Things To Do For Business Professionals In Edmonton

Things To Do For Business Professionals In Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta’s capital, is a bustling and diversified city with a unique blend of urban amenities and natural beauty. Edmonton, known for its pleasant atmosphere and rich cultural past, is a center for arts, culture, and outdoor activities.

There is always something fun to do in Edmonton, from exploring the magnificent river valley and its large trail system to immersing in the city’s flourishing arts and music scene. 

Edmonton has something for everyone, with its vibrant downtown core, world-class events, and renowned attractions like West Edmonton Mall, making it a wonderful destination to come and experience. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best ways to explore the city while on a work trip:

Things To Do For Business Professionals In Edmonton

Let’s see how professionals can enhance their visit to Edmonton.

1. Go To Business Events And Conferences

Edmonton is an urban center with a vibrant business atmosphere, making it a great location for a variety of corporate meetings and conferences. The city has a variety of modern and well-equipped facilities, including convention centers, hotels, and specialized event spaces, that can accommodate large-scale conferences as well as intimate business meetings.

Business events

The city is well-known for its expertise in industries such as oil and gas, technology, healthcare, and agriculture, and it often hosts industry-specific conferences and trade exhibits.

Furthermore, the city’s friendly business community, professional services, and proximity to research and innovation centers make it an appealing destination for networking, knowledge-sharing, and commercial relationship development.

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2. Book Business-friendly Accommodations 

Edmonton has a variety of business-friendly hotels that are targeted at the demands of business professionals. The city has several hotels and motels that offer specialized business amenities and services.

Many hotels offer well-equipped meeting and conference facilities, such as boardrooms, event spaces, and audiovisual equipment, making them ideal for corporate meetings and gatherings. 

Furthermore, to meet the needs of business travelers, Edmonton’s business-friendly motels frequently provide amenities such as high-speed internet access, business centers, executive lounges, and concierge services. 

3. Explore The Stunning Landscapes Of Elk Island National Park

Take a break from meetings and relax in the park’s tranquil settings, which include hiking trails, beautiful drives, and animal viewing possibilities. The park’s beautiful lakes and trees provide a revitalizing setting for introspection and relaxation. Participate in team-building activities such as guided nature hikes or canoe excursions. 

Elk Island National Park, whether for a short visit or a prolonged stay, provides a refreshing natural getaway that can boost productivity and create a memorable experience for business workers.

4. Visit The West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall, a leading shopping and entertainment destination, provides a one-of-a-kind experience for Edmonton’s business professionals. Aside from its substantial retail choices, the mall offers a variety of attractions and activities to help you unwind after a long day at work.

Indulge in fine dining, see a movie at the theater, or challenge your coworkers to a friendly round of mini-golf or bowling. 

Edmonton Mall

Explore the thrilling indoor amusement park or marvel at the awe-inspiring aquatic life at the World Waterpark and Sea Life Caverns. West Edmonton Mall, with its numerous entertainment offerings, offers a perfect blend of leisure and business prospects for professionals visiting the city.

5. Discover The Culture At The Royal Alberta Museum

Explore the intriguing exhibitions that highlight Alberta’s natural history, indigenous heritage, and different cultural traditions. The museum provides insights into the region’s past, present, and future through interactive displays and compelling artifacts.

Engaging in programs, workshops, and lectures can help you broaden your knowledge. Explore the galleries dedicated to wildlife, paleontology, archaeology, and other topics. 

Whether you’re interested in science, history, or art, the Royal Alberta Museum provides an engaging and thought-provoking experience that will help you better understand the local culture and improve your vacation in Edmonton.

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6. Attend A Hockey Game Or Concert At Rogers Place

Attending a hockey game or concert at Rogers Place is something you can’t miss while visiting Edmonton. The Edmonton Oilers play in this state-of-the-art facility, which also accommodates a variety of world-class concerts and events.

Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere, whether you’re rooting for the home team or watching a great performance by a renowned musician. 

Rogers Place provides a premium entertainment experience with its modern design, superb acoustics, and first-rate facilities. Whether you’re a sports fan or a music fan, this renowned venue offers a chance to relax, network, and enjoy world-class entertainment in the center of Edmonton.

7. Experience The Edmonton Fringe Festival

The Edmonton Fringe Festival is a colorful and lively event that provides business professionals with a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience. This acclaimed performing arts festival presents a varied selection of acts, including theater, comedy, music, and dance, creating a creative and entertaining atmosphere. 

Edmonton Fringe Festival

Explore Old Strathcona’s busy streets, where venues come alive with performances by local and international performers. Immerse yourself in the festival’s spirit, network with other guests, and discover new talents. The Edmonton Fringe Festival is an excellent way to unwind, enjoy the arts, and spice up your business trip to Edmonton.

8. Explore The Art Gallery Of Alberta

The Art Gallery of Alberta is an Edmonton cultural jewel where visitors can explore its broad collection of current and historical artworks by local and international artists.

Exhibitions, seminars, and workshops are held at the gallery, providing possibilities for networking and engagement with the arts community. Immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere, acquire inspiration, and let the thought-provoking exhibitions stimulate your senses. 

The building’s remarkable architecture is a sight to behold and adds to the entire mood. Whether you’re an art fan or looking for a break from your business, the Art Gallery of Alberta is a must-see in Edmonton.

9. Take A Stroll Through The Beautiful River Valley Parks

These beautiful parks, such as William Hawrelak Park, Louise McKinney Riverfront Park, and Rundle Park, provide a relaxing and peaceful setting for business executives to unwind and connect with nature.

Enjoy a stroll along the winding trails while taking in the breathtaking vistas of the North Saskatchewan River and breathing in the fresh air. 

These parks also offer outdoor activities such as cycling, picnicking, and even canoeing. Immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere and replenish your batteries in Edmonton’s river valley parks.


A trip to Edmonton holds engaging sights, growing economic possibilities, and natural beauty. From the landmark West Edmonton Mall to the artistic displays at the Royal Alberta Museum and Art Gallery of Alberta, explore the city’s dynamic cultural scene.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery by engaging in outdoor adventures at Elk Island National Park and the river valley parks. Experience the city’s passionate atmosphere by attending a great hockey game or concert at Rogers Place. 

Edmonton caters to professionals seeking both productive and entertaining experiences with its business-friendly hotels and venues. Finish your journey with cherished recollections of Edmonton’s warm warmth, various attractions, and the city’s ideal balance of urban sophistication and natural charm.

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