Things To Do For Business Professionals In Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, is a fascinating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. The city, which is located on the banks of the scenic Ottawa River, has a distinct appeal that is characterized by its stunning architecture, which includes the historic Parliament Hill and the majestic Rideau Canal.

Visitors can visit world-class museums such as the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of History, or wander through the vibrant ByWard Market sector. 

Ottawa, with its attractive parks, scenic river views, and booming culinary scene, strikes the perfect balance between urban sophistication and natural tranquility, making it a great destination for both business professionals and tourists. 

Things To Do For Business Professionals In Ottawa

The following are the best ways to explore the city while on a business trip.

1. Go To Business Events And Conferences

Ottawa is well-known for hosting a diversified range of corporate meetings and conferences. The city has state-of-the-art convention centers and venues, such as the Shaw Centre, that provide modern amenities and adequate room for large-scale conferences, trade exhibits, and exhibitions.

corporate events

Numerous industry groups and professional organizations call Ottawa home, generating a lively corporate community and networking possibilities.Because of its key location as the capital city, Ottawa attracts government-related seminars, policy talks, and international summits.

The city’s position as a center for technology, innovation, and research also makes it a destination for industry-specific conferences, attracting specialists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from all over the world.

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2. Book Business-friendly Accommodations

To meet the needs of professionals visiting the city, Ottawa provides a variety of business-friendly hotels. There are options to suit all interests and budgets, ranging from luxury hotels to boutique lodgings.

To guarantee a productive and comfortable stay, many Ottawa hotels offer business amenities such as conference facilities, meeting rooms, high-speed internet access, and business centers.

Some hotels provide executive suites or dedicated business floors, which provide additional services and amenities suited to the demands of business travelers. Because of the city’s central location and proximity to key commercial centers, professionals may easily access meetings, conferences, and other business events.

3. Visit Parliament Hill

The city’s prominent Gothic Revival-style buildings, such as the Centre Block and Peace Tower, serve as emblems of democratic rule and provide breathtaking views of the city. Through guided tours and displays, visitors can observe legislative sessions, explore the historic chambers, and learn about Canada’s political system and history. 

Parliament Hill Ottawa

The Changing of the Guard ceremony, which showcases Canadian military traditions, is a summertime highlight. Parliament Hill also organizes a variety of events and festivals, allowing for networking and cultural experiences.

4. Explore The Rideau Canal

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, this historic river offers a peaceful respite from the city’s bustle. Visitors can take a leisurely boat ride or a scenic stroll along the canal’s banks, observing the lovely scenery and historic sites like the Château Laurier.

During the winter, the canal becomes the world’s largest ice skating rink, providing spectacular ice skating experiences. The Rideau Canal is a great place to network while enjoying outdoor activities or simply resting in Ottawa’s natural splendor.

5. Discover The National Gallery of Canada

The prominent gallery exhibits a large collection of Canadian and foreign artworks in a variety of genres and periods. Professionals can marvel at the works of great artists, visit thought-provoking exhibitions, and take part in interesting educational programs.

The sleek and expansive design of the gallery creates a tranquil environment favorable to introspection and creativity. Exploring the enormous galleries, taking a guided tour, or attending a special event at the National Gallery of Canada is a stimulating and rewarding experience for business executives with an interest in the arts.

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6. Visit The Byward Market

Ottawa’s ByWard Market is an ancient market packed with stores, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, making it an ideal spot to unwind and explore during downtime or after a long day at work. Fresh fruit and gourmet food, as well as local crafts and artwork, are available to professionals here.

Throughout the year, the market offers a variety of events and festivals, providing opportunities for networking and immersion in the city’s cultural environment. The ByWard Market, with its lively ambiance and numerous offers, is a must-see site in Ottawa for business professionals looking for a combination of business and leisure.

7. Enjoy The Outdoors In Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park, just a short drive from downtown Ottawa, provides a welcome respite for corporate people looking to reconnect with nature. The park’s huge area of forests, paths, and lakes offers plenty of possibilities for outdoor activity and leisure. 

Professionals can go on a walk or ride their bikes along the gorgeous trails, have a picnic by one of the picturesque lakes, or simply enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding surroundings. Gatineau Park provides a pleasant reprieve from the busy city life, allowing business workers to recuperate and recharge amid the beauty of nature, whether it’s a tranquil stroll or an adrenaline-filled adventure.

Gatineau Park Ottawa

8. Experience The Canadian War Museum

Explore the exhibitions of the museum, which highlight Canada’s military history and the impact of conflict on the country and its people. Through artifacts, interactive displays, and human tales, learn about Canada’s role in various conflicts.

The museum is an excellent resource for learning about the sacrifices, perseverance, and bravery of Canadian servicemen and women.It also provides meeting and event facilities for conferences, seminars, and corporate gatherings, making it an ideal setting for mixing business with a greater understanding of Canada’s military history.

9. Enjoy The Tulip Festival

This annual spring festival commemorates the blossoming of over one million tulips throughout the city. After a long day of business meetings, the spectacular display of colorful flowers provides a picturesque setting for leisurely walks or picnics.

Business workers can enjoy the beauty of the tulips by exploring different tulip gardens and even participating in special events and activities. The Tulip Festival provides a relaxing and inspiring environment for professionals to rest and admire Ottawa’s natural beauty while creating friendships and networking opportunities in a casual setting.


A trip to Ottawa promises a delightful blend of history, culture, and natural beauty for business professionals. From exploring iconic landmarks like Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal to immersing in the rich cultural offerings of museums and galleries, Ottawa offers a diverse range of experiences.

The city’s picturesque neighborhoods, lively markets, and dynamic culinary scene offer plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy. Ottawa captivates with its distinctive blend of old-world charm and modern refinement, whether admiring the breathtaking vistas of the Ottawa River, wandering through picturesque parks, or attending business meetings in world-class venues.

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