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Best CMS For Event Industry

Over the years, event management platforms have evolved to become a one-stop solution for event organisers. Be it event marketing or event coordination, these platforms are self-sufficient to take care of all the event needs. The pre-event marketing and digital presence of events make it necessary for event organisers to have an interactive website for their event. This strong web presence demands simple and intuitive management of content which can be done by  a Content management system (CMS)

What is a CMS? 

CMS or content management system is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create or manage digital content. 

Advantages of using CMS to run a website- 

  • Helps in managing content 
  • It allows multiple users to coordinate for digital content.
  • Easy to use, even for those who belong to non-technical background
  • Eliminates dependency and encourages experimentation
  • Needs no extra effort for shape, size, format, etc. 

So far, we have discussed the broader picture of content management. But when it comes to the niche of the event industry, Content management systems need a different thought process. 

Best CMS for the event industry

Every industry has its own requirements and the same goes for the event industry. Event-goers visiting the website need that information that is relevant. Hence the CMS should be such that it takes care of all such industry-specific pointers. 

Elements to be included in content management of the event industry

As a leading brand in the event industry that caters to the traffic of 50+ million event professionals, 10times carried out intensive research and these were the findings- 

  • 61 % of the event-goers decide to go to an event after seeing the schedule and agenda. 
  • 28 % prefer to attend an event if their favorite speaker is also coming
  • 43 % of trade show visitors enquire about exhibitor directories/lists
  • 10% of people perceive the event to be more promising if sponsor information is absent
  • 22% of them refer to floor plans to pre-plan their visit for smoother event coverage. 
  • 78% of them decide to attend after checking out the images/highlights of the previous editions. 

Chances of pre-registration are 35% higher if details like ratings and reviews are available. 

Based on these industry-specific insights, there are some labels that we believe are a must to include in the CMS. Thus the event management software solution by (also known as oDASH) comes up with all these features- 

Whatever content is added or modified on CMS of oDASH gets updated in real-time on three different platforms- 

  • 10times website

  • Event app

  • Event website

Agenda and Schedule

 Attendees can easily set up agendas and schedules with the help of content management feature of oDASH. What’s more important is that modification of this content can be done in real-time. 


Another important part of the event content is the speakers’ list. Speakers are the stars of an event. The more they shine, the better will event marketing be. oDASH allows you to leverage the personal branding of your keynote speakers. You can put the social media links of speaker profiles for public displays and get maximum exposure for your star speakers. 


This section has multiple benefits. It helps the event organizers to keep a track of exhibitors’ lists. Moreover, it’s a good way to provide exposure to exhibitors and to make the visitors more informed. Above all, the event organizer can directly transfer exhibitors’ lists, products, services, and logos on his personal CRM with the help of the API integration feature. Some of the best CRM sales applications can help you administer your team’s interactions with customers to revamp your customer relationship management. You can do it through the “Bulk Import” option. 


Sponsors seek significant promotion in return for their investment and that’s exactly what content management can help with. With an easy drag & drop feature, oDASH allows you to place High-quality logos of event sponsors. 

Floor Plans 

Good content is not always about engagement through words. An interactive floor plan is also an important ingredient of content management when it comes to event apps. It ensures that attendees(with event apps) will never get lost. 

Photos and Videos

Who doesn’t get excited with appealing visuals? Whether it’s attractive photos from your past editions or the videos from keynote sessions, this section is a boon for overall event content. 

Note- oDASH suggests profile strength in order to help the organiser with the event listing. The recommended profile strength is 90%

Organisers can set user access permission of their oDASH account to ensure that all the above-mentioned sections remain in organiser’s control.

Advantages with CMS of oDASH

  • DIY- This feature eliminates dependency and encourages experimentation. Although we use our event expertise and suggest profile strength, organisers 
  • Real-TimeAll the changes go live in real-time. This becomes more crucial for the last-minute changes which if not notified at the right time may create an unnecessary ruckus. 
  • SeamlessoDASH CMS is supported both Cross-device and cross-browser which makes it accessible to a wide range of users.  

WordPress CMS also comes up with these advantages. Why then it isn’t good for events? 

Simply because of two prime reasons. 

  • oDASH is specifically designed for the event organizers and hence it fulfills all the event needs. All the sections are included as per the industry requirements. Even an organiser from non-technical background can easily manage his event listing in real-time with the utmost ease. 
  • oDASH CMS runs the listing on 10times website. This website caters to more than 50 million event professionals. Moreover, the events on the website are categorized on the basis of region and industry helping the visitor find the right event at the right event. 

10times website offers smart suggestions of related events to website visitors. 

Thus with oDASH CMS, event organisers are managing content that is available for the world’s largest event community making it more intent-driven. 

oDASH CMS is valued in the event industry because it takes you to the right audience with the right content. This is possible because of the in-depth event insights and the massive B2B traffic generated by 10times website. 

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