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Adding Life to Live, My Journey – Events, FlOOR & Me

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality, and then there are those who turn one into the other.” 

-Douglas H. Everet

A journey from show dreamer to show maker is always challenging but the one who walks through becomes an “Event Organizer”.

Since childhood history was one of my favorite subjects. Mughal Courts & chronicles were my favorite chapters. Yet while growing up I never realized that one day I might become a part of making history. Today while writing about it I realised that panic filled pictures of this Pandemic will be remembered for decades to come!

As we experience, humanity is getting affected the most in the world.  The second in the line shall be the businesses that could make neither to peace nor to rest. All they were worthy as for some sympathies and courage with a thought “This too, Shall Pass”

As I zoom further to see the destruction in the world, I find events as an industry one among many not just dented but affected badly along with its long time girlfriend Hospitality, waving hands in the air on an empty road hoping for help and getting evacuated, empty roads and dark nights are not leaving hope of survival, then what they should do?

Let’s go back and learn who they are and how they landed in trouble –

Events, the name itself brings charisma, joy, people in mind, and of course business.

People, Networking & to be at the right place & at the right time has always been its oxygen.

As I write about them, I absolutely believe that all the businesses in the world, big or small, are directly or indirectly related to it. A supply chain that is bigger than a food chain exists in a parallel world running 24X7 and powering industries as a whole.

An industry that completely depends upon “Connecting Opportunities”, “Creating Businesses” and “Generating Livelihood” for millions of people globally.

The event now is stuck in the accident because it’s all about people, it’s all about “You”, rather it’s all about “us” and we are all frozen inside our homes.

Hospitality, the charming girlfriend of Events is suffering because their livelihood depends upon the same audience. When no one travels then no plane flies, no train goes by & no rooms are occupied everything stands still and vacant.

And that is how Hospitality is stuck with events in this accident.

Now, I am the officer investigating this case to send immediate help so here is the company where I work –

10times, an event discovery & networking platform attracting the traffic of over 50 million users globally and works with over 500 organizers to promote their shows, create buzz, and what not! In short, it ensures the success of an event.

Now you might be wondering, when people are not traveling; as I already said above that how are we septic to the injury or what immediate help you can send to the Event & Hospitality if that is what you are thinking I admire you for a great question but believe you me initially we all have been finding an answer to this question here at 10times for a while.

We all brainstormed to it and decided to make a Vaccine to Cure Events & named it “FLOOR”

What is FLOOR?

FLOOR is a virtual platform that enables MICE to host tailored events, do networking with Social distancing, listen to Speakers and ask your questions, grab meetings with Speakers, Exhibitors and do Matchmaking with you sitting in Newyork with someone at Sydney Harbor just with a tap of your hand.

Trust me, you really don’t need to be tech-savvy to do so, it’s as simple as eating a pancake with some added honey to it 🙂

Why have I chosen 10times & Events over and above anything else?

10times is all about people, it’s about the freedom to say and do what you feel, the words Ego, Hesitations, Red-tapism were never onboarded and things like Hustlers, Innovation, and Positivity were our permanent employees with Fixed Gratuity in place 😉

As we say that the future is all about being Digital, our relationship in the office with peers and teams have gained maximum impressions and feedback ( the honest ones of course), my 4 years here is a journey about an outsider coming to Family and seeing it grow along.

I have always been Vocal with this opinion that Virtual Events can never replace the magic of handshakes or after event parties. But surely a Hybrid version to it was always on cards tested time and again and it’s high time to inculcate.

And As Charles Darwin Said –

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”



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