Questions you must ask before buying an event management software

Questions you must ask before buying an event management software

Questions you must ask before buying an event management software.

Does it meet your goals?

Before asking this question, you will need to identify your goals first. You might be needing a software tool for one or all of these tasks-

  • To keep a track of event planning

  • To get branding and customisation via event apps/websites

  • To generate leads using event analytics. 

  • To engage attendees and get feedback 

Furthermore, you can also look for event management software that is specific to a particular kind of events. Let’s say your event is a B2B Trade show, your search for the software must be guided accordingly. 

How it offers branding and customisation?

Event management software offers branding and customization mainly in two ways- 

  • Event apps

  • Event website

While it is easier to achieve branding using event website, branding with an event app depends on the app you choose. 

Type of event app?

This is the most crucial question you must ask. The type of event app directly impacts your event’s branding and the budget. Every event is unique based on the budget it can afford and the branding it seeks. Once you have analysed your event, you can easily make a choice between a white-label app and a container app.

Is there an option for a free trial?

Before taking any decision regarding the purchase of the event software, go for a free trial. In case the service provider doesn’t provide a free trial, ask for the software demo or go through the reviews it has on various digital platforms. The motive here is to make calculative decisions. 

API Integration feature? 

The leads that you generate and the insights that you get is your asset for the event. As an event planner, you spend hundreds of hours sharing this valuable data across your event management system, event app and personal CRM. The API integration can make this process a cakewalk for you.

Location of the service provider?

Location of a service provider becomes crucial when it comes to customer support. Many service providers have more than one location across the globe so that they can enhance their customer experience. 

Exposure towards leads’ details?

Many software providers keep a check on the extent to which you can access your leads’ details. Get yourself informed with such restrictions before you get into any deal. Generation of leads matters only when you can use it to enhance your event insights. 

Depth of analytics offered? 

Event analytics is evolving really fast. From demographics to taste, you can get insights based on various parameters. This will help you make a rational decision as an event planner. 

Is it GDPR compliant?

Privacy is one of the most debated topics these days. The idea of trust and credibility may sound outdated but it still matters (it does, at least in technology). To ensure privacy, make sure your software service is GDPR (General data protection regulation) compliant. 

Add Ons(if any)? 

Don’t let your search end at the event management software. Ask for other ways in which your software service provider can help you. It can be anything from marketing packages to the event community of your specific industry. There’s always something extra to look for.

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