Event Invitation Email Templates and Samples

Event planning is a time-consuming and exhausting process. No event can be complete without guests, from the idea to the execution.

The perfect email invitation for an event is essential because of this.

What makes an effective invitation email?

Whether you use an email invitation template or code from scratch, there are a few things that make any invitation email more effective.

Here are a few ideas for structuring and branding your email invites to make them more effective.

  • Send name

Invitations that come from your business email rather than your personal address are more likely to catch the attention of readers. As a result, business emails carry more authority and assure guests that the event is official and sponsored by your company.

Make sure the sender name on your invitations is your company name. If you want invitations to come from an individual, include the company name somewhere in the subject line.

  • Subject line

Approximately 300 billion emails are sent and received every day, which results in crowded inboxes by nature. Your email subject lines should inspire the click-through if you want your invitation to stand out. You shouldn’t be coy about what your event has in store.

To boost open rates, your event invitation email subject line should include the most exciting, intriguing, and engaging aspects of the event. Keep the less interesting event details for the email body and focus on the subject line instead. Subject lines are crucial to email marketing.

  • Preview text

The preview text appears either directly next to or below the subject line. With a so-called ‘second subject line,’ you have a second chance to incentivize recipients to open your email by describing what’s inside.

There isn’t a magic subject line or preview text formula that will guarantee your audience’s attention but focus on being both exciting and informative, as well as mentioning the event. In this way, readers can understand why they are clicking and what to expect after they have clicked. The click-through rate of your email will be greatly affected by this change.

  • Header logo

If a recipient misses your send name, your header logo can serve as a reminder that they just opened an invitation from you. Make sure that your logo design appears prominently in the email design of all of your invitation emails.

Consistently using your logo throughout your event marketing (from invitations to cocktail napkins) will help you build your brand’s awareness and recognition. You’ll make your brand memorable, which will increase the chance that your events will deliver a return on investment (either immediately or long after the event).

  • Brand identity

Your company’s logo isn’t the only element of your brand design and identity that should be included in your invitation emails. Colours, fonts, and image style should also be considered for your company.

Brand consistency will help your event invitation emails build on the brand awareness generated from your other marketing efforts. As we all know, events can be an expensive investment, so it is important to ensure they are aligned with your overall marketing efforts and process.

  • Email content

In addition to being functional, the body copy of your event invitation emails must also be exciting. Email content should highlight why people should attend your event, not just how or when. Even if you think you’ve communicated clearly, take a step back to consider the following:

    • How do you make your event more appealing to your audience?
    • Why should they attend your event?
    • Would this be of interest to them?
    • What are the advantages of attending?
    • If you weren’t the organizer, would you want to attend this event?
    • In your invitation email, highlight the world-famous speaker or open bar in order to build excitement.
  • Rich media

There are some aspects of an event that look better than they sound. The best way to highlight things like location, venue, and swag is to show, not tell. Media-rich media such as photos of your venue or videos of your speakers will likely motivate attendees to RSVP more than your descriptive copy.

Keeping your content snappy will prevent readers from losing interest and clicking away. Images, videos, and gifs can help you communicate your message more effectively. In the future, if necessary, you can send a more detailed, text-heavy reminder email.

  • Email layout

Make sure you pick an event email invitation template that is short and has a prominent call-to-action button (CTA button) leading to a landing page for your event.

In the first few paragraphs, you can’t persuade people to attend your event, so adding five more paragraphs won’t help.

  • Footer signature

Your event invitation started with your name and logo, and you should aim to finish the same way.

If you include links to your social media pages in your footer, unconvinced readers can find out more about your brand online and possibly change their minds. You might persuade them to attend your next event if you do so.

Types of events and event invitation emails

You need to write emails for different events based on their selling points and needs.

We’ve put together a few event-specific tips and event invitation email templates to make things a little easier for your events team. The following tips and event invitation email examples will ensure you’re sending the best event invitation possible for any event.

  • Webinars

Office workers can take advantage of these online, interactive seminars to brush up on industry-relevant information quickly. You must explain why your audience should attend the webinar when inviting them.

Explain in your email invitation what attendees will learn from your online event. Emphasize exactly what attendees will gain from spending an hour or two with your team. Use this email invitation template to remind your audience about an upcoming webinar:

Hey [Name],

The [Insert topic of presentation] webinar is just one week away!

[Insert date and time]

Consider these [insert number] reasons to attend if you are still uncertain whether or not to attend:

[Key learning #1]

[Key learning #2]

[Key learning #3]

[Key learning #4]

Can we look to seeing you there?

[Insert CTA]

  • Exclusive sales

Exclusive sales let you treat your best customers to a VIP experience, regardless of whether they’re online or offline. Invitation emails for sales should, however, look more than just cash grabs. Emphasize the event’s exclusivity along with its benefits and discounts.

By emphasizing free gifts or discounts in your event invitation, you’ll increase attendance. Don’t skimp on the fine print, since it’s better for customers to know details and exclusions before purchasing. A sample exclusive sale email might look like this:

[Name], you won’t want to miss this!

For our [Loyalty tier] customers, we will offer up to [Discount percentage] off [Relevant products].

You’re invited to join us online or in-store to enjoy the best deals of the [Time period]!

