Event Marketing Automation

How to make the best use of event marketing automation

How to use Event Marketing automation for best results

Event marketing is the core of the overall event planning. After all, events are about face-to-face meetings and event marketing ensures that there are enough people interacting. From attracting the potential attendees to selling booth space to the exhibitors, event planners need to rely on strategic event marketing to get the tasks done. 

In these times when event attendees have so many options available, you need a different approach to make an impact. This is only possible via an experiential event marketing campaign which ensures personalization. 

Event Marketing Campaign and personalization

  • Personalization is the key to a successful event marketing campaign
  • Ensuring personalization is not easy when an event marketer deals with thousands of potential attendees
  • That’s where automation comes in. 

Thus, event marketing automation automates the process of your marketing channel so that you can focus more on the strategic part.

With the right use of event marketing automation, you can 

  • Enhance the span of your campaign. 
  • Make it more data-driven and hence, result-oriented. 
  • get a comprehensive view of the campaign and locate the strong and weak areas. 

How to make the best use of event marketing automation

There are many event planners who still struggle to make the best use of event marketing automation. Here are these step by step guidelines to help you boost your event marketing automation strategy- 

Start with the right event management software

  • Make sure you go for a robust event management software which covers various aspects of your event management. 
  • It is advisable to get a software which goes beyond simple lead management. Look forward to event-tech assistance such as getting personalized event apps and websites within quick and easy steps. 
  • It is always an added advantage if you can integrate the software with your personal CRM with the help of an API integration feature. 
  • Other automation processes such as self-check-in help in tracking the leads until their attendance in the event. 

Get listed on the right platform

The real potential of event management or marketing software is identified when it is integrated with a strong event listing platform. Here’s how- 

  • These days, most of the visitors, exhibitors, vendors, speakers, etc rely on event listing/discovery platforms for the right event. Thus, the integration of the event management/marketing software with the listing platform is an added advantage. 
  • As an event planner, you can get a track of people event remotely listed in your event. This helps you in enriching your marketing funnel with the right people from relevant industries. 

Develop your strategy

  • Event Marketing automation isn’t just confined to automated targeted mailer campaigns. 
  • You need to have a multi-channel marketing approach to make the full use of event 

In case you are clueless about how to proceed with it, you can directly take the help of event marketing campaign. 

With the right event marketing automation strategy, you can

  • Sync various channels of marketing and control them all from a single place. 
  • Generate leads and track the same for better footfall conversion
  • Track web and social media analytics to derive actionable business insights
  • You can also facilitate the meetings among your leads. This enhances their experience and they feel more connected with your event and its agendas. 
  • Automated reminders help you engage the attendees during the gap period from online registration till event attendance

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