5 tips to help you choose Right Event Management Software

Quick Pointers To Help You Find Right Event Management Software

Buying event management software is not like short-term dating anymore. It is Instead, it’s a long-term relationship that helps you grow as an event organizer. There’s no harm in taking expert advice when you’re going to choose the right event mangement software for your event planning. 

Here are these five pointers you should have in your mind (and heart) before you pay even a penny out of your pocket-

Know Your Event Needs

What you need

Knowing everything about all the available software is futile unless you are aware of your own needs. You must clearly define your own criteria in which you wish your software to qualify.

From basic planning to intensive marketing, event management software can cater all your needs if only you know what your needs are. 

An event management software can be used for-

  • Online Registration 

  • Real-Time Content Management

  • Event App And Website Development

  • targeted email marketing

  • professional badge and QR/barcode generation

  • feedback

Whether you wish to cover the entire event lifecycle or just a portion of it is up to you. For a B2B trade show or conference, it is advised to go for an end-to-end event management software. 

Pay only when it’s promising

Better be ignorant for once than stupid forever. Don’t rush to buy software relying entirely on its reviews. It’s always a good practice to try the free version (if available) before opting for the paid ones. This allows you to explore the basic features and spot the red flags in advance. 

The Community Along With Commodity


Finding a software solution isn’t a big deal these days, finding the right one is! If your software promises you with marketing channels, you must take the pain to notice if it takes you to the right audience. Your trade show or conference is your way of generating leads or better say, leads that matter. It’s always a wise decision to go for a software that provides you with a community along with commodity. You can consider a variety of event management brands with a well-built event community. It’s better to enlighten your software search with this point in mind than shoot a point in the dark. 

Precisely Personalized

Personalization matters, both for you and for your attendees. The event app is an easy way to personalize user experience. In this cynical era, the only smart thing we rely on is our smartphone. Your event must own a place on your attendee’s phone.

Gone are those days when you had to look for web/app developer while planning your event. Simple drag & drop, and you can get your personal event app/website/registration form in minutes. This is a must-have feature you’ll want to see in your event management software. 

Starting From Scratch

Winding up with this final point. If you are new in the field of the event industry with almost no prior contacts in terms of venue, visitors, exhibitors, speakers, etc, then you would love to have a software with an inbuilt database. With it, you can get suggestions regarding venue, speakers, exhibitors based on your specific industry, demography, budget, and similar parameters. It brings you to par with veteran organizers who already have a sound idea about this industry.

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