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15 Best Event Marketing Platforms For 2023

There are several event marketing platforms in the market competing with each other to become the most reliable and top choice among event planners. As a result of the many alternatives available, this rivalry has confused marketers and customers.

With their cutting-edge features, these event marketing platforms provide event organizers with several advantages while attracting interested audiences. 

However, to go through each and event event marketing platforms available in the market might take too long. Therefore, we have compiled a thorough list of the top 15 event marketing platforms to help you choose the best.

What is Event Marketing?

The word “event marketing” is wide. Event marketing involves marketing your event to your target audience using different strategies across different marketing channels. Event marketing aids in educating clients about the product and fostering deeper ties with them.

Companies can participate in these events as organizers, attendees, or investor, and these events can take place in-person, online or hybrid. For marketing objectives, marketers employ both inbound and outbound event marketing techniques.

15 Best Event Marketing Tools

The list will cover the top 15 event marketing platforms that assist in event marketing and planning.

1. Wrike

Wrike is a complete event planning system that has systematic organization approach as its strongest point. Wrike requires segmenting the event schedule into distinct phases, giving each activity a precise deadline, and making performance tracking simple with a graphic timeline.

Wrike provides a wide range of features to assist you in planning, organizing and managing your events, covering supplier collaboration and manpower optimization. With the help of their Professional Event Template, event planners may better manage all crucial duties.

Wrike Project Planning provides companies with a complete solution for managing all kinds of events, from the beginning to the end. It also ensures that consumers get a complete perspective of the activity overall while assisting them with even the smallest details. It also provides a strong system that involves aiding teams in finishing work and reaching goals more effectively.

Key characteristics

  • Resource Administration enables quick resource monitoring and optimal prioritization for the highest performance.
  • Widespread Integration with corporate technologies like JIRA, GitHub, Adobe, Creative Cloud, and others, Wrike enables 3rd-party connectors. Thanks to it, you may carry out several tasks from a specific event portal.
  • Variety of Templates encourages customization and flexibility.

2. 10Times

10Times is an all-in-one event marketing platform that allows event planners to reach their target audience, drive higher event attendance, and maximize event ROI. Whether it’s tradeshows, conferences, webinars or any event, the 10times marketing solution allows organizers to target interested users by leveraging multiple data points that signal intent. 

Key Characteristics

With 10times, event planners can:

  • List their events to reach 55 Million+ industry professionals worldwide
  • Promote and generate targetted event leads
  • Manage potential leads through a single dashboard
  • Send automated notifications & alerts (Email, SMS & Voice)
  • Invite and share the event across multiple channels
  • Measure the event success with insightful reports

3. EventMobi

EventMobi, a comprehensive event engagement mobile solution, covers the full lifetime of any activity. Each event organizer requires this program since it provides a full set of digital capabilities and tools. These aid in ensuring that each person has the kind of encounter they anticipate.

This portable event planning tool is very simple, sparing event planners both time and money while ensuring that maximum participants are involved in the activity. Some of its capabilities include event applications, analytics, real-time polls, connectivity, engagement, enrollment, and kiosks. All event planners and attendees love this adaptable, ideal system.

Key Characteristics

  • Large-scale event app
  • Engagement and survey tools for events
  • Real-time digital display for brands
  • Provision of a fun production and interpretation
  • A platform for managing the whole encounter
  • Capacity to handle many events

4. Cvent

Cvent is a cloud-based event production software that provides an intuitive, unified technological platform to maximize the impact of every engagement you host. It assists event managers throughout every stage of the event lifecycle, encompassing the planning process, advertising, on-site implementation, live acts, and event results assessment and statistics.

Tasks associated with events, such as quality assurance, visitor interaction, event management, and venue selection, may also be made easier with the help of this solution. Over 3 million active members presently use it across more than 100 nations.

Key Characteristics

  • Make experiences out of events
  • 24-hour, great customer support
  • Unit block administration
  • a four-stage methodology for event planning
  • smart event applications for the device

5. Avochato

Avochato is a program for managing events focusing on texting for commerce and dismantling obstacles for planners. It enables you to establish lasting, durable connections with clients more quickly on a site that allows you to locate them constantly.

Key Characteristics

  • Computerized Surveys acquire pertinent information about your intended audience through these questionnaires, which will assist you in increasing consumer engagement.
  • Broad Synchronizations offers connectivity with various third-party programs, like Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, and others.
  • Prevention against Robocalls function, which stops robotic dialup modems from contacting your lines, is included with every Avochato number.
  • Analytics of Data tool analyzes texting, identify qualified leads, drive engagement, and draw practical insights using in-depth reports.

6. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a versatile, user-friendly event planning system that adapts to the unique requirements of event organizers to guarantee a flawless event-organizing environment. It has many user-friendly features to help with event-related duties, including promotion, pricing, enrollment, and post-event operations.

Eventbrite’s major goals are high visitor turnouts, improved efficiency, and strong results and income. You may manage activities more effectively with this service, from the most straightforward get-togethers to the most complicated ones.

Key Characteristics

  • It includes a wide range of features that make event administration easier.
  • Individualization of event monitoring and participation
  • Simple website incorporation of widgets
  • Free organizer software for Ios and android devices available from the app store 
  • Eventbrite Spectrum

7. Monday

Monday supports nteractive interface for efficient event management plan . It carries out tasks including setting up venues, selling event tickets, keeping track of attendees, and managing and budgeting budgets. Additionally, it enables you to manage several events from a single interface.

