June 2022 Product Update

Happy June!

At 10times, our vision is to empower every event professional out there to reach the potential audience, make an ever-lasting impact on attendees and get the highest return on investment from their events. Our teams have been working on some exciting updates and new tools to help you save time, drive ROI, and grow the visibility of your event.

Let’s dive right into the latest developments below without further ado:

1. Real-time Event Alerts

Keep track of your event updates with real-time event alerts and make fast changes to your event to enhance the attendee experience. Keep track of the latest activities via a single dashboard.

real-time event alerts on 10times

2. Instant Offers For Existing Partners

Boost existing customer engagement and generate new revenue with significant discounts. Check the best offers instantly and give your existing partners a specific discount that is tailored just for them.

3. Enhanced Lead Tracking

We have completely overhauled the filters option to enhance the lead tracking experience. Now you can track your lead’s journey from creation all the way to conversion using new and improved filter options.

lead tracking 10times

4. Improved Targeting With Custom Questions 

Specify the data you want to collect from your potential leads. Now get the custom questions option while collecting leads to improve targeting and get answers to the questions that are most important to your organisation.

5. Bulk Upload Speakers & Exhibitors

Eliminate extra efforts to upload speakers and exhibitors to your event one by one. You can now gain access to enable bulk uploading of speakers and exhibitors to your event in a single click.

6. Premium Plan Highlights & Tracking

Event marketing has never been easier! Gain access to premium plan highlights and better tracking of your suite of services on 10times.

Apart from these features, we have some exciting updates coming soon. Stay tuned for more next month!

Learn more about this month’s updates and influence future releases. Talk to our experts to know more.

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