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Product Update

10times Product Updates: November 2022

Our teams have been hard at work this month adding new features and enhancements to elevate your user experience on 10times!

After weeks of brainstorming, experimenting, and everything in between, we have launched a host of new features and product enhancements that help you save time, maximize ROI, and highlight your events.

Let’s jump right into the latest developments:

1. Track Messages and Respond Directly To Prospects

Reaching out to your potential leads is easier than ever! You can now track messages and queries from your target audience and interact directly with them to spark immediate action. 

2. Better Accessibility With Synchronized Experience

10times is now more user-friendly than ever. With better accessibility, 10times provides a synchronized experience across all features on the platform. In addition to providing ease of use, the new feature will also provide opportunities for interactivity across the platform and improved site navigation.

	Better accessibility with synchronized experience across the platform for different features

3. Reach Out and Connect With Potential Exhibitors

Now you can easily discover and connect with potential exhibitors from your industry and region. Simply define your keywords, preferred industry, or country, and start discovering potential exhibitors to connect with.

Discover potential exhibitors from your industry and region to connect with

In addition to generating a list of potential exhibitors, 10times gives planners a wealth of information about the exhibitor’s industry, focus, etc.

Also. contact is an additional feature that allows event organizers to contact potential exhibitors directly.

4. Premium Plan Highlights & Tracking

Event marketing has never been easier! Gain access to premium plan highlights and better tracking of your suite of services on 10times.

Get premium feature highlights and better tracking of your services

5. Customize Your Event URL

Customize every element of your event to match your company’s image. Create a custom URL for your event to make it more personalized and ensure that it stays on attendees’ minds from the very start.

Get custom and personalised URL for your newly added events

6. Integrate Additional Tools and Widgets

Engage your audience through compelling tools and widgets. Showcase credibility, engage users, build trust, and generate more leads by integrating third-party tools and applications on your platform.

Additional tools and widgets to integrate on your platforms to showcase credibility

Talk to us to know more about these features to drive maximum attendance and value for your event. Schedule a call with our Event Experts today and allow us to be a part of your incredible success. – Book Call

Leverage 10Times all-in-one event marketing solution to reach your target audience, drive higher event attendance, and maximize your ROI. Book your free demo now.

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