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5 Quotes to inspire you for a successful event promotion plan in 2020

Successful event promotion plan in 2020

The start of a new year is about getting inspired, making resolutions and looking forward to better days. Event marketers keep facing new challenges throughout the year, thanks to the nature of their work. They are in a profession that has seen so many twists and turns in the decade of 2010s. When the world is eagerly waiting for 2020, here are these quotes to inspire you for a successful event promotion plan in the upcoming year- 

1. “Everything is marketing and marketing is everything”

Start from the start

Marketing starts right from the moment you decide your event agenda. Many event marketers realize this too late. Every content you create, every design you choose, whether it’s on your event app or event website, all these things are going to be the face of your event. You never know if a potential visitor gets attracted to your tagline, user interface, engaging content or all of them. It all sums down to these basic characteristics of your event listing. Thus, it’s important to keep a track of these factors right from the start for effective event promotions. 

2. “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department”

Diversify your marketing plan

When David Packard gave this marketing mantra, he knew how lethal it is to confine the span of marketing. In the end, marketing is the overall face of the organisation. A thing like marketing needs to be diversified to make a substantial impact. The next question that pops up is “How to diversify marketing in case of event industry?” This can be done by leveraging the stakeholders of the same industry. Be it your keynote speakers or your exhibitors, most of their goals are aligned with yours, so why not marketing goals? Wise event marketers understand this hack and apply well.

The keynote speakers, the exhibitors and even the attendees who are your event’s advocates can be inspired towards a common marketing goal. If your event is new and there are no event advocates among the attendees, you can still make many by exploiting the power of social media. Social media campaigns can easily help you find attendees who are more than mere attendees. 

3. “The modern marketing buzzword is neither social nor digital. It’s human”

Personalise it for your target audience 

Marketing was always meant for human beings. But the way this fact is being recognised and promoted in recent years is impeccable. Technology took it to a new level by leveraging the power of personalisation. These days email campaigns can be designed in accordance with the individual attendees. Even when it’s about retaining previous attendees, event insights make sure that the attendees can get a full picture of what they have achieved from the previous editions. This makes marketing more relatable and reliable. Personalisation makes the attendee the real hero of his story and that’s what marketing is meant for. 

4. “Uncommon thinkers reuse what common thinkers refuse”

Repurpose your marketing kit

Marketing is cumulative in nature. The benefit of a good event marketing campaign can be reaped over a long period of time. In case the event has successfully gone through previous editions, you can easily include the success story, the visuals, the experience of the previous editions in the marketing kit. On the other hand, if it’s your first edition, event marketing content should be prepared by keeping the long term goal in mind. Events evolve over the editions but there are some characteristics that become synonymous to the event’s identity. The major task of the marketing plan is to create this identity and repurpose it to enhance event promotions. 

5. “Marketing is like a relay race”

On-site event marketing

Yes! Marketing is like a relay race and anything can happen in the last lap. This fact is often underestimated. As a result, the event marketers don’t focus much on the last moment on-site event marketing and this spoils the impact of the overall marketing campaign. In this digitalized world, events are one of those rare platforms where we make face-to-face interaction. This makes the need for local & on-ground marketing inevitable. A major chunk of on-site event marketing consists of local marketing which makes it an important contender of the marketing plan. 


These aren’t just the quotes to showcase the charming side of marketing. Behind every such quote, there’s a practical lesson for your next event marketing campaign. In the end, Marketing is about sticking to basics and being ready for new experiments. Event marketing has enough of scope for both. 


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