real-time manipulation and blending of video sources.
  • Offers a variety of effects and transitions for creative video mixing.
  • Supports mapping capabilities for visual projection on various surfaces.
  • Enhances the visual impact and engagement of live performances.
  • Trusted by VJs and event producers for dynamic video presentations.


  • Requires familiarity with video mixing software and techniques.
  • Higher learning curve for users new to real-time video manipulation.

12. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a digital audio workstation widely used in live music performances and DJ sets. It provides real-time audio manipulation, looping, and effects processing, allowing performers to create dynamic and interactive performances.


  • Widely recognized digital audio workstation for live music performances.
  • Offers real-time audio manipulation and effects processing.
  • Provides intuitive looping and performance features.
  • Enables seamless integration with MIDI controllers and other hardware.
  • Empowers performers to create dynamic and interactive experiences.


  • Some advanced features may require additional training.
  • Higher learning curve for users transitioning from other audio workstations.


These event productions and AV tools provide event professionals with the necessary technology and equipment to create immersive experiences, deliver engaging presentations, and manage technical aspects of live events. By leveraging these tools, event planners and technicians can enhance their events’ overall quality and impact, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

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