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5 Christmas Gifts Event Professionals Are Wishing For

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is finally on the calendar and it’s when all of us can ask for the gifts and expect the best. In an eventful industry like ours where every new event is like a festival, Christmas has its special significance. In this article, we have listed the 5 things event professionals are actively wishing for this Christmas

Right Marketing Channels 

Event marketers try everything possible to accomplish their goals. This approach often leads to hits and trials. Social media channels remain full of active users. But are those active users the right fit to be the active attendees? Because of this dilemma, the search for the go-to event marketing channel becomes crucial. At least for B2B events, it becomes necessary to identify the niche audience to be targetted. Event professionals seek trusted event discovery platforms so that they can identify their right target audience and carry out their campaign accordingly.

Gift– Get listed on a trusted event discovery platform and utilize its potential for your next marketing campaign. 

Something beyond just impressions

Which are the best metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your event marketing plan? Most of the marketing channels available in the market boast of impressions generated in the marketing campaign. What event professionals seek is not just impressions, but ROI for their event. This is only possible when you target the right audience in the first place. Event professionals look for attendees who are genuinely interested in the event’s agenda. Even after the conversion of event impressions into final footfall, It becomes important for the organizers to figure out whether the attendees were fit enough to contribute to the goals of exhibitors, sponsors. 

Gift- Devise a 360- degree event marketing campaign that accelerates the growth of your events and goes beyond impressions to bring significant ROI for your event. 

Branding for their event

As events move from one edition to another, organizers hope to establish significant branding of their events. Branding makes the event more relatable for the audience, which directly translates into attendee retention. With a successful event branding, organizers are able to leverage the potential of previous editions in their current marketing plan. It becomes more crucial when many other events are targetting the same set of audience. 

Organizers wish to have various ways in which they can boost the branding of their event. This is the major reason why they are shifting towards white-label event apps which can bring 100% branding for their event.

Gift- Gift your event with a white-label app which is personalized for your event and offers 100%

Smooth onsite Event execution

The digital presence of events in recent years has actually helped in its onsite execution. The industry has already resolved the issues regarding long-queues at entry gates. Also, there are accessories that help the attendees in smooth onsite navigation, no matter how big the event venue is!

However, organizers keep wishing for newer improvisations. As pre-generated barcodes have become common among events, organizers are now looking forward to accurate facial-recognition tools that can take the process one notch ahead. 

Gift- Enhance the experience of your audiences with the digital event solutions that can ensure smooth onsite event execution. Ask for feedback from your event visitors.

More experiential events

For the events to be more engaging, it’s important to make it more experiential. Organizers wish for new engagement tools that can enrich attendees’ overall event experience. Event apps have already contributed a lot in making the event more experiential. Now organizers are wishing for better means of engagement, like Digital Kiosks with interactive gaming features. The ever-going improvisation in Artificial intelligence is expected to take this interaction to newer levels where Kiosks will respond to attendees in a personalized way. 

Gift- Create an experience for your visitors with the new technologies available at the tip of the finger. Smooth process, advanced features, quick sign in and travel support are few things that can help you make a difference and stand out with experiential marketing. 

 The excitingly growing field of event technology makes it possible to bring these changes easily. All your wishes can turn into a reality with a marketing partner for your events. If you are looking forward to better marketing strategies wanting to create experiential events don’t need to look further, 10times is gifting all these solutions to the event profs and looking forward to a bigger, better and more eventful year ahead.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year on behalf of the 10times family. Happy events to you all!


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