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Top 10 Event Listing Websites for Reaching New Audiences

As an event organizer, you understand the importance of promoting your upcoming event to ensure maximum attendance and success. However, navigating the vast landscape of event promotion websites can be a daunting task. With the internet connecting people worldwide, what you truly need is an event listing website that effectively connects you with your target audience.

Event listing websites serve as excellent tools to spread the word about your event. By leveraging their existing website traffic, you can enhance the visibility and credibility of your event. Moreover, these platforms enable you to establish a robust online presence, reach a wider audience, and build a loyal customer base for your business.

One significant advantage of listing your events on such platforms is the creation of high-quality inbound links to your website. This, in turn, helps improve your search engine rankings and attracts organic traffic, ensuring that a large number of people discover your event.

Even if you’re working with a limited budget, you can still establish a strong online presence and promote your business effectively through event listing websites. These platforms allow you to provide comprehensive details about your business and events, keeping your audience informed every step of the way. Some platforms even offer the option to sell tickets directly through their website, though it may involve some costs.

Without any further delay, let’s delve into the top 10 platforms that provide excellent opportunities to list your upcoming event. These platforms will enable you to reach your target audience, increase event visibility, and ultimately maximize the success of your event.

How Does Event Listing Platform Help?

Event listing platforms are where event organizers list their events and companies with the necessary information. It will considerably help in event marketing, and those looking for events on search engines will have no trouble finding you. Your website will become more accessible on search engines and expand your consumer base by reaching a prospective audience every time you submit your event to one of these listings.

These platforms assist you in increasing your income and in generating high-quality leads from search engines. Effective event listing platforms increase online exposure and give individuals without access to large budgets an extraordinary chance to establish an online presence and market their businesses. 

Additionally, you may post every specific aspect of your company and events, informing the public of them. You may also sell tickets to the audience on the platform, but it can be expensive.

Points to Consider While Listing Your Event

When listing your event on event listing websites, it is important to keep a few key points in mind to ensure efficient use and maximum visibility. Take the time to follow these guidelines:

  • Classify Your Event Correctly: To attract the right audience, make sure your event is classified under the appropriate category. This helps potential attendees find your event more easily.
  • Utilize Relevant Keywords: When tagging your event, use keywords that are relevant to its content. Include artist names, venue details, and specific locations to optimize searchability and improve the chances of your event being discovered.
  • Leverage the Power of the Internet: Take full advantage of the online platform by providing a comprehensive event description and using relevant event tags. This ensures that your event can be easily found by interested individuals. After all, if nobody can discover your event, listing it becomes pointless.
  • Include a Registration Link: If your event requires online registration or ticket purchase, it is crucial to include a direct ticket link. By doing so, you minimize any online limitations and make it convenient for potential attendees to secure their spot. This increases the likelihood of a successful turnout.
  • Capture Attention with Images: Enhance your event listing by including eye-catching images. Visuals play a significant role in grabbing the audience’s attention and enticing them to learn more about your event.
  • Utilize Bullet Points: When providing event details, make use of bullet points. This formatting style makes it easier for readers to quickly scan the information and highlights the key aspects of your event, such as date, time, and special features.

Event Listing Platforms To Use for Your Upcoming Event

Whether you’re organizing a conference, concert, workshop, or any other event, get ready to discover the best platforms that will help you take your event promotion to the next level.

1. 10Times 

10Times is a the world’s largest event listing and discovery platform. Headquartered in Noida, the company has local offices in Singapore and USA. The event management platform allows event organizers to create, promote, and manage the entire life cycle of an event – pre, during & post-event stages. 10Times has gained prominence over the years for helping drive millions of people to events around the globe.

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The global event listing platform is extremely popular in major cities like New York, and it features events from companies such as O’Reilly, IBM, and Princeton.  Used by millions of users each day, 10Times helps them decide which event they should attend, and who they should meet in more than 10,000 cities across more than 150 countries. 

This event listing website also has a section specifically for online events, allowing people to browse thousands of online events. It’s also user-friendly, which makes it easier for people to find your event. It’s free, but you can pay more for placement.

2. Yelp 

Yelp is the best place to list and advertise free events. The listings on this extremely helpful website can be sorted by business, geographical location, price range, and unique features like outdoor seating, delivery service, or the ability to accept reservations. 

Yelp users can also indicate whether they will attend an event and leave a review and rating after attending the event.

