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Do this if you want to improve your landing page conversion rates

How can I improve conversion on my event webpage? 

This question must have floated in your mind every time you look at your website page performance. In this day and age of the digital world, it is imperative for any business to have a strong web presence through which you connect with your audience. This gets more compelling when it comes to event landing pages. Even the best events out there require marketing components that will get people excited about it and a well-designed event landing page is critical to your event’s success. 

Event profs of successful events know how crucial it is to have an event landing page that narrates the story of your events to your event attendees. That’s why the most essential metric for analyzing any event’s success and measuring ROI is the conversion rate on the events page.

If you are looking for ways to make your event landing page effective you need to read ahead. 

The conversion is directly connected to the number of attendees that are aware or are instead in your events. The number of attendees will either make or break an event. That is why event organizers have to spend a great deal of effort on event marketing, which starts with event landing page design inspiration.

“There is no better place than a well-designed event landing page to tell your audience exactly why they should come to your event and what value they will get from attending.”

A great landing page with an above-average conversion rate is a must for an outstanding online presence. Here we have compiled a list of ways to make your event landing page massively successful so let’s get started.

What is an event landing or an event listing page? How is it different from your website. 

An event listing page is a landing page of your event with all the important information regarding your specific single event. Even though you may have a website for all your events, it’s important to have a separate listing page for your event. Make sure you list your event on various event listing sites where your target audience is looking for events. 

10times is an ideal event discovery platform where you can enlist your events and reach your target audience to connect and engage with them. Your event attendees are the most important stakeholders of your event and enabling them with a smooth registration process and providing them with the ease of access to reach out to you can be a great way to create better experiences.  (further, on the terms event landing page and listing page are used interchangeably) 

We have collated a simple four-step strategy with Important factors that can directly amplify the growth of an event landing page and improve your conversion:

  1. The content of the page 

  2. Design and layout 

  3. Speed of the landing page 

  4. And lastly the user feedback and ratings

These are essential areas of your events landing page that needs to be updated with quality and engaging content in order to garner the attention of the users for a longer duration of time. 

Let’s understand each one in detail, or you can quickly jump to the must-haves of each section and start listing your events now.

1.Content of the event listing page:

Your event listing page content is the first thing any user will notice so make sure to put all the important details like date, venue, location, booking information policy etc regarding the event and keep it updated. To make this easier for you 10times offers a simple DIY event management tool that comes handy while creating listings of your event,  can use the oDash content scoreboard for event landing pages to improvise conversion. The Content should be relevant, updated and precise and should be placed in a creative way.

Must-haves in the content section:

There are four important elements of content on event landing pages your events exhibitor info, speaker details, agenda, and pricing. These create a good impact and help improve the conversion rate. The display of this information makes it relevant and interesting for the users helping them to decide how useful it will be for them to attend your event. Many times event planners avoid listing their exhibitor information or sometimes the event agenda is missing this can lead to confusion for event attendees making your conversion rates go down. Add these details and make it visible for the users to notice and see your conversion rates improve drastically. 


2. Design and Layout of the page:

The content is only as good as the placement of the same in the right place, for example, if you want your users to convert and register for the event, providing a CTA for registration in the best possible areas is important. The layout of the page should be simple so that it provides ease of access making it convenient for the attendees. 

Must-haves in the design and layout of your pages: 

Social channel links, videos, and images from the earlier editions of the event can be added to enhance the design and look of your event listing page. A simple and standardized format can also be a good hack for better performance of your event pages.


3. Speed and loading time of your event listing page:

The content and layout of the page perform better when the user can view the content easily. It is very important to have the loading time of the page limited to 2- 5 seconds.

This is easy to manage when the event is hosted or listed on an event discovery platform then the speed of the page is maintained by the platform.

All the events listed on the 10times platform are SEO optimized and have first-page google ranking with your industry keywords. 

Must-haves for  improving the loading speed of your listing page:

Use a simple layout of the page, track the performance via google analytics and keep improving the content. List your event on different discovery platforms.

Make sure the listing page is optimized with your industry related keywords. You can refer to this interesting article https://moz.com/learn/seo/page-speed that explains how to optimize your event landing pages. 

4. User reviews and feedback:

Another important aspect is the ratings and feedback of your event attendees. This a good tool to build trust among the users for the event – this can almost double the growth rate of your landing pages. Make your event attendees your brand ambassadors. Ask them to share their reviews and ratings on events listing pages. This is specifically helpful to improve your web presence as well as it provides a window of opportunity for connecting with the attendees. When your users share their experience it helps you to improve your event. When the new users read these comments it’s equally helpful for them to know what they can expect when they are at the event. 


Provide an open platform for users to share their experience. Interact with them and ask them for feedback. Invest in an event app for your events which will help users to easily share the feedback regarding your event. 

These simple tools are a great way to improve the ranking of your pages and help you increase your conversion rates. Connect opportunities and create larger than life event experiences for your audience. List your events now 

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