Key Characteristics

  • Data Analytics application provides in-depth predictive analytics to use your KPIs and measurements and produce insights for practice.
  • Widespread Integration includes several third-party integrations, including those with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zapier.
  • Activity Checklist helps in keeping track of specific criteria like dates, enrollment, speakers called to the event, helpers, and so forth.
  • Plywood Table tool utilize the built-in board columns to graphically manage all of your projects and processes from one platform.

8. Fonteva

Undoubtedly one of the greatest event management programs is Fonteva. Salesforce receives all the event-related data that Fonteva sends, allowing you to maintain control of every occurrence conveniently. 

Over 90,000,000 users are served, and it encompasses 100+ nations. Additionally, trade organizations, professional groups, and organization property managers are the best candidates.

Key Characteristics

  • Follow Significant Transactions – The program can keep track of changes in real-time, including the number of funds on hand, the money due, and the money owed.
  • Management of finances and campaigning is a single framework for capital allocation.
  • Controlling the flow and withdrawal of money.
  • Corporate finance.Email Promotion delivers high-end email campaign services since it integrates with Salesforce.
  • Badge Control enables thorough badge administration for improved visibility, making you stick apart.

9. Caterease

Among event organizers, Caterease is a well-known event and food application. Scheduling events quickly and taking care of all the logistics saves you time.

Key Characteristics

  • Event Bespoke Printing software creates as many front-of-house or back-of-house event posters as you need with appealing, expertly planned designs.
  • Tracking key indicators monitors every area of your organization digitally with its versatile, quick-access statistics and customized analysis tools.
  • Additionally, it provides a new wireless application allowing users to access upcoming events.

10. Remo

Remo is a system for online gatherings that allows companies to hold various events, including lectures, tutorials, online meetings, and seminars. The major benefit is that participants in a Remo digital event are not required to download any software. The following are the main Remo characteristics:

Key Characteristics

  • Paid and amateur online events
  • Increasing the staff
  • Quick networking
  • Budgeting for selling financial backing
  • superior sound and video playback
  • Polls
  • Shared-screen Q&A section

11. Eventzilla

There is a fully-featured activity solution designed for physical and digital gatherings called Eventzilla. It assists you in handling practically every aspect of event administration, involving registrations, marketing, and verification.

Key Characteristics

  • Broad Integrations tool provides smooth event planning through connections with over 1,000 applications.
  • Creator of a multi-track upcoming event tool’s flexibility designer supports multiple simultaneous tracks and sessions.
  • Safe & Quick Checkout gives your consumers a simple signup experience, which improves conversion rates.
  • Insights of Data provides a user dashboard with one-click transfers for all attendance information. Additionally, it facilitates the development of tailored statistics and insights with Google to monitor sales, visitors, and referrals.

12. RSVPify

A robust and cost-free RSVP webpage and event toolkit are RSVPify. This tool can efficiently and rapidly create highly customizable RSVPs for virtually any event.

Key Characteristics

  • List of Guests Management application aids in the organization, monitoring, and administration of the invite list.
  • Integrated Event Panel offers a lone source of information on who is coming to your events and what they like.
  • Making a Seating Chart function makes it easier for event organizers to utilize the drag-and-drop allocation map creator built into the invite list.
  • Unique QR Codes adds personalized QR codes to simplify the participation procedure.

13. Everwall

You may integrate social media marketing with the event marketing process with the help of Everwall. Thanks to its authentic upgrades, you’ll never be required to keep your customers waiting. You also don’t need to download it on the computer or deal with any additional problems.

Key Characteristics

  • Leaderboards allows users to see the best Twitter accounts sorted by interaction, the frequency with which your targeted keywords are used, or the number of friends they possess.
  • Polling, with the help of this technology, your guests may comment on their boards in real-time while using Twitter and Instagram.
  • Superior Filtering across numerous event planning systems, you may immediately restrict submissions using the language filter, hot topic sift, and various other filters.

14. Splash

Splash is undoubtedly one of the top event advertising channels accessible, having gained the confidence of more than 50% of Fortune 500 businesses. It may streamline the development of event assets and gather more insightful data about attendees. 

Splash simplifies effective promotional implementation and assists businesses in effectively reaching their intended audience. All the VIP capabilities, including

Key Characteristics

  • Attendee control
  • Email advertising
  • Online enrollment
  • Ticketing
  • Surveys and comments
  • Website administration
  • Social advancement
  • Transaction processing
  • Data analysis

15. Momice

Momice is a complete event planning management tool made to complement any occasion’s aesthetic. It enables you to provide your guest with a fantastic time while helping to save time and commit fewer errors.

Key Characteristics

  • Adherence with GDPR tool offers Gdpr, which guarantees the accuracy of customer information.
  • Online Event Instant makes computerized enrollment for seminars, additional visitors, and waiting lists possible.
  • Mobile device scanning helps in  creating check-in for your guests.
  • Module for Account Manager enables to keep count of all invites, you may allow people to join their connections.


Event management is a difficult task. A significant amount of effort goes into making an event effective. In addition to selling tickets, you might have to organize anything from corporate event blueprints to ticket bookings

Consequently, event organizers and other experts must recognize and comprehend their responsibilities. An event technology might be useful in this situation.

Every organization, however, has a unique plan and set of functional needs. In addition, you can choose Avochato, 10Times, or Wrike if you require a high-end application with capabilities like big data.

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