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Businesses, event planners, and event visitors looking for local event listings worldwide use this insanely popular business directory.

3. Eventbrite

One of the most well-known websites for listing events, Eventbrite is regarded as ideal for listing events. You may construct an event listing page using Eventbrite with a built-in processing, payment, and support system.

It manages guest lists efficiently through a quick setup process. Additionally, it is available on any device, allowing you to use it whenever and wherever you like. With the help of Eventbrite, you can effortlessly and seamlessly expand your audience by integrating your event with the leading event listing websites. 

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You can target the precise audience you want to reach with these platforms because they are designed for either people in your social circle or those looking for information about events to attend. You can easily promote your events across many platforms with Eventbrite Boost, allowing you to increase your audience further.

4. LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn events feature is one of the newest additions to the network. With this feature, you can create an event on LinkedIn that you can share with your network and the public. Both online and in-person events can be created on LinkedIn.

You can also promote your event through LinkedIn’s ad system, which can give it the visibility you desire. You can specify event details and invite attendees. You can make LinkedIn Events private or public. 

Attendees can invite their own LinkedIn connections to your event with your permission. The event feed allows attendees to connect and converse with each other. Engaging through this channel can be a valuable tool for networking and community building.

5. Facebook Events

Despite the fact that it might seem a non-professional platform for a B2B event, the BBC reports that “six out of ten people can’t get through the workday without checking social media.”

The main purpose of Facebook is to keep people informed about what’s going on with their friends and what’s going on in their communities. In order to maximize your event marketing impact, you should certainly keep Facebook Events at the top of your list.

The powerful targeting capabilities of Facebook Events make them particularly powerful. The Facebook algorithm helps put your events in front of the right audiences based on their geolocation, demographics, interests, and behaviour. Once a user expresses interest in your event, that interest is shared with their friends. Your reach is exponentially increased.

6. Eventbee

EventBee is an award-winning ticketing platform used by thousands of event managers on a global scale. The online portal has established itself as a promising event listing site that can help you reach your target audience globally. 

You can set up an event conveniently by creating an event page, choosing whether it is a one-time or recurring event, or by creating different types of tickets – single or multiple, allowing people to get general admission or reserved seating. You can further customize the event by setting up a dynamic registration form, etc.

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With EventBee, the one-time payment starts at $1.00. For ticket purchases, it supports third-party credit card processing, PayPal, and other multiple payment methods. Additionally, EventBee allows event planners to create custom event URLs, which are a great way to sell more tickets for private events.

7. All Conferences

All Conferences is another choice that serves planners of events across all sectors. Their database of over 100,000 conference entries covers everything from accounting to wholesale trade and gives visitors an in-depth search interface and free listing options for organizers.

Nevertheless, the Business, Science, and Computing categories are the most crowded. However, if we narrow our focus to just the first of these regions, there are many subcategories, allowing you to target particular visitors with extreme specificity.

There are upgrade options where you may pay to enhance your rank on listing pages. However, they are optional. Upgrade features are free for a single listing with primary conference data.

8. Google Events

Another excellent technique for broadening the audience for your event is Google Events. Although the enormous firm doesn’t technically have a dedicated events website, listing your event ensures that it will appear in search results when a relevant query is entered. 

Of course, this may improve awareness of your event, which would inevitably result in more attendees and income. When you utilize event markup on any landing pages, event listings and information are visible in Google search results. The events from any website may appear in Google’s search results, giving them a greater context. 

9. EventSeeker

Eventseeker offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of publishing your events. You can quickly create and upload event listings without any hassle. Eventseeker attracts event enthusiasts who actively search for upcoming events and are eager to explore new experiences.

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When listing your events on Eventseeker, you have the freedom to provide detailed information about your event. From event descriptions to date, time, location, ticketing information, and more, you can present all the necessary details to potential attendees.

10. Evvnt

Evvnt is the best event listing service can syndicate your event from a single submission to a network of 5000+ event listing sites and calendars. Why settle for a provider that handles the demand you generate for tickets? 

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You can do it with others if your event is on their network. They can boost the exposure of your event, the number of websites where people can buy your tickets, and your SEO rankings on the top search engines. The services range from local event marketing and social media postings to event syndication throughout the network of 5000+ sites.


So, there you have it. As you can see from this list, there are plenty of powerful, effective and highly listing platforms where you can list, promote and maximise the reach of your event. All you need is a little bit of prior planning, foresight and creativity to get started.