Things To Do For Business Professionals In Jacksonville

Jacksonville, in northeastern Florida, is a bustling city with a wide variety of attractions and activities. Jacksonville has something for everyone, with its stunning beaches, lively arts and cultural scene, and abundance of outdoor recreational possibilities.

The city offers a mix of history, nature, and amusement, from touring old neighborhoods and museums to enjoying water sports and golfing. The pleasant environment and friendly ambiance of Jacksonville make it an appealing destination for those seeking relaxation or adventure. Jacksonville, with its unique blend of Southern charm and modern conveniences, delivers a thrilling experience for everyone who visits.

Things To Do For Business Professionals In Jacksonville

Here are the best things to do in the city while still working. 

1. Go To Business Events And Conferences

Jacksonville, Florida, holds a variety of business events and conferences catering to a wide range of industries and professional interests.

Because of its strategic position, powerful infrastructure, and business-friendly environment, the city is an excellent choice for corporate gatherings, trade exhibits, conventions, and seminars.

corporate events

Jacksonville, with its cutting-edge convention centers, hotels, and event locations, offers first-rate facilities and services to host large-scale conventions and exhibitions. 

Because of the city’s broad economy, which includes industries such as healthcare, banking, technology, and logistics, business events in Jacksonville provide important networking opportunities and industry insights.

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2. Book Business-friendly Lodgings

Jacksonville, Florida, has a variety of business-friendly lodging options geared to meet the demands of professionals. Jacksonville offers a number of options for corporate travelers, ranging from luxury hotels to well-equipped business centers.

High-speed internet, roomy work desks, meeting facilities, and on-site dining options are common features of these lodgings. Furthermore, many hotels are strategically placed near commercial areas, conference centers, and major transportation hubs, making it easier to attend business meetings and events.

The business-friendly lodgings in Jacksonville, with a focus on comfort, convenience, and practicality, create a welcoming setting for professionals to work, rest, and conduct business efficiently.

3. Visit The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

This prestigious institution houses a magnificent collection of art from numerous periods and civilizations, allowing experts to discover and appreciate a wide range of artistic expressions. The quiet gardens of the museum, which overlook the St. Johns River, provide a peaceful setting for networking and thought. 

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens Jacksonville

Professionals can take in the scenery, participate in meaningful conversations, and find inspiration in the creative works on show. A visit to the Cummer Museum creates a better appreciation for art, inspires creativity, and provides a break from commercial obligations.

4. Enjoy The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

This lively attraction allows professionals to relax in beautiful natural surroundings while viewing a variety of animal exhibitions. Exploring the zoo’s numerous habitats, such as the African Savannah and Wild Florida, allows visitors to connect with nature while also gaining a new perspective.

The zoo also provides innovative team-building programmes, educational experiences, and private event facilities, boosting networking and bonding among colleagues.A trip to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens combines entertainment, education, and team-building, making it a memorable experience for business executives.

5. Explore The Riverside And Avondale Neighborhoods

These neighborhoods are known for their historic charm and trendy ambience, and they have a bustling arts scene, independent boutiques, sophisticated restaurants, and a lively nightlife. Professionals can visit one-of-a-kind stores, dine at varied restaurants, and attend art galleries or live music performances.

These neighborhoods also have gorgeous riverbank vistas and lovely parks, making for a tranquil setting for leisure and outdoor activities. Riverside and Avondale neighborhoods in Jacksonville provide a refreshing and stimulating escape for business executives with their blend of history, culture, and entertainment.

6. Discover The Museum of Science and History (MOSH)

MOSH provides a platform for professionals to delve into a wide range of scientific and historical issues through interactive exhibits, planetarium programs, and informational displays.

MOSH provides an opportunity to increase awareness and encourage inventive thinking by exploring the wonders of the universe and delving into the region’s distinct ecosystems. 

Museum of Science and History (MOSH) Jacksonville

Professionals can also use the museum’s event spaces, which provide a one-of-a-kind setting for networking meetings, conferences, and team-building activities. MOSH offers learning, inspiration, and professional growth in an engaging and dynamic environment.

7. Experience The Riverside Arts Market

This weekly market features a wide range of local artisans, craftspeople, and food sellers, resulting in a lively and bustling ambiance. Professionals can pursue a varied mix of handmade crafts, artwork, jewelry, and specialty cuisine while supporting local businesses and discovering one-of-a-kind presents or souvenirs. Live music performances give a vivid backdrop to the joyful atmosphere. 

The Riverside Arts Market also provides networking opportunities, allowing you to engage with local artists, entrepreneurs, and professionals. It is a vibrant and inspiring place for business executives looking to unwind, explore, and interact with the local community.

8. Take A Scenic Cruise Along The St. Johns River

A gorgeous cruise down the St. Johns River in Jacksonville provides a soothing and picturesque break from their hectic activities. The river cruise affords stunning views of the city skyline, rich surroundings, and fascinating fauna.

Professionals can unwind while taking in the mild breeze and soaking in the quiet atmosphere. The trip provides a wonderful opportunity for networking and connection building with colleagues or clients in a more relaxed and scenic setting. 

Exploring the St. Johns River, whether on a sunset cruise, a dinner cruise, or a private charter, provides a unique view of Jacksonville and generates memorable experiences for business executives.

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9. Explore The Kingsley Plantation

This well-preserved property gives visitors an insight into the lives of both slaves and free people during the antebellum period. Exploring the ancient structures of the plantation, such as the plantation house and slave quarters, provides unique insights into the region’s past and the complex history of the American South. 

The plantation’s tranquil natural environs, with their gorgeous pathways and lovely views of the St. Johns River, provide a peaceful backdrop for introspection and contemplation. A visit to the Kingsley Plantation allows business professionals to interact with history, develop a better understanding of the past, and gain a fresh perspective on societal issues.


A vacation to Jacksonville provides a well-rounded experience for business executives, mixing a dynamic cityscape with natural beauty, cultural immersion, and sufficient possibilities for relaxation and networking.

Jacksonville provides a varied selection of experiences, from exploring the quirky neighborhoods of Riverside and Avondale to enjoying the magnificent beaches and waterfront activities. Engaging with the city’s vibrant arts scene, visiting world-class institutions, and indulging in local food enrich the voyage. 

The city is an outstanding destination for conferences, meetings, and professional gatherings due to its business-friendly culture, easy conveniences, and innovative event spaces. Whether for business or pleasure, Jacksonville’s blend of seaside charm, flourishing cultural scene, and friendly friendliness creates an indelible impact.

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