[Insert CTA]

  • Product launch

Introducing a new product to the world can be an exciting (and terrifying) experience for any company. Launching a product with an audience can be challenging.

You want to generate hype in your invitation emails without spoiling the surprise, whether you’re inviting people in person or via a live webcast.

When it comes to webinars and exclusive sales, you need to be upfront with attendees about why they should attend, but when it comes to product launches, you need to be mysterious. Launches are all about making a big, splashy announcement. When your event invitations leak to the news, this becomes almost impossible. For inspiration, here’s a product launch announcement email invitation template:

Hi [Name],

Have you heard the news? Something big is coming from [Insert company name].

The launch of [Insert new product or service name] will take place at [Location] on [Date and time].

Learn everything you need to know about [Insert new product or service], as well as gain exclusive access to [Benefit of attending].

Get on the list today!

[Insert CTA]

  • Conferences

Whether you’re focusing on education with a seminar, or spotlighting products with a tradeshow, hosting conferences and business events can boost your profile as an industry authority.

On the educational side, email invitations for seminars should highlight key takeaways attendees can look to receive. If you have high profile speakers presenting or on your panels, dropping those names in your invitation emails can help push people towards purchasing their tickets for your upcoming event.

If you’re throwing an industry-specific trade show, featuring the companies in attendance as sponsors, along with any relevant educational sessions they’ll be hosting. You can be a little more niche here since attendees will normally be limited to a particular industry.

You shouldn’t be afraid to go beyond the business at any conference event. You should promote your after-hours events or after-parties as a networking opportunity. Attendees will gain additional value from your conferences, beyond just what is said in booths or onstage. Here’s a conference invitation template for getting you started:


[Company name]’s annual [Insert conference name and type] is fast approaching. With [Number] guests confirmed, [Number] speakers and [Number] networking events, we have a bigger and better event this year than ever before.

Featuring presentations from:

[Speaker #1]

[Speaker #2]

And [Speaker #3]

Along with after-hours events and activities hosted by:

[Sponsor #1]

[Sponsor #2]

And [Sponsor #3]

You won’t want to miss out on [Name of conference]!

Tickets start at [Price], with prices going up on [Date].

[Insert CTA]

  • Awards

Want to recognize the best in your company, industry, or customers? Award presentations are a powerful way to show appreciation and win a little loyalty at the same time.

It is important for attendees to know the types of awards, nominees, and entertainment accompanying award ceremonies. Having said that, you should not let someone know that they are nominated for an award in the event invitation email. Nominees should also be notified separately so that they aren’t the last to know. Below is an example of an award invitation email:

Dear [Name],

We invite you to join us for the celebration of the [Name of the prize] awards at [Location] on [Date and time].

The event will include [Event activity or attraction] and [Event activity or attraction] to commemorate the occasion.

The [Name of the prize] recognizes [Area of focus] within [Scope of award], and its focus is on [Purpose of award].

[Nominee #1] in [Category #1]

[Nominee #2] in [Category #2]

[Nominee #3] in [Category #3]

The complete list of nominees and categories, as well as information on [Name of location], can be found on [Website link].

Hope to see you there!

[Insert CTA]

  • Executive retreats and incentive programs

Your organization’s biggest players can discuss strategy at these exclusive events, and they can also relax. It’s a perfect mix of work and pleasure. Invitations need to be structured accordingly.

Although you’ll want to emphasize the location and leisure time, providing a schedule of the business aspects of the event lets attendees know their responsibilities before clicking “Attend”‘. Here’s a sample option:

Dear [Name],

We are pleased to invite you to [Company name]’s annual executive retreat, which will be held in [Location] this year. This week has been designed with you in mind as a reward for your contributions to [Company name].

The executive retreat provides the opportunity for networking with other [Tier of company position] team members and enjoying the sights and sounds of [Location].

A full schedule of meetings and activities can be found at [Website link], where you can also register for additional events around [Location].

Please confirm your attendance by [Date] to ensure your spot.

[Insert CTA]

  • Team-building events

The benefits of blending work and play aren’t limited to executives. The purpose of a large-scale team-building event is to bring your departments together and create new connections within your company.

Apart from offering internal networking opportunities, team-building events can also reinforce your company’s culture and brand, and this all begins with the email invitations you send out.

In your team-building invitation emails, you can leverage your brand’s colours, fonts, images, visuals, messages, and values. In addition to adding authenticity to your brand, it also primes employees for team building activities related to culture. Check out this sample invitation for ideas:

Hi [Name],

We are preparing for our [Name of event] team-building day at [Company name]. This event has been planned for quite some time and now it’s just missing one thing – you! 

We would like to invite you to leave your work behind for the next [Time period] and take part in some fun activities with your fellow [Company name] colleagues, such as:

[Activity #1]

[Activity #2]

[Activity #3]

You’re welcome to dress casually for [Activity #1], [Activity #2], and [Activity #3] or wear your [Company name] swag for the day.

Hope to see you there!

[Insert CTA]


Sending out an invitation to an event doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on your target audience and who you’re inviting. Email invitations should evoke excitement among recipients. However, you still need to make sure your attendees are informed about all the important details regarding your event.

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