How to use event app to encourage networking among your attendees

How to use the event app to encourage networking among your attendees

Event app encourages networking

 “Your Network is your net worth!” 

 Event attendees are well aware of this fact. They value networking and anything that encourages it. Being an event organizer, this is an opportunity you can’t miss out on! Event app acts as a tool to encourage networking among your attendees, let’s see how-

Cost-effective networking

Event apps have made sure that priceless networking gets possible at a minimal price. There was a time when networking was about mismanaged visiting cards. While most of such cards proved irrelevant, preserving the relevant ones was another headache, not to mention the time and money invested. With event apps, your attendees can make connections over a click, get digital badges and enhance their overall networking experience. 

Attendees’ personal matchmaker

Matches are not made in heaven anymore. Event app encourages networking, it is the new matchmaking tools when it comes to the event industry. Smartphones have made sure that attendees get everything within their palm’s reach, even networking. And the best part, this networking is based on their personal choice. Event apps empower them to connect only with the people they want in their network. 

Onsite engagement

Onsite Engagement

The online networking that you create before the event becomes worthless if you can’t translate it on D-day. An event app is the best way to create networking on the day of the event. Also, it isn’t just confined to simple gaming features. These days, AI-backed intuitive event apps provide excellent matchmaking solutions. They suggest relevant people, sessions and sponsors based on attendees’ taste and history.  

Rate of Retention

Event organizers tend to focus on networking before and during the event. But the crucial after-event networking is often overlooked. This is a common pitfall as they miss the chance to retain attendees for future editions. You can avoid such a mistake with smart use of event app which allows you to maintain network and retain attendees. The attendees you retain are the real ambassadors of your event. An enhanced rate of retention creates a loyal consumer base.

Track networking


Networking is beneficial only when you can track insights to add some value to your event. Event apps have made networking a lot more quantifiable and data-driven. Your dashboard analytics can also help you in garnering sponsors for your app.



While event apps started as a digital luxury, they have become a necessity now. Thanks to these apps, event networking has scaled up in recent years. Networking was once a troublesome task for event attendees. With event apps, networking doesn’t feel like networking. It’s less formal yet more fruitful than ever.



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